alkisgHappy new year! https://docs.kernel.org/fb/modedb.html says I can force-enable an output using e.g. video=DVI-0:1920x1080e. This works for analog e.g. VGA-1 but not digital e.g. DVI-0, not even with D, like video=DVI-0:1920x1080D.18:39
alkisgI can enable it from a startup service by running `echo on >/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/DVI-I-1/force`. Is there any way to force-enable it from the command line?18:39
alkisgGot it, for some reason the kernel connector name (DVI-I-1) is different from the xrandr name (DVI-0). The former needs to go to the command line.21:26

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