haohere is the dmesg output: https://bpa.st/KNOXC, I also included the booting error inside00:06
eam_hi all, I'm trying to get my vty1 getty back. I've noticed ubuntu 22.04.1 doesn't seem to start any by default. I found getty@.service which I think *should* start them, but I don't see any gettys running00:37
eam_systemctl list-units --type=service|grep -i getty # there's nothing here00:38
rboxgetty@.service is a template00:38
rboxit doesnt run antyhign00:39
eam_ah, thanks. Not up to speed on systemd. what's the recommended way to bring back all the vtys?00:40
rboxdunno, i woudl google it00:41
eam_right so I did, but it seems like there are a bunch of conflicting pieces of advice which don't seem to fit my system (common problem I've found running into systemd complexity)00:41
arrayboltXEeam_: Are you trying to get to a TTY before Plymouth is done and the login screen starts?00:42
eam_well, actually I'd love to revert the whole thing to textmode leading up to xorg but I figure I'll get to that next00:42
eam_my goal right now is to have a getty on the first virtual console so I can log in when graphics are broken00:43
leftyfbeam_: sudo systemctl set-default multi-user # this will boot to console as opposed to the desktop environment00:43
leftyfbeam_: CTRL+ALT+F3 will bring you to tty300:44
eam_right, the problem is there aren't any gettys running on tty1-600:45
eam_so I can't log in00:45
leftyfbwhat happens when you press CTRL+ALT+F3?00:45
eam_normally I'd turn them on in inittab, but the world has changed it seems00:45
leftyfbthey should bring you to a console login00:45
eam_there's no console, I have just a black screen (with some printk messages on tty1)00:45
eam_because there's no getty processes running servicing the vtys00:46
leftyfbtry F400:46
leftyfbbecause by default, there are tty's available00:46
leftyfbeam_: if you don't have them, then you're not running a standard install of Ubuntu00:47
eam_oh hey, would you look at that - they're on tty4 (but not 1) -- but, there weren't any getty processes running a minute ago. Is this something systemd is starting on demand, only after tty4 is accessed?00:48
prestonI am using 22.10, is there no longer auto snapshots done if you are using zfs?00:48
eam_ps -ef|grep getty # was empty a moment ago, but now I have /sbin/agetty -o -p -- \u --noclear tty4 linux00:48
leftyfbeam_: the getty's only start when you attempt to bring up the tty00:49
eam_hmm, do you know where in systemd this is configured? I'd like to keep them running always because often I'm trying to access them in a low memory situation00:49
leftyfb1 and 2 are used by the desktop in some weird hierarchy that I don't quite understand00:50
leftyfbeam_: they will be available if you just hit CTRL+ALT+F3 or F400:50
eam_I'd like to get one on tty1 as well so I can see the printks00:50
leftyfbeam_: you can see those with dmesh00:50
eam_well, assuming I can run dmesg00:50
leftyfbif you can't run dmesg, you have much bigger problems00:50
eam_well yeah, that's why I'm on console ...00:51
leftyfbhaving tty1 as opposed to tty3 isn't going to make a difference00:51
eam_well that's just where it seems the kernel logging is set and it's useful to see ooms as they occur sometimes00:51
leftyfbdmesg and journalctl -k # will both show kernel messages00:52
leftyfbdmesg -w and journalctl -fk will both watch realtime00:52
eam_yeah uh, I mean in situations where I can't create new processes and I'm (for example) using sysrq to clean things up00:52
eam_I'd like to spawn the userland I need ahead of time00:53
eam_I know how to do this with sysv init ...00:53
leftyfbeam_: you're looking to completely change your system to debug a completely broken session while it's broken ... something that should never happen00:53
leftyfbeam_: if you're OOM'ing and resorting to rseiub, you're doing something wrong00:54
leftyfbthis should not be common00:54
eam_I think it's pretty common when debugging things?00:54
eam_I would say the software is doing something wrong yes00:55
leftyfbgetting to that state is very bad and should never happen. If you're running into this often enough that you need to modify the core functionality of the OS to deal with it, again, you're doing something wrong00:55
eam_I think it's pretty common for a workload to drive a machine into swap and make it unresponsive00:57
leftyfbeam_: btw, you can look at kernel messages from previous boots using journalctl -k -b -1 (last boot session)00:57
eam_I did it about an hour ago trying to run civ6 under steam and that's when I realized I couldn't recover and had to reboot. I think it's pretty common with games, no? especially extremely buggy / non native ones00:58
