Eickmeyer[m]<aaronprisk[m]> "Do you happen to have links to..." <- Well, they have their own discourse instances at https://ubuntu-mate.community/ and https://discourse.ubuntubudgie.org/ which is where they do pretty much everything.00:24
aaronprisk[m]That will work. Thank you, Eickmeyer!00:31
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FallenNew Indico themes hotness landed. Much more pretty now! https://events.canonical.com/event/5/11:04
Fallennhaines: aaronprisk: I have a placeholder at https://events.canonical.com/event/7/ that you could use for telling people about the fact that Ubuntu is at SCaLE. Feel free to fill that out and use it in any promotions that you'd like.11:07
lotuspsychjelooking good Fallen 12:56

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