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ddstreetmapreri teward either of you around for mtg today?15:58
ddstreetguess not :(16:01
ddstreetok i'll resched the mtg16:02
tewardddstreet: i am16:06
tewardbut i was brewing coffee16:06
tewardanything that only you and I can do today or no?16:06
teward(today's a chaos day)16:06
ddstreethi teward o/ happy new year!16:06
ddstreetreally all i wanted to review today was to vote on the team policies16:07
ddstreetwe should probably have all of us to do that though16:07
ddstreetyou ok with skipping today?16:07
ddstreeti set up a new mtg in 2 weeks, hopefully we can all make it then16:07
tewardyeah no worries16:12

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