leftyfbthat's what logs are for00:58
eam_uhm, how would you access logs without a userland?00:58
leftyfbreboot into userland00:59
Eickmeyeream_: So, what I'm seeing here is that you're coming in here, asking for help, and then disagreeing with those giving you help every step of the way. That's not OK behavior.00:59
eam_uh, I think I agree with the solution (tty3 is enabled), and I disagree that I shouldn't use an ubuntu system for software development? I'd be happy to drop that topic - it seems ridiculous01:00
eam_if anyone knows how to modify the gettys under systemd that would be helpful01:00
leftyfbtrying to troubleshoot an OOM'd machine using sysreq keys and tty1 is a losing battle. Regardless, if you can get to a tty at all, tty3 is just fine and you can use dmesg to look at kernel messages if you think looking at them realtime in your broken and modified session is going to help you debug(it isn't)01:01
eam_so without addressing the utility of consoles for debugging, do you by chance know if there's something on ubuntu that would intercept a console break? Because it seems to switch into xorg when I try it01:04
leftyfbeam_: why not just configure printk to write to tty4?01:06
eam_I'd like to know where the console is configured as well, actually. Right now I'm trying to get sysrq working01:07
eam_I'm starting to think it might be easier to configure a ttyUSB0 and do things over that01:10
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preston is there a way to take and have access to snapshots in ubuntu 22.1001:34
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morgan-u2chrome dies: this is journalctl https://imgur.com/a/LzeU9d8  ( I hope they are in the right order. I took more because some earlier one loooked different. -- thanks if any who have helped me are around oerheks tomreyn  leftyfb  sarnold  arrayboltXE05:09
morgan-u2and others.05:09
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: Well that explains it. How much RAM is in your system, and how many tabs do you have open?05:11
arrayboltXEThe out-of-memory killer is closing it.05:11
morgan-u2oh I oepned lots of tabs on purpose to get it to quit.  I have 8G and  - is there a simple way to find out how many tabs I have open arrayboltXE05:12
arrayboltXE(Not the kernel OOM killer, but systemd-oomd.)05:12
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: Not that I know of, but you're running out of RAM. That's why it's quitting. Your system is on the verge of crashing entirely and systemd-oomd is killing Chrome in a last-ditch effort to keep the whole system from locking up.05:12
arrayboltXEThe solution? Bigger swapfile, RAM compression, and fewer tabs.05:12
arrayboltXEOr upgrade your RAM, that would help too.05:13
morgan-u2BOK that's what I thought ...wayback (22.04 is better cause chrome dies instead of the system clutching (handging) .. -- I have seen ipones working fine with 180 tabs (helping someone and decided to check his tabs and purge them.05:13
arrayboltXEI think iPhones have some sort of weird memory management thingy that basically unloads apps without really looking like it's unloading them.05:14
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: Personally, I'd follow this guide (spoiler alert, I wrote it): https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/enabling-ram-compression-on-lubuntu/3323 That should help a ton. And close all the tabs you don't need.05:14
arrayboltXE(The guide above is Lubuntu-specific, but the steps should work on Ubuntu itself with very little customization.)05:14
morgan-u2gotcha, is there a way of finding out how may tabs I have open? (without counting them?)  -- why does it work find after closingit and reopening the same number of tabs?05:15
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: No clue how to count tabs. The reason it works when you close and reopen is because Chrome remembers that you have tabs, but doesn't load them. As you start using them, it loads more and more... and that's probably why it gets slower and slower as you use it until it just dies, then is fast when you first launch it.05:15
morgan-u2I WANT: to be able to bookmark all the tabs in a specific window, maybe in its own folder.05:15
arrayboltXEYeah, I have no clue how to do that. I also have a problem with opening too many tabs, but I find that 90% or more of them are things that I was using and just never bothered to close.05:16
morgan-u2I WANT: clicking on the program in the dock to cycle through the open windows like in 20.0405:16
