lotuspsychjegood morning02:42
Y05hito__lotuspsychje, What about forking Ubuntu 2 you bounty and call that a twixnux OS?02:49
Y05hito__(chocklate bar joke of the morning lol)02:52
grysomeone take HatingUbuntuToday in #ubuntu please, i need to head off and it is outside my knowledge area21:30
daftykinsnick like that should be ignored21:31
ubottuUnfortunately, your IRC client has been configured with an ident containing an objectionable word. We don't allow such into our main channels as it offends a lot of people. Your ident is not your nickname. Once you've changed your ident, please disconnect from Libera and reconnect. You will then automatically be let back into the channel you tried to join.21:51

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