oski146so now iam back here, asking in 4 channels they said i should ask here so i ask: how to play my line in input from desktop speakers directly if possible15:36
OvenWerksoski146: What do you mean by "directly"? Do you mean monitor the input before the ADC or do you mean monitor the after going through ADC/DAC?15:41
OvenWerksoski146: I guess we need to know what you are trying to accomplish15:42
OvenWerksWhat audio backend are you using? (pipewire. jack, pulse)15:43
oski146im usinf ubuntu studios backenbd15:49
oski146i messed up alsamixer settings15:50
oski146how to reset alsamixer and ubuntustudios soundsettings15:52
oski146and i want to play line in input from desktop15:56
oski146i only can use audacity to capture the devoice but no playback16:11
OvenWerksShould any notice them come back... audacity does not support through audio. Monitoring audio in would therefore require an extra route, either HW or SW. Hardware is prefered for no latency.21:02

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