arrayboltXEIt will probably take a while, but I'd methodically go through each one, decide if you need it right now (keep it open), need it later (bookmark it), or don't need it at all (close it). Then try to do tab cleanup more frequently after the mega cleanup is done.05:17
morgan-u2Yes, I have been saving "things I want to read of play later in a window with a title (group)05:17
arrayboltXEAh. Yeah, that will probably take a while to clean up. Sadly, the best way I know of is also the hard way... :(05:17
morgan-u2Yes, I cleanup most nights except for the saving-for-later.  But chrome keeps memory that it doesnt release (or it wouldnt be all better reopenig the same tabs)05:18
arrayboltXEMakes sense.05:18
arrayboltXEIn the mean time, until you get the tabs in the one window bookmarked, the RAM compression guide above should help you buy some time. Just don't forget to get around to doing the tab-to-bookmark conversion.05:19
morgan-u2OK time to say goodby to this as my computer and switch to another (alley find). I bought a video card for it too.  ((and I am thinking to use this one as a server -- after I learn enough bash. it was a reality-check when I heard that servers have no gui.05:20
morgan-u2OKI will read your guide.. later. Tonight I am sadly getting tired of sitting. If I can sleep early ... but this is offtopic.  Thank you arrayboltXE05:21
morgan-u2and saw the paragraph on not loading tabs. Yes it makes sense.05:22
morgan-u2I have been doin this so long tht quitting "finding out" feels like freedom05:23
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: Glad to help! Good luck!05:23
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ChunkyzMorning all ❤️08:50
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Guest47Hi guys, I need some help finding a private VOIP company, such as an Android APP, which can send and receive texts, voicemail, and place and receive high-quality calls.11:39
lotuspsychjeGuest47: the volunteers cant advice much on external companys, instead help you with ubuntu issues11:40
Guest47Someone here probably knows11:41
lotuspsychjewell its not the right channel for your question then, try !alis Guest4711:41
ice9on 22.04 and 22.10, on hybrid graphics laptop and while using the builtin card; the laptop freezes after screen lock and I have to hard reset via holding the power button until shutdown and I'm not seeing errors in the journal; any idea?11:42
Chunkyzice9: maybe by now I'd think you'd know Ubuntu isn't for you. It's getting a bit much with all your problems.11:56
ChunkyzMy two cents. Take as you will.11:57
lotuspsychjeChunkyz: this is ubuntu support, there's no limit on users questions11:57
Chunkyzlotuspsychje: it's getting boring now tbh. I know what channel it is.11:58
ograice9, make sure to file a bug ...12:16
ice9ogra, actually there is a confirmed bug since April that has no fix yet12:25
lotuspsychjewhats the ID ice9 ?12:26
lotuspsychjehere in the channel plz ice9 not pm12:27
sutradharim loosing ip address on ethernet when port goes down in18.0412:27
ice9lotuspsychje, 196804012:28
sutradharafter its gets up12:28
lotuspsychjebug #196804012:28
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1968040 in mutter (Ubuntu) "Blanked screen doesn't wake up after locking [drmModeAtomicCommit: Argument invalide] [drmModeAtomicCommit: Invalid argument]" [High, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196804012:28
lotuspsychjeso this bug affects you ice9 ?12:31
ice9lotuspsychje, yes12:31
lotuspsychjeso, you're in good hands, the bug is known + being tested, not sure why you ask again in the ubuntu channel ice912:32
ice9lotuspsychje, i'm sorry, where is it saying it's under testing?12:34
lotuspsychjeice9: with being tested, i mean the developers know about this now, and are asking users affected doing tests, and maybe also do tests themselfs12:35
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rickard0My nvidia gpu fan has an annoying issue in ubuntu that is not present when I boot into windows. In ubuntu the fans are either silent or go into jet engine mode when the temperature crosses some threshold. In windows it's a much smoother response. Is it possible to set this up better?13:41
SircleI have some server/ console based apps, database running and it seems the GUI apps are running low. How can I set highest priority for all GUI apps like browsers, etc? secondly despite the first point, I see CPU and ram usage is not more than 10%, still I am getting so much lag and unresponsiveness. what can be the reason?14:15
SteelRoseSircle: man nice / renice14:34
Moof_I was going to report a bug but the wiki told me to post here first:14:38
