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seb128I can only stay for half of the meeting today16:02
sil2100I'm also semi around16:03
sil2100(conflicting meeting)16:04
utkarsh21021won’t be chairing today, I have EOD’d already16:07
utkarsh21021do we have anything on the agenda?16:08
bdmurrayI don't see any applications for today16:08
rbasakSorry I'm late16:10
tewardi'm even later than you are rbasak16:16
tewardhad Verizon FiOS doing a fiber installation in my apartment heh16:16
tewardsil2100: seb128: bdmurray: utkarsh21021: rbasak: I don't see anything on our agenda that needs our attention other than perhaps past tasks, if there's nothing on the agenda I propose we just skip today's meeting as there's "nothing needing action"16:17
seb128+1 from me16:17
utkarsh21021teward: it’s interesting how one thing or the other keeps happening w you during the meeting time, hehe. Always fun to know your update. :)16:24
tewardutkarsh21021: yeah i've got a chaotic lifestyle16:25
tewardeither way i *try* and make it on time, i usually don't end up being here on time though :\16:25
teward(i propose shifting the meetings by one hour ahead so i don't have to deal with the BS that hits me at 11PM  /joking)16:25
tewardANYWAYS, I don't see anyone objecting to the proposal, so I'd say that this DMB meeting is adjourned because of no actions to take :P16:26
tewardoh ffs what now *has workplace calling him on his phone despite him being on real time chat*16:26
utkarsh21021hah, nice16:34
utkarsh21021good meeting16:34
utkarsh21021see y’all16:34
tewardutkarsh21021: at least this meeting wasn't two weeks ago - if it had been my excuse was "COVID Sucks" - that was the christmas gift I got this year >.>16:37
tewardanyways.  *goes back to what he was about to do before Verizon showed up outside of expected hours - coding*16:37
utkarsh21021teward: uh oh, sorry to hear that. Hope you’re better now?16:38
tewardmuch.  another bout of COVID, another dosage of Paxlovid antiviral to help fight it off.16:38
tewardfully negative now16:38
utkarsh21021good to know! Take care :)18:05

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