JackFrostPurging dbus-x11 from my system. :D00:33
arraybolt3[m]😬 Is that safe?00:36
JackFrostFor me it is.00:37
arraybolt3[m](Eh, you're a developer, devs generally don't care about "safe" in my experience.)00:37
arraybolt3[m]Ah, nice.00:37
JackFrostThis desktop isn't exactly Xubuntu.00:37
arraybolt3...so what is it then? You can't just make me curious and then leave me hanging like that.00:41
JackFrostFeels like advertising though, soo..00:41
JackFrostI'll say Debian.00:42
JackFrost...At least I hope it doesn't break anything. >_>00:56
JackFrostpleia2: BTW, is there any way you'd prefer me to do Xubuntu dev server reboots?  Ping you first, wait for you to do them, etc?02:16
JackFrostThere's kernel updates too, but that still uses Linode kernels I think.  I don't track those. :302:17
pleia2JackFrost: apologies, things really got away from me16:45
JackFrostpleia2: No problem at all, I take care of the ubottu server too so it's not added effort really.  Just wondering preferences.23:23

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