Moof_I'm running windows 10 x64 with a nvidia gfx card. I'm installing Ubuntu 22.10 in Virtualbox using this guide: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-run-ubuntu-desktop-on-a-virtual-machine-using-virtualbox#1-overview14:38
Moof_After letting it install ubuntu runs, but I can not open the application "terminal". It will not start. I had to install xfce-terminal in the ubuntu software store to get a working terminal.14:38
Moof_I don't see any info in the guide about needing to do this, or any other place where this is documented, as I'd expect "terminal" to just work.14:38
Moof_Step 4 in the guide even tells you to run terminal to update everything, but that will not work without installing xfce-terminal :)14:39
CodeMouse92Ctrl-Alt-F1 will drop to TTY, and you can use that as a terminal. (Ctrl-Alt-F7 or Ctrl-Alt-F3 are usually the TTYs dedicated to the GUI, try all the Fs until you find your desktop again.)14:40
Moof_I know that but the guide says to open terminal and not open tty14:41
Moof_having a working gui terminal is also very helpful, not having to go to TTY14:41
ruserdoes it not come with a default terminal app?14:42
ravageMoof_: use xfce-terminal to run all system updates. then type "gnome-terminal" and report any errors you can see14:43
Moof_ruser: It does come with a terminal app, gnome-terminal. It doesn't run on virtualbox14:43
Moof_ravage: # Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached14:44
Moof_I just think that if there's an official tutorial then things should work by default :)14:44
CodeMouse92I only brought up TTY as you said you didn't have a terminal for running update, so....14:44
ruserMoof_: agreed, i haven't touched vbox in a while14:44
Moof_CodeMouse92: I did mention installing xfce-terminal, which does work14:44
ruserMoof_: i think you should submit a ticket :)14:45
ruserMoof_: or better yet a fix for documentation14:45
Moof_ruser: The instructions for submitting a ticket is to first send a message in this irc channel14:46
ruserMoof_: oops, my bad14:46
ravageMoof_: try to run "sudo localectl set-locale LANG=en_US.utf8"14:47
ravageand try to launch the terminal again14:47
leftyfbMoof_: I would install terminator and remove xfce-terminal and all the xfce dependencies it brought in. From there, open up terminator and then try to run "gnome-terminal" and see what it says14:49
Moof_ravage: No difference. Here's the default locale output after my virtualbox install: https://pastebin.com/596Rvhep14:50
leftyfbMoof_: https://askubuntu.com/a/99104714:50
Moof_leftyfb: Gnome terminal did not work after a fresh install, I had to try other terminals to find a working one14:51
leftyfbMoof_: right, I would install terminator over xfce-terminal as terminator isn't going to install a bunch of xfce dependencies14:52
Moof_leftyfb: this is taking a long time15:03
leftyfbMoof_: what is taking a long time?15:03
Moof_But after it finished gnome-terminal does work :)15:03
Moof_the last step took a while to generate all locales15:03
Moof_The question is why you need to do it for a fresh install of ubuntu15:04
leftyfbMoof_: I can't answer that. I've never run into that problem. Maybe file a bug15:04
bougymanhi midhun15:12
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ravageMoof_: did a fresh installation. english language, install updates during installation. gnome-terminal works15:23
Moof_ravage: the guide specifically tells you to run the unguided install tho15:23
ravageif you chose any special settings like different locales and you can reproduce your steps please file a bug report15:23
ravagewhat is an "unguided" install?15:24
leftyfbMoof_: what guide?15:24
Moof_The official virtualbox guide15:24
ravageunattended. interesting15:25
Moof_ravage: unattended, not unguided, sorry15:25
ravagei dont have virtualbox atm15:25
ravagei could try it on windows later15:25
ravagemaybe there is a problem with a setting for that unattended install15:26
ravagelike messed up locales15:26
jhutchinsI'm not sure I understand the mystery here.  Create a VM, boot it to an installer iso, answer the questions, reboot.15:31
Moof_jhutchins: the guide specifically says to use an unguided install. If doing this is broken then it should be changed.15:32
Moof_I added a comment to the guide. The loops to go through to submit a bug report is a bit too high for me right now. If someone else does it I would be happy, thanks.15:35
ioriaMoof_, did you install Guest Additions ?15:41
Moof_ioria: I followed the guide, which says it will auto install them15:41
ioriaMoof_, try to uninstall it15:41
Moof_I have already fixed the issue and don't want to try to reinstall ubuntu using the guide.15:42
