enycebarretto: "enyc, we are aware of the delay in thunderbird and browsing packages and we are had discussions last week to try to address it and get more people involved in the process of doing those sponsoring"11:23
enycebarretto: has this change been successful, a blocker, ...?  Thunderbird seems to be substantially behind again.11:23
enycnot meaning to nag, wondering who can help get right people together, or get linux-foundation sponsorship or otherwise!11:24
ebarrettonishit_, do you know it there is any thunderbird update ready? 11:24
ebarrettoenyc, nevertheless we just got back from the holidays, so both thunderbird and ff are behind and I know that ff is failing to build for some architectures 11:25
enycebarretto: may not be quite so simple but somebody talked about / suggested sharing with debian packaging for thunderbird as use the same LTS releases etc.11:36
tewardebarretto: if sponsoring or upload powers are needed for anything, once again I offer my coredev upload rights for main repos, -updates uploads if needed.15:24
tewardi can't poke -security but I can offer my coredev upload rights if Security needs it to expedite things15:24
teward(this is a standing offer I've made to Sec team if they've needed it, that offer still stands despite my not being on the Security team, happy to sign any NDAs, etc. needed if you need the extra uploaders)15:25
ebarrettoteward, thanks! and happy new year!  in this specific case thunderbird and firefox are prepared by the desktop team we just sponsor them to -security 15:27
tewardack, just making sure that it's made known my offer still stands if non-security needs pokes15:27
tewardi know that SEcurity has limited uploaders who can touch outside of -security for obscure cases so always happy to help :)15:27
tewardso as long as i'm not bedridden by some megabug or medical emergency, and so long as work doesn't keep me busy 24/7, my coredev sponsor powers are available to security if they need it :)15:28

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