cncr04sif you mean "Routed /64:"00:00
cncr04sthat goes to your other interface00:00
cncr04syour tunnel needs to be what is under "IPv6 Tunnel Endpoints"00:01
cncr04syour gateway for your routed /64 is your Client IPv6 Address00:03
cncr04ssomething like this, but its been ages since I setup my tunnel https://pastebin.com/zPVUZAbi00:12
PeGaSuSoh. so, I need to put the "Routed /64" in the main netplan config instead of the tunnel config...01:21
PeGaSuSwell, the issue remains when I use two configs but works with only the tunnel config (Ubuntu 22.04 and netplan 0.105-0ubuntu2~22.04.1): https://0bin.xyz/view/0bd4bbbf08:48
PeGaSuSmy only fear is breking default IPv4 connectivity08:48

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