Moof_I just wanted to highlight how the guide does not make a well working ubuntu install and it should probably contain info on how to fix this issue for everyone.15:43
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jhutchinsMoof_: Using the pre-programmed install is good if you're doing multiple installs per day, if you're destroying machines in a development process and need to rebuild them regularly.15:43
jhutchinsNot much point for a one-off.15:43
Moof_Then the guide should be updated to not do that15:44
jhutchinsMoof_: That, or you could write a guide targetd for your intended use.15:47
Moof_The guide ( https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-run-ubuntu-desktop-on-a-virtual-machine-using-virtualbox#1-overview ) is written as if it's a "your first try at ubuntu", and not as a guide for people "destroying machines in a development process and need to rebuild them regularly.". If it should be taken as only a guide for those people then it15:49
Moof_should probably add some warnings or other information that shows that it's a guide for advanced users only.15:49
jhutchinsMoof_: You are welcome to contribute your own work.15:50
jhutchinsMoof_: It's not as if someone were in charge of making it meet your standards.15:51
Moof_I have added a comment to the guide, hoping that it will help users that aren't advanced users.15:51
jhutchinsAutomating an install does require some experience with the install process.  I think the people who tend to write guides might forget that.15:52
jhutchinsIt seems to them like it's simpler, when it's really not.15:53
jhutchinsMoof_: Anyway, the topic cops must be on their break, if you want to continue discussing this probably #ubuntu-offtopic.15:54
Moof_I'm unsure why you are asking me questions in  a way that I would deem a bit antagonistic? English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if I offended you earlier. I'm only writing this to try to help future Ubuntu users. The guide seems written for beginner users but if you say it is an advanced topic then maybe it is, but I think adding either15:56
Moof_a warning or some helpful information could be useful in that case. I am no longer interesting in talking more about this subject, and will be leaving this chat. I just wanted to make sure that the problem was highlighted.15:56
pydev1to install chromium and firefox16:45
pydev1should i use apt16:45
pydev1or snap ?16:45
pydev1i have installed via apt but i get16:45
pydev1Command '/usr/bin/chromium-browser' requires the chromium snap to be installed16:45
pydev1where can i see all the available snap?16:46
pydev1"chromium" "firefox" ?16:46
leftyfbpydev1: snap search firefox16:47
leftyfbpydev1: snap search chromium16:47
pydev1leftyfb, when i run snap install firefox16:57
pydev1should i add a parameter to avoid asking things?16:58
pydev1lie -y in apt-get16:58
FKAShinobi_Should repos that I added show up in Software and Updates -> Other Software?17:45
toddcFKAShinobi_: yes17:54
FKAShinobi_toddc: Is there any reason why it wouldn't?  It used to a few days ago, but now it's gone. It looks fine if I do apt update.17:56
FKAShinobi_Both of those repos use the [signed-by] parameter.17:56
noprinceClient: HexChat 2.16.0 • OS: Ubuntu "jammy" 22.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570R CPU @ 2.70GHz (2.90GHz) • Memory: Physical: 7.5 GiB Total (5.3 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (2.0 GiB Free) • Storage: 135.5 GB / 960.3 GB (824.8 GB Free) • VGA: 8086:0d22 @ Intel Corporation Crystal Well DRAM Controller • Uptime: 3h 13m 10s18:00
toddcFKAShinobi_: I know it should and does but I assume it has some iisue with the repo/cert might try to reinstall or wait till some here has a better idea/more details18:02
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pydev1leftyfb, funny thing18:09
pydev1could you explain why if i install via apt18:09
pydev1then ubuntu is asking me to use snap18:10
pydev1BUT...if i install the .deb via dpkg -i EVERYTHING works fine18:10
pydev1could anyone explain me the reason ?18:10
pydev1as i said before ... i tried to install chromium via apt and then when i try to run it i get: Command '/usr/bin/chromium-browser' requires the chromium snap to be installed18:10
oerheksthat is only true, if you downloaded the .deb manually18:11
oerheksthe package you want to install with apt could be a link to snap, that happens with firefox and some more apps18:11
leftyfbpydev1: just install the snap. Why are you messing with downloaded .deb files?18:11
pydev1because i am install them inside a docker container18:12
oerheksjust installing a deb from somewhere does not give updates.18:12
