EickmeyerOvenWerks: Honestly, oski146 is becoming a help vampire in multiple channels. Don't spend too much energy.21:13
OvenWerksEickmeyer: yeah, getting answers to basic questions is hard. It is obvious many of the words I used were not understood.21:18
RikMillsnew haruna releases. test building now21:18
EickmeyerRikMills: Thanks!21:18
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Yeah, they were cross-posting in multiple channels.21:18
EickmeyerI was about to hit them with !patience.21:19
EickmeyerRikMills: tangentally-related, k3b was good, no .iso build failures.21:20
RikMillsharuna changelog for 0.10.x https://apps.kde.org/en-gb/haruna/21:24
RikMillsbuild ok with no new build deps21:24
RikMillsI'll put it in a ppa somewhere21:24
RikMillsit is part of the Qt transition in proposed, so may not do an archive upload yet21:25
EickmeyerLooks like it's still using yt-dlp | youtube-dl21:25
RikMillsNo sure I see that changing21:27
RikMillsbuild in ppa for anyone to test: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-misc21:28
EickmeyerRikMills: Thanks!21:28
RikMillschanged the PPA deps to just release pocket, so it should not depend on the Qt in proposed21:28
EickmeyerCool, that should help with at least giving it a look-see.21:29
RikMillsit also builds ok against proposed, FYI :)21:30
EickmeyerOh, that's good.21:30

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