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LocutusOfBorgsergiodj, btw, the debian maintainer is asking to patch Ubuntu.pm, not Debian.pm06:02
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schopinIs anyone working on the gnat-related issues? I'm currently looking into it (more specifically the ahven FTBFS)09:45
sergiodjLocutusOfBorg: I talked to him yesterday; I will work on it this week.  thanks15:53
tewardddstreet: mapreri: backport request #2002211 needs someone to look at it, Bastian asked me to sponsor it so I did, but I'd like an extra set of eyes before approving.17:09
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ahasenackvorlon: would you be opposed at me trying to enable apparmor by default on rsyslog?18:16
ahasenackI see it also needs a merge from debian, which I would also do, unless it's in your todo already (you are TIL in the package)18:17
vorlonahasenack: I don't have any objections18:18
mariogripHow do i disable LTO? i have tried optimize=-lto but does not do anything20:07
seb128mariogrip, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ToolChain/LTO , that should work so maybe something more specific?20:24
mariogripseb128: Does it matter where i put it in the rules file?20:25
mariogripi have it at the top20:25
seb128top should fine20:27
mariogripi building this on ppa20:28
mariogripthe source does not set lto20:29
seb128maybe share the build log url?20:31
seb128or ppa rather so people can check the source20:32
mariogripbiometryd is the one20:32
hallynhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/1:5.0.1-0ubuntu1   hi - that pkg has been there awhile.  what's needed to promote it out of -proposed?20:44
mariogriphuh fun, it works when building the package locally but not ppa21:01
mariogripso somethings up with ppa and lto bulding21:01
dbungerthallyn: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#lxc says that there are some autopkgtest regressions, quick look at the logs and golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2 might be missing a build-dependency, and lxc a build failure?  Would need deeper analysis.21:12
hallyndbungert: thanks.  bookmarked that link21:15
hallynlooks like the autopkg tests for it need to be updated for autoconf->meson :(21:17
bdmurrayhallyn: the autopkgtst tests for which need to updated?21:44
hallynbdmurray: lxc21:48
hallyni forget where those are defined, haven't had a chance to look yet21:48
bdmurrayIn the debian/tests directory21:48
hallynoh i was thinking there was some external tree21:50
hallyncan i easily run those tests locally?21:51
hallyni'll try with https://wiki.debian.org/ContinuousIntegration/autopkgtest21:51
GunnarHjmariogrip: Without being able to explain why LTO was enabled in your PPA, I want to mention that I have successfully applied the opposite stragegy for C++ packages in order to make the symbols file work in both Debian and Ubuntu: Enable LTO in Debian. Example: https://bugs.debian.org/102499922:12
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Debian bug 1024999 in src:maliit-framework "Please consider to build with LTO enabled" [Wishlist, Open]22:12
mariogripGunnarHj to enable LTO worked fine for me also, i have done this on some debian uploads, but for this specific package i need it off (due to some dlopen issue)22:18
mariogripit builds fine on debian, but i want to fix package so it syncs fine with ubuntu22:18
mariogripAnyway, lomiri with mir 2.11 now start fine on ubuntu lunar :D just missing some packages and it will fully be in lunar https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YvevSlDR/image.png22:20
GunnarHjmariogrip: That was precisely the situation in the example I mentioned. It built fine on Debian, but we had to tweak the symbols file in Ubuntu. After having changed it on Debian, the package can now be sync'ed without changes.22:21
mariogripGunnarHj yeah, but this package need lto off, else it segfaults :)22:22
GunnarHjmariogrip: Sorry, I didn't read all your comments carefully enough. :/22:22
mariogripNo problem :)22:23
mariogripFor symbols i use (optional=lto)c++::sym::blah but i should maybe enable lto on debian, but iirc it should be enabled by default after bookworm22:24
GunnarHjmariogrip: Yeah, I think that's the plan.22:27
mariogripI guess i'll just upload the package to debian with -lto since it has too be disabled anyway, lets see if it syncs fine the. Maybe it needs to be added to the lto exclusion file if that does not work?22:29
GunnarHjMay be worth a try.22:31
GunnarHjmariogrip: Or wait.. If you just add "optimize=-lto" in Debian, the symbols file will reamin unchanged and the sync thus fail. Or am I missing something?22:34
mariogripGunnarHj: Then the symbol file should be the same as debian22:35
GunnarHjmariogrip: Ok, right, assuming that "optimize=-lto" is effective in universe as opposed to your PPA. ;)22:37
mariogripI hope, since this package will not work with lto anyway tests will fail before it reach the symbols22:38
mariogriphow often do the debian sync happen btw?22:40
GunnarHjmariogrip: It happens always as long as autosync is on.22:42
mariogriponce a day?22:42
GunnarHjMore often than that, I think. I.e. as soon as it has been published in unstable.22:43
jbichaautosync runs 4x per day https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/auto-sync/2023-01-10/22:48

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