daftykinsdavef: that sounds cool, i could probably do with automating some installs to save time - my issue in the past is that releases change so often that it seems not worth it00:53
davefthese guys have a 12 page document on how to provision one computer. it easily take 4-5 hours to complete.00:54
davefWith automating the first part, I'm taking off at least 2 hours of work from each machine I have to deploy.00:55
daftykinscunning :D00:55
davefSo the 8hrs I spent today will save me MANY MORE HOURS over the next few years00:56
daftykinsoy i was up early 24 hours ago as there was a power cut across town, i knew i'd have to go and start up my first dental practice client's gear and ensure all was working before business hours... then i got home about 6am and seemed to have slept for 18 hours 'til now D:00:56

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