PeGaSuSso, I've made some changes to my netplan configs and I'm having some warnings related to routing. here's the current configs and warnings: https://0bin.xyz/view/8950a048 13:04
PeGaSuSI really can't fugure it out13:05
danilogondolfoPeGaSuS, gateway6 is deprecated, you need to use 'routes' instead. There are some examples here https://netplan.io/examples13:11
danilogondolfoit seems you already uses it in your 99-he-tunnel.yaml13:12
PeGaSuSmy problem is that I can't understan netplan routing in any way, though. I've been having this issue for almost one week and I can't really wrap my head about routing and other options13:26
PeGaSuScommands like `curl -6 https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org` or even `mtr -6 nominatim.openstreetmap.org` have no response whatsover13:28
PeGaSuSI've tried this: https://termbin.com/3sp013:43
PeGaSuSI cant understand this is no way.. I swear tto god13:44
danilogondolfowell, maybe if you provide the output of the command below someone might spot something13:50
danilogondolfoip addr13:50
danilogondolfoip link13:50
danilogondolfoping6 nominatim.openstreetmap.org13:50
danilogondolfotracepath -6 nominatim.openstreetmap.org13:50
danilogondolfoand ip route of course 13:51
PeGaSuShttps://0bin.xyz/view/26226a86 > the output for all of those commands. I had to stop tracepath after 25 attempts13:56
danilogondolfoand 'ip -6 route' as well, ip route will not show ipv6 routes...14:02
PeGaSuSI think I've broken my machine entirely. can't access it via SSH anymore and it doesn't answer to ping14:05
PeGaSuSnow I need to figure out how to fix it from rescue boot14:06
PeGaSuSthe `ip -6 route` output: https://0bin.xyz/view/27827d7614:23
PeGaSuSI've merged the tunnel config with the default one: https://0bin.xyz/view/05d9a49a14:24
PeGaSuSI've tried to follow: https://netplan.io/examples#:~:text=dhcp%2Didentifier%3A%20mac-,Connecting%20an%20IP%20tunnel,-Tunnels%20allow%20an14:25
danilogondolfois the tunnel working? can you ping the other side?14:31
PeGaSuSyes. I can ping the tunnel addresses perfectly from another machine14:32
PeGaSuSthis is an example: https://0bin.xyz/view/b30b006914:34
danilogondolfois the default route itself (2001:470:1f20:a::1) pingable? 14:36
PeGaSuSI can also ping it from another machine, yes14:37
danilogondolfowell, it must be reachable from the machine you are working on14:38
PeGaSuSI can also ping it from the machine with the tunnel14:38
PeGaSuSfwiw, here's my tunnel: https://imgur.com/ku3EEiM.png14:40
danilogondolfook, at this point you will need to tcpdump the other end and confirm packets are going through14:41
danilogondolfoyou might a routing problem there14:41
danilogondolfoyou might have*14:42
PeGaSuSin this case it may be HE fault?14:42
danilogondolfoit's hard to tell, you need to check if the packets are going to the destination but never coming back for example14:43
PeGaSuShow would I do that?14:44
danilogondolfoas you can ping your default gw, I'd say the traffic is getting to the other side at least14:44
danilogondolfoyou don't have access to the other end of the tunnel?14:45
danilogondolfoif you have access to another machine in another network that speaks ipv6 you can try to ping it from this host and check if the icmp packets are getting there14:46
PeGaSuSI can ping the machine from inside and outside it via IPv614:46
PeGaSuSthe other end of the tunnel is Hurricane Electric (tunnelbroker.net)14:47
PeGaSuSI'm applying the tunnel on machine A. I can ping any IPv6 address that I see with `ip a` from inside and outside machine A.14:51
PeGaSuSI can use `curl -6 address` and `mtr -6 address` with some adresses but not with https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org, for example14:52
PeGaSuShow can I remove/disable a tunnel completely? 14:53
danilogondolfounfortunately I don't have ipv6 here to test it. Is this address pingable from this host? 2001:4860:4860::888814:53
PeGaSuSyees. I can ping it from machine A perfectly14:56
danilogondolfohmm that's google DNS. So I don't know what's wrong with openstreetmap.org, but your configuration seems to be working fine then15:00
PeGaSuSI believe that's HE fault since, apparently, openstreetmap.org is hosted by HE15:14
PeGaSuShosted or tunneled by HE*15:20
PeGaSuSif I remove a tunnel from the netplan config, I deconfigure it right? I mean, it's not used anymore, correct?15:36

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