meenawhat, even, does that do? https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/1935#issuecomment-137594064315:01
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 1935 in canonical/cloud-init "RFC: Option to warn on duplicate mac" [Open]15:01
meena(I mean, a switch with all mac addresses configured the same)15:45
fricklersonic does that15:55
holmanbfalcojr: ehh, I'm rethinking my earlier +1 to calling lp:1999680 a wontfix after giving a workaround.18:45
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Launchpad bug 1999680 in cloud-init "Fix remove machine-id" [Undecided, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199968018:45
falcojrholmanb: I never dug into what this meant, but I thought you said that indicates somehow that it's a dirty boot18:51
falcojrbecause your workarounds are just leaving an empty machine-id, right?18:51
holmanbyes and yes18:53
falcojrso what are you proposing? 18:55
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holmanbI think that removing the flag might be best. Currently it doesn't reduce the amount of information a user requires to generate an image, and it describes next boot as generating a new machine-id (a promise we can't guarantee - a source of confusion).20:28
holmanbAs a newer build-time feature it seems something that's a bit less of a pain point to change on users.20:28
holmanbThe original addition was well-intentioned, but I think we hit a bit of complexity that wasn't originally forseen. And as a newer image-build helper flag that effectively does `rm /etc/machine-id`, I don't see this as a high-value thing that should be unchangable.20:30
holmanbRemoving a feature after addition doesn't feel good, but also neither does introducing a feature that doesn't do what it says it does then choosing not to fix it.20:36
holmanbI guess we could just update the --help output and docs, but I think I'd still not like having an interface that solves the machine-id problem in some cases but not others. Since it doesn't solve the problem in all cases the user is still going to have to truncate -s 0 in some cases and --machine-id in others. What's the point of keeping --machine-id if they still need to customize the command that gets ran based on version and 20:45
holmanbimage composition (container vs vm, presence of systemd-firstboot, etc)?20:45
blackboxswholmanb: falcojr I'll see if I can come up with a good reason to keep cloud-init clean --machine-id. Given that it only seems to get regenerated on lxc containers by default, there are plenty of corner-cases that seem to fall over. What I had wanted to do was find the cupbable bit of code in lxc container land that is actually triggering the creation of /etc/machine-id (as journald starts at a point in time after it is created.20:51
blackboxswalso in testing ec2/azure with the removed /etc/machine-id  I find the VMs don't come back after that file is removed. I'm setting up remote console to check what gives there w/ cloud-init behavior20:53
blackboxswand this is a problem with kvm instances in LXD too as they don't recreate /etc/machine-id across reboot 20:55
waldiblackboxsw: debian does not support working without /etc/machine-id in almost all circumstances and i doubt that ubuntu did change that20:55
waldiremoving /etc/machine-id triggers first boot behaviour, which is interactive20:56
waldi(since systemd enabled those services some versions ago)20:56
* waldi is the culprit…20:57
waldiso truncating machine-id is the way to go, as it triggers re-creating one, but not first boot20:59
holmanbalso just a heads up to anyone that regularly looks at cloudinit.readthedocs.io -> some pretty big layout changes to the docs just dropped, so you might want to re-familiarize21:06
holmanbThe general idea was to categorize content type under tutorials / how-to / reference / explanation. This will probably feel unfamiliar initially, but hopefully this makes content more discoverable (esp for new users) in the long run.21:07
holmanb I'm setting up some redirects for the higher volume pages to avoid broken links from external sites, bookmarks, etc.21:08
blackboxswwaldi thx. the intent was to minimally guanantee that cloned VM images don't wake up with the same /etc/machine-id as duplication of "machine identity" for some remote services lead to issues with dep-duplication based on IP address and/or MAC address. Most cloud-cloned images take care of this setup for folks and ensure uniqueness across clone image relaunch, but folks manually creating golden images don't have that knowledge.21:11
blackboxsw... and it seems neither did I in many cases21:11
falcojrso now I'm going back to my original position that we should just truncate /etc/machine-id XD21:26
falcojrit's what ubuntu images do in jammy and later, and that behavior might be backported21:26
falcojrAFAIK, the only difference is whether units with 'ConditionFirstBoot=yes' will run, which are none on Ubuntu systems21:29
falcojrif we put an "uninitialized", then I think they will run and it will act like a first boot21:29

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