MooncairnCrudely resetting it--moving its .config and .local/share folders away--didn't help.00:07
* Mooncairn will see if Nautilus starts working correctly under a new user account.00:13
MooncairnLovely, got some heavy video corruption in the title bar of my dummy account's Nautilus window when I switch consoles.00:26
MooncairnOf course, now that I'm comparing and contrasting between my main account and the dummy, the main's Nautilus has turned into a heisenbug.00:58
cmaloneyI hate heisenbugs01:08
MooncairnAnd true to that name, main's Nautilus stopped working the moment I'd stopped waiting for it to fail and had moved on to something else. :-/01:10
MooncairnI guess the potential upside is that I haven't seen guest's fail yet. The downside is that means my main account's settings are borked.01:11
MooncairnStarting to see a pattern. Won't go into details now. Moving my current home to .bak and starting over is now on the table.02:05
cmaloneyprobably for the best03:58

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