daftykins*gasp* i hold here in my hand the last mince pie from the holidays...14:19
zxmpigonna put it in freezer to save for a sunny day? :-P14:25
daftykinsheh, ooh no being frozen would clearly ruin the peak pie quality14:25
zxmpihave access to a time stasis booth?14:26
zxmpior back to back long meetings should dilate time sufficently14:26
zxmpiwonder how it would go if put in a vaccuum14:31
zxmpiyou've already eaten it, haven't you? and the chance to further science and win my first nobel is lost forever... like a mince pie in daftykins hand...14:35
* daftykins whistles14:44
daftykinsM&S probably have more in a back room somewhere... ;)14:46
zxmpifairly sure they push any right to the front to be rid of them to get the easter and valentines stuff in14:48

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