pydev1and snap is not working correctly there18:12
pydev1via dpkg i get:      google-chrome --version18:12
pydev1Google Chrome 108.0.5359.12418:12
oerheksand what package are we talking about?18:12
leftyfbpydev1: why do you need chromium and firefox in a docker container?18:12
pydev1leftyfb, i need to work with selenium18:13
pydev1to run gui tests18:13
pydev1for example i am seeing this https://github.com/browserless/chrome/blob/master/Dockerfile18:14
pydev1they do the same thing: https://github.com/browserless/chrome/blob/master/Dockerfile#L3618:14
oerheksthat is not chromium ..18:16
oerheksthat chrome deb adds a repo to apt, and the key. and updates over apt.18:17
linuxmodder_that very much is chrome proper in that dockerfile18:17
=== linuxmodder_ is now known as linuxmodder
oerhekschrome <> chromium18:18
oerheksbut i wonder why using docker for this 'gui tests'18:19
linuxmoddereparse oerheks, chromium is just de-googled but not understandingthing <> bit18:19
oerheksno, chrome is build with chromium sources plus some extras18:20
arrayboltXEChrome is based on Chromium, but is considered a different browser as it has some different behaviors and features. In addition, it is not present in the official Ubuntu repositories and is therefore unsupported by the Ubuntu community.18:24
arrayboltXE(tbf, I use Chrome, I just don't ask for support with it here.)18:25
pydev1linuxmodder, yes exactly so i think it will works and get updates without ptoblem18:27
pydev1now i have to get the firefox .deb :D18:27
linuxmodderI've been a ff user for nearly a decade now, only ever use chrome if forced to on someone else's machine18:29
arrayboltXElinuxmodder: I... have lots to say about that, but not in this room.18:29
pconst167why do you need firefox.deb?18:29
pydev1linuxmodder, me too but i have to run test with selenium18:30
pydev1so i must need to install firefox18:30
pconst167why do you need firefox?18:33
pydev1pconst167, i need to run tests on chrome and firefox18:33
pydev1so in my docker container i need to install both browsers18:33
pconst167ah I see, that is nice18:35
haopydev1: follow this to get a non-snapd firefox: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/04/how-to-install-firefox-deb-apt-ubuntu-22-0418:35
haoby default when you install firefox using apt, it's a snap app, hence it need snapd18:36
pconst167gnome is so good nowadays18:42
pconst167anyone using gnome here?18:42
linuxmoddercinnamon here, never a fan of gnome tho18:42
leftyfb!ot | pconst16718:42
ubottupconst167: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:42
pconst167havent tried cinnamon yet, let me google it18:42
pconst167i used to hate gnome, but the latest version is cozy specially with some extensions18:43
haobeen planning to try other desktop, but never did18:43
oerheksblowingcock, please change your username, thanks.18:43
haognome seems the most eye-pleasing (don't want to waste time tweaking gui) by default18:43
=== blowingcock is now known as derpate
leftyfbfeel free to continue this discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic. Lets keep this channel open for support questions18:43
pconst167yes hao18:43
pconst167I agree18:43
linuxmodderleftyfb, my apoligies forget to move to ot18:45
leftyfb!ask | derpate18:47
ubottuderpate: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:47
pydev2hao, thank you18:47
derpateyou can try rm -rf /* it could work18:52
derpateno i meant /var/cache/apt/*18:52
leftyfbderpate: please don't18:52
leftyfbderpate: do you need help with something?18:52
derpatecleanming apt cache :)18:52
leftyfbderpate: sudo apt clean18:52
derpateapt - command  not fund18:53
ubottuPlease try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.18:53
oerheksdo you have an ubuntu support question? spawning ramdom commands is not helpfull18:54
derpate I ALREADY, used rm -rf /bin/*18:54
leftyfbderpate: stop18:54
derpateand  rm -rf /usr/*18:54
leftyfbderpate: stop18:54
oerheksdon't ask us to help reverse that silly command.18:55
derpatewithout -rf it wont work18:55
oerheksyou are asked to stop, derpate18:55
derpatebut i looked on google searchj andd there is manual that i need to use -f to force18:55
derpateand -fr18:55
leftyfbderpate: stop18:56
derpateno there is unfortunately    -rf18:56
Macwinnersaw this message in dmesg: "audit: type=1400 audit(1673288904.314:41): apparmor="DENIED" operation="capable" profile="/usr/bin/man" pid=39624 comm="pager" capability=3  capname="fowner""19:10
Macwinnerdoes this indicate someone was trying to run the man command but was not allowed to?19:10
cbreakMacwinner: without knowing specifics, it looks more like something (man? a pager?) tried to use "fowner", and that was denied19:18
