IrcsomeBot<Gaurabh> Any driver. (re @rcpp85: Video driver?)00:11
IrcsomeBot<Gaurabh> Like in ubuntu we have software and update application.00:12
oerheksKubuntu Driver Manager may be launched from the terminal using sudo kubuntu-driver-manager command.00:20
user|0How to get software and update application like in ubuntu in kubuntu?00:22
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> You can open it on Muon app manager or see through the launcher, I believe. (re @IrcsomeBot: <user|0> How to get software and update application like in ubuntu in kubuntu?)00:27
oerheksusing a gnome app is not the real KDE experience00:27
oerheksoh, he does not know muon?00:28
Roeytonyw: ah, ok, thank you00:56
Roeythat's what I was thinking, along those lines00:56
Roeytonyw: that it'd hve to be manually partitioned00:57
Roeythank you00:57
tonywRoey No problem. You will get @ and @home by default. You will then need to create any other subvolumes on your own after then installer completes. Good luck!01:03
tonywRoey: BTW, I threw together some instructions to help a few people... https://github.com/tonywalker1/ubuntu-tips/blob/main/add-btrfs-subvolumes.md01:05
tonywRoey: I may get around to improving them at some point. ;-)01:05
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Roeytonyw: thanks!! I'm checking your resource out now :)01:17
tonywRoey: All of that can be done at the end of the installer assuming you picked "Try KDE" and then ran the installer.01:18
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Roeytonyw: aye01:19
Roeyok wonderful01:19
RoeyI'm going to buy this Dell laptop01:19
Roeyand wnant to star thtings off on it 100% the correct way01:19
tonywRoey: Awesome!01:21
tonywRoey: Oh, and I need to add some notes: 1) enable zram for swap, and 2) Kubuntu already has /var/lib/flatpak, so move that dir like the others that you move.01:22
RoeyI'm buying it fairly soon actually (like, now)01:23
Roeyit's this, unless you know of a better deal for around that money01:23
tonywRoey: One more tidbit... The subvolumes I recommend provide either/both control over mount points (e.g., nosuid) and performance (each subvolume has its own queue).01:24
tonywRoey: Awesome!01:24
Roey16 GB RAM, Inel I7-1255U CPU, Irix Xe graphics, 1 TB NVME SSD, 16" non-touch 1920x1200 60Hz display, for $89901:25
tonywRoey: I think you will be really happy with that. We have two 13" XPS models at here home.01:25
Roeyah thank you01:25
RoeyThis is an Inspiron 16"01:25
tonywI saw that!01:25
RoeyI mean, it's not a tank of desktop-replacement laptop01:25
Roeybut it's somehting that's inexpensive, relatively01:26
Roeymy previous laptop comes from 201201:26
Roeybefore bluetooth even01:26
tonywThat will be a nice upgrade then!01:26
Roeythis laptop is cheap enough that if I want a newer one next year, I could buy one  then as well.01:26
Roeya nice upgrade, hopefully with minimum hassle!01:26
Roeytonyw: I appreciate your encouraging words :)01:26
Roeyand I am /definitely/ looking to protect my laptop's contents01:27
Roeywith LUKS01:27
tonywNo problem!01:27
RoeyI want the peace of mind01:27
tonywGood call on encryption! Its a necesity these days.01:27
RoeyYES i just bought it.  This fulfills a long-standing dream of mine to get a new laptop.01:51
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kirrimIn the Network Folder Wizard - KDE Network Wizard, I'm trying to access an sftp folder using an SSH Key, where do I put the key file?04:14
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kirrimit's bin name is knetattach05:14
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Does Plasma have scaling issues when playing games with WINE? I executed Hard Truck2 and the the entire desktop got scaled from 1080 to 640p.06:59
IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> Hey guys! I have a (very) long running Kubuntu HTPC that worked beautifully with my old TV over HDMI. Now I have bought a new 4K TV. Using the same cable I connected it to the new TV and it shows the uefi boot screen but nothing after that. Once I saw grub with “no signal” after that. Any ideas as to how that might happen and how I could solve it? Oh, it is Kubuntu 18.04. I know, I definitely need to nuke and pave…07:41
kirrimGecko250: As a compatibility feature, WINE allows Windows applications to take control of the display resolution. See the Wine docs to see if/how you can disable or change it so that it runs in windowed or however you like.10:44
BluesKajHi all14:07
tonywStrategic Direction on Kubuntu Installer: This might not be the right forum, but... While researching a bug I encountered while installing Btrfs into a Luks volume, I found bug #1915598 (Use calamares as kubuntu installer)...15:07
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Bug 1915598 in kubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Use calamares as kubuntu installer" [Wishlist, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/191559815:07
tonywCanonical is working on a new installer, the current one is ubiquity, and there was some interest in calcamares...15:08
tonywI am willing to contribute, but what is the plan or is the project in a wait-and-see state.15:09
tonyw. -> ?15:09
Happy99Hi there15:58
user|93Can i get live patch in kubuntu?16:23
user|93Can i get livepatch in kubuntu?16:23
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> Define livepatch.21:18
IrcsomeBot<TimoSalola> ubuntu patches kernels without requiring restarts21:21
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oerhekslivepatch is only available for LTS21:39
oerheksbut i am sure one can find the wiki21:40

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