bluesabreJackFrost: Right, no need for it, yet, at least02:06
JackFrostI'll be uploading -settings tonight hopefully, if you merge that'll disable CSDs by default.02:14
bluesabreAlrighty. Need anything from me?02:15
JackFrost...The merge if you will? :302:16
bluesabreoh, uploading -settings to debian... I merge into Ubuntu02:19
JackFrostI've grown to really hate merges, because I work on the same thing twice basically.  Hence trying to make -session syncable.  Also, thanks to #xfce I found and packaged qt6gtk2 :302:20
bluesabreI don't mind doing the merges (since you're really doing all the hard work anyway), feel free to always send them my way02:22
JackFrostsystemload-plugin is ready too then.  I should get the new thunar-shares-plugin for the PPA too.02:25
bluesabreJackFrost: Want to review the newly updated xubuntu-core merge requests? https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/debian-cd/+git/debian-cd/+merge/435314 - https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/livecd-rootfs/+git/livecd-rootfs/+merge/435315 - https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/ubuntu-cdimage/+git/ubuntu-cdimage/+merge/43531604:25
JackFrostIsn't extras.ubuntu.com very dead?04:26
JackFrostI *think* for Xubuntu Core it'd be better to not use maybe-ubiquity?04:27
bluesabreThat makes sense04:30
JackFrostI don't know the stuff there very well, I think it looks good?  Is there something that indicates disk size needed or memory?04:31
bluesabreYeah, that's over in ubuntu-cdimage, https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/ubuntu-cdimage/+git/ubuntu-cdimage/+merge/43531604:32
bluesabreKnow the right numbers for core?04:32
JackFrost4200165376 bytes unpacked I believe. :P04:34
JackFrostMaybe since it's already on disk it's not in the project there anywhere?04:37
bluesabreIt's just used for the warnings on the download page... we can probably get by without having it too accurate at this point :)04:38
JackFrostYeah just leaving it or way overshooting is great.04:39
JackFrostSounds great!04:39
bluesabreI think I can get eyes on those MRs this week. Chatting with Mauro on Wednesday and its one of the agenda items.04:40
JackFrostOh right I got an email somewhere about something...that I didn't do anything with. >_>04:40
JackFrostkrytarik did all of those last time, not me.  FWIW.04:44
bluesabreHm, thoughts on naming it "Xubuntu Minimal" instead of "Xubuntu Core"? I think it's not-bad: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/debian-cd/+git/debian-cd/+merge/435314/comments/115530604:58
JackFrostYeah just saw.  The problem is, it's been going by that name already for 7 years and is decently known as that.  We'd still have to, at least somewhat, introduce it as "Formerly Xubuntu Core" or something.04:59
JackFrost...But if it gets this built on Ubuntu infra...04:59
bluesabreYeah, for sure.05:00
JackFrostI promised -settings, grrr.05:09
arraybolt3Xubuntu Minimal just sounds... weird, IMO. Xubuntu Mini, maybe?05:10
arraybolt3If you want input at all, this is just me looking on the sidelines.05:10
JackFrostbluesabre: Were there any CSD bugs?  I don't see any requesting it off.05:11
bluesabreJackFrost: I don't think so... I probably WONTFIX'd them all a while ago05:12
JackFrostHaha, fair!05:13
bluesabreNo hurry on -settings. I'm dead tired and not doing a merge tonight ;)05:13
JackFrostYeah sleep would be good.  I'll get it before I shower.05:13
JackFrostarraybolt3: In case you didn't see scrollback, no Xubuntu Core until ~things~ are fixed in the main ISO.05:14
arraybolt3K, got it. Will be ready to test when a new one comes out, hopefully :)05:15
JackFrostHmm, now I need to find a video to dload to test a https://gitlab.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/-/issues/910 fix..05:17
-ubottu:#xubuntu-devel- Issue 910 in xfce/thunar "Thunar jumps to a new file" [Opened]05:17
JackFrostGood enough.05:21
JackFrostarraybolt3: Xubuntu Lean! /s05:24
arraybolt3Ubuntiny! That's it!05:25
arraybolt3(Only just now realized how similar that last one looks to "mutiny" :-/)05:25
JackFrostThought that was the point05:25
arraybolt3lol I wish I was that clever at this hour of the night. It was an accident.05:26
arraybolt3Sec, updating my IRC client...05:28
arraybolt3Alright that was fast.05:29
JackFrostShould have used that moment to update/reboot the server too.05:30
JackFrost1. Backporting to a ppa.  2. Packaging xfce4-settings.  3. Patching and testing thunar.  4. Updating 4 Tor relays.  5. Screwing around on IRC.  I think I'm ADD. >_>05:32
bluesabreProductivity power!05:35
arraybolt3JackFrost: You're doing all that at once?05:35
arraybolt3(I don't get why we say "good grief" since grief isn't good, so sometimes I just drop the "good" at the start :P)05:36
JackFrostYou clearly need to read/watch more Charlie Brown.05:37
JackFrostAlso never claimed to do it *well*, just that I'm ADHD or something. :P05:38
arraybolt3I've watched so many Charlie Brown movies and read tons of Peanuts comics, I still don't think grief is good.05:38
JackFrostWell if you want to go there, actually yes.  There's a time and a place for it.  Better to do it properly than to just say you're fine and push through.05:39
arraybolt3I'm simultaneously trying to fix Debian packaging, type in two different IRC channels, and listen to music at once :D05:39
arraybolt3(re if you want to go there) Valid point. It's somewhat of a joke I was making - "good grief" was in a list of oxymorons I once read.05:40
arraybolt3(The end of the list, which also was Item #1, was "Microsoft Works" XD)05:40
JackFrostKatie Kei, Polsih singer, is what I seem to have on. :P05:41
arraybolt3Are you at all into instrumental music?05:41
JackFrosthttps://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2017/07/good-grief.html if you were curious.  I love piano music and EDM? :P05:42
arraybolt3I have one instrumental piece I absolutely love - it's almost ten minutes long and is played by one guy with an acoustic guitar, but he's... uh... like really good at it (on par with Jimi Hendrix) and uses looping audio equipment so it sounds like he's an entire band.05:43
arraybolt3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWj3U-2aL9s (Phil Keaggy "Shades of Green")05:44
JackFrostPhil Keaggy I have heard of, but not very fond of guitar music. :P05:44
arraybolt3Ah well. I also like piano music but don't know of any really good piano instrumental pieces.05:45
* arraybolt3 is frustrated that I keep typing :Q into Vim rather than :q)05:46
JackFrosthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn-13Tpu7vg she's my expection.  It's also great for campfire music.  Oh, I could spam you with my favorite piano players on there too. :P05:48
arraybolt3Nice. Sure, piano would be awesome.05:49
JackFrostHm, no good shared channels.05:56
arraybolt3What other channels are you in?05:59
arraybolt3(Or there's always /msg)05:59
JackFrostSome ~113 others?06:00
JackFrostPM or #xubuntu-offtopic?06:00
arraybolt3Either way.06:00
arraybolt3Just joined -offtopic.06:00

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