Iamthehuman1I got banned in all Ubuntu Studio related channels and I dunno how we wanna deal with this. If I need to mount a case that I was threatened, lied to, given inconsistent info and pretty much just bullied by the op that did it. I will need a bit of time to grep and compile relevant irc log sections.15:28
Iamthehuman1I kind of do not know if I want unban at all, because of the cultural toxicity, though I am kind of stuck using this Ubuntu Studio even at this very momement15:29
Iamthehuman1If I just finish now by saying that it would not be nice if a permanently highly negative view of US persisted in my mind15:31
Iamthehuman1Ok, one more thing: I am in #kubuntu 2011-ongoing and never had any troubles, because there it is ok to ask for help and advice regarding something not working or to mention that something is broken. No-one threatened me there ever15:37
hggdhIamthehuman1: I am not sure what is it you are talking about. Can you please give us some timestamps where you had issues?18:01
Iamthehuman1hggdh: that will be a long undertaking (to do properly). Let me check when was the last time I used another nick instead Iamthehuman1, that'll be years ago iirc. Though I used to have Iamthehuman12 as my irccloud account, but then stopped using a dedicated client altogether18:07
Iamthehuman1According to irccloud logs I have been Iamthehuman1 at least since 2021-06-29, but I used to have that nick with a dedicated client. Hold on I check in the local logs18:13
Iamthehuman1yeah, same date in the local logs. This was probably around the time when the switch from Freenode to Libera happened.18:16
Iamthehuman1I have had political enemies for over 20 yrs because of what I do pro bono, so I have had lots of problems that probably do not appear on some other systems, but having unusual problems with computers should not lead to irc intimidation by op.18:21
hggdhIamthehuman1: there might be some mis-undertanding going on. I can see some interactions from you in July 2022 where you were quite aggressive -- and I even asked you to please calm down18:26
hggdhalso, we do not mind pro-bono. It is always good to see people helping others for free18:27
Iamthehuman1misunderstanding runs deep in this age of industrial disinformation. I had no ill will, but grinding down with hostility and his insistence that my computer problems do not exist (?) ended up in me snapping at his hostility and increasingly untrue claims. I mean he has powers, his intimidation intimidates and I do not want to live in fear that in addition to things breaking down I would need to ask for help where hostility is the norm18:44
hggdhIamthehuman1: he never said your problems did not exist. He said ustudio does not change bluetooth packages/settings20:02
Iamthehuman1This annoying "autoconnect every previously paired Bluetooth audio device within range without prompting the user" is annoying and it is not the fault of the Bluetooth stack. There is no setting to undo this. So you are proposing this is an upstream problem with Ubuntu or Kubuntu or KDE. If someone makes such an annoying and unfounded design choice, they should at least provide a way to disable it20:10
Iamthehuman1But if I ask for way to disable it I get lied to that it is the _stack's_ fault in angry tones20:11
Iamthehuman1hggdh: I read what you write and I do not want to get into looking at logs for hours to drive across human points with confidence about driving them across. I dislike being banned in irc channels for other people engaging in patterns of "Provoke him till provoked and then claim to be the injured party and inflict revenge" as that is a pattern I see in real life, especially in people in certain occupations20:22
Iamthehuman1I'll be trying moving to Arch Linux, but it would be a bummer if I had nothing but negative to say about Ubuntu Studio culture-wise and reliability-wise ever, because it didn't work very well, got picked out by op for reasons I cannot know and eventually provoked till "justification" for banning and thus leaving an extremely bad taste about this flavor of distro. I dislike being banned, but then again I dislike being treated meanly too20:44
sarnoldI wasn't present for the ubuntu studio interactions, but I believe I've banned you from #ubuntu for being rude and agressive20:45
sarnoldI'd like to suggest you take a look at the entirety of your interactions in different communities and conduct some introspection on how you like to be treated, how other peope like to be treated, etc20:45
Iamthehuman1yes, being provoked by an op with mean and demeaning and threatening attitude about everything to do with you, that makes a person provoked. But I understand, he has powers bestowed on him, I do not. He may treat people as he pleases20:46
Iamthehuman1he needs the introspection, only that way all of this could be resolved, but I understand that you just wanna sort this issue some way and let me feel awful about how I was treated because I got interested in using Ubuntu Studio20:50
Iamthehuman1oh well, at least Arch Linux does not have this culture of hostility, provocation and misusing own status to silence all talk of bugs existing20:51
Iamthehuman1If I decide to try to pursue something corrective, I'll be doing it to Canonical, but I will keep you in the loop too if I decide to actually go through the logs for evidence for my case. #kubuntu had none of this silencing bugs by intimidation problems in 2011-2020 when I used it every day, relaxed atmosphere, not silenced by fear of bullying20:54
sarnoldhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-irc-council  if you wish20:57
Iamthehuman1no, you misunderstood, I will complain to Canonical that they have a problem person in one of the distro flavors they are funding, but I have some more urgent complaints to do, so I guess we aren't getting anywhere as Canonical will probably not retire him from his position21:02
Iamthehuman1I'll leave now. Thanks for hearing me out21:02

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