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semIf I am interested in trying out another desktop environment, can I simply "apt install ubuntu-desktop" and then change between them at the login screen? or will that bring unwanted changes to the current DE? 13:30
EickmeyerThat's kindof backwards from the way you'd want to do it. 13:40
ubottuUbuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, and/or add the !ubuntustudio-backports PPA. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/13:40
semOk, thanks13:44
semI started off with normal ubuntu-studio, and things work great, but some other apps are having trouble with high dpi screens, so i wanted to try the gnome desktop13:45
Eickmeyersem: Did you try the display scaling?13:45
semyes I did. It works for most things pretty well13:47
semi was curious to try out gnome, but if it will cause problems to do that, I'll just try it with a live usb13:48
Oski146_is there any good program that can do the same as garageband in ubuntustudio? i have read about  jokosher but i think that program is abandoned16:41
Oski146_garageband from macOS i search for an alternative16:41
EickmeyerOski146: https://alternativeto.net/software/garageband/?platform=linux says LMMS is the closest you're going to get at this time.16:57
Oski146is this in the repositories?17:01
EickmeyerIt's pre-installed with Ubuntu Studio.17:01
Oski146oh i didnt know studio has so much programs preinstalled dont seen it17:01
EickmeyerOpen the menu and type lmms. It's there.17:02
Oski146thank you for fast help !17:02
EickmeyerOski146: #lmms for support17:03

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