guruprasadSince there is a recent release of Latte dock which fixes some issues, would it be possible to release it via the backports PPA so that folks can use it?05:27
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vboxuser_sudo apt install update07:19
vboxuser_sudo apt install update07:19
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IrcsomeBot<dralex20> hi. When I want to connect to remote desktop with krdc, I get a log record like this.08:05
IrcsomeBot<dralex20> qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 2381, resource id: 14739432, major code: 40 (TranslateCoords), minor code: 008:06
RoeyI want to install Kubuntu on a laptop, with LUKS providing full-disk encryption to BTRFS on root and /home, and to a swap partition.  Can I set this up through the Kubuntu installer?16:23
IrcsomeBot<Gaurabh> can we get all updates time to time like ubuntu?17:35
Guest61can we get all updates time to time like ubuntu?17:43
arrayboltXE@Gaurabh: Kubuntu gets updates just like Ubuntu does.17:50
arrayboltXEThe only difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu is the pre-installed packages and configuration are different, and the KDE components are in the Universe repo, which still gets updates, just not necessarily as reliably as the Main repo (where most of the core components are).17:51
Guest39how to install plymouth theme from kde store on kubuntu?18:00
oerhekssome themes give a howto, like this one https://store.kde.org/p/166926518:10
gaurabhhow to get access root in dolphin?18:27
user|33I can't upgrade kubuntu 20.04 to 22.0419:00
cbreakit should be possible19:18
mybalzitchsudo do-release-upgrade19:36
mybalzitchoh they left19:36
RoeyMy apologies if this has already been answered here before; I had to log off earlier.  Does Kubuntu's installer support installing BTRFS over LUKS on root, /home, and swap?21:11
mparilloI don't think by simple box-checking, but I believe you can manually partition your target device, and then point the installer at the partitions.21:16
Roeymparillo: thank you21:22
Roeywhat baout ULKS21:22
Roey*what about LUKS, can the Kubuntu installer set that up?21:22
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IrcsomeBot<Gaurabh> /home@IrcsomeBot22:08
cbreakpeople actually use btrfs? :O22:20
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> I have scars from my openSuse days. =(22:27
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tonywRoey Yes, but it's not as easy as one might wish. The key is to first, select guided and encrypted, enter your password in the two boxes, then select manual. From that point, the installer works.23:07
tonywBTW, I have not yet submitted a bug report. I am a bad user.23:08
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armin__Hi, what is best KDE distro?23:10
tonywarmin__ I have used KDE on Debian (mostly), Fedora (some), and Kubuntu (less). Do you have a specific concern or issue? For example, do you want have two years of stability or the latest (maybe buggy) bits?23:19
user|93How to update change driver in kubuntu?23:39
user|0How to change driver in kubuntu23:44
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> Video driver?23:52

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