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IrcsomeBot<Omar> Is kubuntu 22.10 stable now?06:02
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I want to upgrade but i really don't want an unstable system06:02
valoriestable for me, for sure06:07
valorieI updated to the beta and it's been stable since06:07
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Dose it has plasma 5.26?06:27
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Does it has plasma 5.26?06:47
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> Backports has it.06:51
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Nice (re @rrsriram: Backports has it.)07:53
iomari891greetings, I have not been able to find a solution for why my password does not work on lock screen. I'm running kubuntu 22.10 but this starting happening when I was on 22.04. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I currently can only unlock using loginctl on a console.07:55
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> This is a 2 in 1 PC, if I want to upgrade the RAM, I have to desolder the RAM IC, the buy  a higher RAM IC then solder them to the PCB. (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> xstarlogic, 2GB RAM is too little, give 12 euros and add 4 GB more. With 6 GB in total you'll be able to launch modern browsers and distributions more easily)08:50
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> I decide to install Fedora with KDE... Kubuntu sound always freeze, wven if I change to Neon KDE08:52
alkisgxstarlogic, haha that was days ago! Anyway then if you're restricted to 2 GB RAM, use Lubuntu 18.04 32bit08:52
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> I think the sound freezing issue is with the distro... after moving to Fedora no more freeze...08:53
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Lubuntu? I haven't tried LXQt DE yet... but I like KDE more... sadly...08:54
alkisgLubuntu 18.04 is GTK, and it's the last that offers 32 bit support08:54
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Is Lubuntu touch screen friendly?08:55
alkisgSo it boots with 150MB RAM usage, while the rest that you mention need more than 500 MB08:55
alkisgAnd browsers etc will need more RAM when they're 64bit08:55
alkisgIf Fedora works OK for you, just keep it; your requirements are too high for such low hardware, so keep whatever works08:56
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> I don't understand ASUS stupid policy to sell such 2 in 1 PC...08:57
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> It cannot be downgraded to Windows 7, but in Windows 10 you can go make 3 cups of cofee before the application can be fullly open to start working.08:57
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Even Android base need at least 4 GB of RA...08:58
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Fedora work, but I cannot run two application at once... so I have to close the precious application before opening the next. (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> If Fedora works OK for you, just keep it; your requirements are too high for such low hardware, so keep whatever works)09:00
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> I just want my 2 in 1 PC able to work, before I sent if to museum as ASUS worst product.09:01
alkisgWell, last year I bought an android tablet with 1 GB RAM. It wouldn't even complete the "welcome" wizard, I returned it back at the same day09:01
alkisgIt's up to us to return things when they're not working properly09:01
alkisg2 GB was fine 10 years ago, but not today09:01
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Well it was okay 4 years ago09:02
alkisgThat's due to RAM, you cannot avoid that with 64bit distributions09:02
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Actually I wanted to install Endless, but it is extremely laggy.09:02
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Windows XP x64 can run on 1 GB well09:03
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Windows 7 2 GB09:03
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Windows 10 4 GB09:03
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Windows 11 8 GB09:03
alkisgMy previous experience says that "firefox in 2 GB RAM devices will be able to open just one tab in 64bit, and two tabs in 32bit". That's a big difference, but of course you can't launch many applications in 32bit either09:04
alkisgAnd the distro/OS may save you e.g. 500 GB (if you select a light distro like Lubuntu), but a browser will need more than 1GB anyway, so... 2GB just isn't enough09:04
alkisg*500 MB, not GB09:05