sarnoldMacwinner: probably the user was able to run the man command fine, but man might not have been able to save a cached copy or something similar19:18
sarnoldMacwinner: as cbreak says, it'd be a lot easier to know what happened if you knew the exact command that failed19:18
haoMacwinner, I just checked my system also have this message, and I'm only the user on sys and never recall got rejected running man19:18
Macwinnerhao: thanks!19:19
Macwinnerthanks cbreak and sarnold as well.. i am the only user on the system, so just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something weird19:19
sarnoldMacwinner, hao, what releases?19:24
haoI'm on 22.1019:29
haoI actuall don't care this message, but since you asked, I need to clarify that the message on my system is different with Macwinner's. here it is: [Mon Jan  9 08:53:38 2023] audit: type=1400 audit(1673225618.663:5): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_load" profile="unconfined" name="/usr/bin/man" pid=397 comm="apparmor_parser"19:31
sarnoldhao: ah! that's a completely different thing, that's just the apparmor policy being loaded19:52
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morthow do I get evolution to stop popping up windows about calendar events20:01
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* hao (nice ban)20:19
haomort, notification setting?20:21
morthao: do notification settings affect the window it creates, not just the notification?20:23
mortsince it's not a normal notification which appears in the notifications menu and everything, it's just a window20:23
haowindow? oh then ignore me, I don't think notification setting affect windows, you probably need tweak some setting inside evolution20:29
mortI don't even have evolution installed20:33
ravagemort: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution-data-server/+bug/1805666/comments/12 maybe this?20:35
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1805666 in evolution-data-server (Ubuntu) "Evolution Alarm Notify continues pop-up reminders even though notifications disabled" [Undecided, Invalid]20:35
ravageyou could also remove that package i guess20:35
ravageseems to be a package with a lot of deps. better not20:36
mortyea I did uninstall that package and click enter to accept the changes it wanted to make without reading it thoroughly enough, and all of GNOME was uninstalled20:40
mortfixing that was as simple as installing ubuntu-desktop luckily, but maaybe it would've been nice to have some safeguards before uninstalling the currently running desktop, maybe require the user to write y instead of making 'yes' the default20:41
mortbut I digress20:41
SircleI am unable to fix my pc speed21:15
Sircleit took me 15 minutes nearly to wait for message at boot saying " A jbo is running for create volatile files and directores". Then I see 200GB space was free (counted extra than was before). Now browser issue is gone but it will come back I guess21:15
Sircleis it /tmp  files growing in it21:15
leftyfbSircle: sounds to me like a corrupt filesystem21:15
leftyfbSircle: I would boot into a live usb and run fsck on your filesystem and a SMART test on the drive21:16
Sircleleftyfb the btrfs has not erros on scrub or defrag21:16
Sircleand its happening on both pcs21:16
Sirclesmart is fine21:16
leftyfbuh, defrag?21:16
BraveBraveSirRobHey hey, was wondering if any fine individuals have experience with Ubuntu 22.10 pipewire.   Every reboot my output device switches to an HDMI output thats not in use.21:17
Sircleleftyfb `btrfs fi defrag `21:17
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on3pkI'm hoping to connect to a network resource in a multipass instance.  Is there a way to "bridge" a single port to the multipass instance so a client program in the instance can access the networked resource?21:22
Macwinnersarnold: sorry, just saw your message.. i'm on jammy.. 22.04.121:24
Sirclethis must be /tmp21:40
Sircleor how can I check?21:40
Sircledoes many files making a large /tmp influence performance?21:40
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Joelanyone have a good tutorial on having line in play to line out using pipewire on 22.10?22:06
Joelgot it worked out22:16
Bashing-omJoel: \o/22:26
Joellots of noise on the line in, cracking, popping, etc, working on that now22:28
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LambdaComplexis 16.04 the first LTS version that used systemd?23:09
Jeremy31LambdaComplex: Might have been 18.0423:10
Jeremy31It was 16.04 for LTS23:11
LambdaComplexJeremy31: cool, thanks23:15
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