MooncairnStill no idea why Nautilus is freezing, but I just had it freeze while actively using it. Everything is fine in newer dummy account.18:22
MooncairnI've noticed a pattern to the behavior after a freeze, though. Based on that, I know what to do to get it working (momentarily) again.18:23
cmaloneyI think you are just cursed when it comes to configuration. :)18:23
MooncairnI'm hoping you're right and it was the sleep/wake cycles screwing things up.18:24
MooncairnThe other big thing is that I disabled desktop icons so that gnome-shell isn't constantly trying to start Nautilus. That alone has made syslog much quieter.18:26
cmaloneyah, so you hid the issue. ;)18:32
MooncairnYup! :)18:33

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