Eickmeyerleftyfb: Trying to help you out there. I really hate it when I get pushback from people I try to help, makes me throw my hands up.01:03
leftyfbI get where they're coming from but it's a really old mentality that really isn't necessary anymore01:04
EickmeyerI agree. What they really need to do is look at the syslogs. Journalctl will only show systemd messages.01:06
leftyfbIMO, it's not worth trying to figure out the tty1/tty2 relationship with the default DE and force it off to another (F7?) just so he can use tty1 ... and even then, I don't think the default printk does what he wants by default anyway. Hell, it'd probably be easier to just configure printk to write to tty4 or something01:06
EickmeyerExactly. This is where the syslogs are handy.01:06
EickmeyerViewing it in realtime, though, isn't handy because nothing is saved. syslogs are saved.01:07
leftyfbwell, "syslog" is pretty useless these days. It doesn't have kernel messages in it. He either wants dmesg while you're in the broken session (pointless) or journalctl -k to perform forensics after the fact 01:08
EickmeyerThey're not going to listen, though. I stop helping when they stop listening and start pushing back.01:09
leftyfbthis isn't even one of the bad ones01:10
leftyfbI'll ping you the next time I get one of those :)01:11
EickmeyerHeh, more than likely I'll conveniently not be around. XD01:11
EickmeyerAnd yes, I've seen those. phr34k comes to mind.01:12
leftyfbno offense, but I doubt it ;) 01:12
lotuspsychjegood morning05:42
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