* penguin42 comes to the conclusion Evri have just stopped delivering here01:35
* zxmpi breaks out the last of the crimbo jaffa cakes12:44
daftykinsthey will lay down their lives for a worthy sacrifice12:46
zxmpinow pondering whether supervalu, tescos, aldi or lidl shall win the bid to replace them13:01
daftykinshmm sounds like you need penguin42's price tracking to extend its' coverage to Ireland! :D13:03
penguin42I dunno, perhaps zxmpi needs wholesale levels13:03
daftykinscould be, he might begin to act as international broker to davef 13:04
daftykinslots of money to be made there13:04
zxmpi::listens to lawyer whispering in my ear:: there's no jaffa smuggling opertation here13:05
zxmpiand i'll airdrop a tonne of jaffa cakes on the person who keeps making these acqusations if i ever find them13:08
daftykinsdeath by jaffa-airdrop!13:10
zxmpido it enough times and davef will be at the scene of all the crimes and get blamed :-P13:11
daftykins*ahem* alleged crimes13:18
daftykinsooh a bit of rain for a change13:18
daftykinsbut still below average they say! http://water.gg/waterstoragegraph13:19
zxmpiireland has caught up on the rainfall average after a dry spell13:20
daftykinsjust noticed my water co. doesn't do TLS, shocking!13:23
daftykinsand my electric co. deleted their non-www A record, not the first time either o013:25
zxmpithe internet is a series of tubes and they know their tubes :-P13:26
daftykinsi like the animated characters on the Guernsey Water vans, featuring for example "Fiona Fatberg"13:50
zxmpisounds like a fun bunch, do they have timothy typhus? :-P14:08
daftykinshaha, i will have to check!14:10
zxmpiand of courseand they should have a tribute to the birmingham lion :-P https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-3979909814:14
zxmpijust so you remember the chance of been mauled to death on the toilet by a lion is low but never 0 :-)14:20
daftykinsif you'd have told me that in the pub without evidence, i'd have thought you were... Lion14:22
zxmpiit's the tooth14:25
davefSo when can I expect the first airdrop?15:01
zxmpiarranging a lease on santas sleigh now it's finished it's yearly run15:03
daftykinsmy advice, don't kick the tires15:04
davefWe want to be sure that the airdrop will function as expected for the next run. Therefore we must perform a number of dry runs with actual product so we can test and to make sure it drops without a hitch on the day.15:07
zxmpithat's easy, just use the unused coal still in the sleigh for a strafing run15:08
daftykinssign me up for an early short-haul test run, i will be sure to verify the product15:08
davefNo, it has to be actual product. Real jaffa cakes. The parachute must be properly calibrated.15:09
daftykinsi concur15:09
zxmpii never mentioned parachutes...15:10
daftykinsyou're going to just let those poor jaffas fall to their deaths? D:15:11
zxmpii was aiming for there to be something soft on the ground to break their fall15:11
daftykinsoh yeah like a Brit expat15:12
zxmpican you think of anything softer? :-P15:12
zxmpiyou could use the inherent aerodynamicness of jaffa cakes to make a jaffa launching cannon...15:27
penguin42they'd make good flying suacers15:28
zxmpidiscs of dooooom15:28
penguin42transmitting beams of orange power15:29
zxmpii was thinking kinetic shrapnel but ok...15:50
zxmpijaffa cake stash at 50%21:49
daftykinsat least those Dublin orphans are getting a good education in the phases of the moon21:50
zxmpieven the poorest orphan in ireland has access to jaffa cakes. we are a civilised land...21:58

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