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Yeah, this is the first time installing Linux. I thought it was only in Windows Google Chrome can eat RAM up to 4 GB...09:06
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Linux the same09:06
alkisgWindows XP x64 can run on 1 GB well ==> but if you open a RECENT browser, it won't work anymore09:22
alkisgThe problem is that the Internet is heavy nowadays. And you can't order an "old Internet from 2000" to surf there. So the OS doesn't really matter if you want to access today's Internet.09:23
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IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> The internet is heavy nowadays because there are many ads nowadays.09:33
IrcsomeBot<xstarlogic> Ads were mostly video.09:34
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alkisgNo, it's the new HTML5/javascript/css09:54
alkisgJust loading gmail now requires a lot more RAM than 10 years ago09:54
alkisgThis chat tab in app.element.io needs 1.8 GB RAM (viewed with Shift+Esc, the google chrome task monitor)09:55
alkisgInternet developers don't care about optimizing RAM usage as they assume that everyone has plenty of RAM09:56
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trevorhey all - I've been playing with Kubuntu for the last few days after several months of ubuntu and I'm loving it.  But I ran into a problem yesterday and I've not been able to figure it out.11:38
trevorYesterday I was playing a tabletop RPG with friends over Discord and suddenly I couldn't hear them anymore.  They could hear me fine.  All settings I could find seem fine. I tested audio on YouTube and it works fine there and elsewhere.  I uninstalled Discord (was installed as a snap), rebooted and reinstalled.  No luck.  I uninstalled again, installed via flatpak and it still doesn't work.  I tried using the Discord webapp and it11:38
trevorworked fine.  Web searches haven't helped me come up with a solution.  Would any of you have an idea I can try before I reinstall the whole OS?11:38
trevorOh yeah, forgot to mention - I use a USB headset, but the audio wasn't coming through when I tested with bluetooth speakers either.11:39
diogenes_Vx15trevor: so the issue occurs only on Discord snap package?11:42
trevorIt's there on both snap and flatpak12:01
trevorI downloaded the .deb this morning, and it's there too12:02
trevorhowever, when I installed the .deb it automatically logged in... perhaps there is cached data somewhere even though I uninstalled and reboot first?12:04
diogenes_Vx15trevor: i'd try and create a new user, login as the new user and try it out there.12:10
trevorgood idea!  thanks diogenes12:10
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BluesKajHi all13:41
IrcsomeBot<AllYourSymptomsAreBelongToUs> Hi! Suddenly I have 12 packets marqued as Ā«not to upgradeĀ»... maybe because when upgrading to 22.04LTS I kept saying "don't change nor overwrite grub" I'm afraid because I have dual boot. Is it safe to clear those marks on muon manager and then run sudo apt upgrade?! : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/c84b4af5/file_62652.jpg15:33
IrcsomeBot<AllYourSymptomsAreBelongToUs> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/30496644/file_62653.jpg15:33
IrcsomeBot<AllYourSymptomsAreBelongToUs> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/bdf68c37/file_62654.jpg15:33
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mmikowskiarraybolt3 ==> Sounds good, sorry I'm getting caught up from the holidays! : "If you get a chance, can you try to reproduce https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=454946 again, on Neon Unstable? I can't reproduce it anymore, and if it really has vanished, we can probably analyze what's been changed between 5.24 and now and get a patch made."22:53
-ubottu:#kubuntu- KDE bug 454946 in plasmashell "plasmashell crashes in ShellCorona::loadLookAndFeelDefaultLayout() when switching between Global Theme desktop layouts" [Crash, Resolved: Fixed]22:53
mmikowskiarraybolt3: Also this one: "mmikowski, try this: https://invent.kde.org/qt/qt/qtdeclarative/-/commit/959b1ac3b7c699ef67ec81155e6e1e579d4e1df7"22:55
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Commit 959b1ac in qt/qt/qtdeclarative "QQuickItem: avoid emitting signals during destruction"22:55
arraybolt3mmikowski: I don't think it's in qtdeclarative since it's not in the code I'm building, I don't think. Would need to look more. I am, however, hunting down the bug and will resume doing so tomorrow night most likely (gotta take a break for a while, it was breaking my brain :P) But good progress is being made!23:09
arraybolt3See you later! Happy New Year!23:09

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