chowderHi all, I'm trying to view a LUKS encrypted volume. Xubuntu usually autodetects the volume and asks me for my password. Last time I tried, I entered in the wrong password and was unable to reattempt. Now the drive isn't being detected at all. I've tried everything. https://pastebin.mozilla.org/irR3GXan01:28
arraybolt3 Try `lsblk -f` and see if that helps you identify the right disk and partition, maybe? If the drive really isn't appearing anymore at all (not even in lsblk), that might be drive failure.01:32
chowderI'm reading it through this USB-based drive dock thing. I'm wondering if its a bad slot on the device rather than a hard drive issue.01:34
chowderI think its because I'm using it through a USB bridge01:45
chowderIt worked once before01:45
xubuntuhay alguien por ah'i _06:43
xubuntume cpias _06:44
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