cpaelzerFYI I'll most likely be slightly delayed15:26
sarnoldgood morning15:31
slyonhello o/15:31
didrockshey o/15:31
cpaelzera few more minutes15:32
cpaelzer#startmeeting Weekly Main Inclusion Requests status15:36
meetingologyMeeting started at 15:36:19 UTC.  The chair is cpaelzer.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology15:36
meetingologyAvailable commands: action, commands, idea, info, link, nick15:36
cpaelzerPing for MIR meeting - didrocks joalif slyon sarnold cpaelzer jamespage15:36
cpaelzer#topic current component mismatches15:36
cpaelzerMission: Identify required actions and spread the load among the teams15:36
cpaelzer#link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg15:36
cpaelzer#link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg15:36
cpaelzernothing totally new in non-proposed15:36
cpaelzerlicensecheck -> perl things - didn#t we ahve thta int he past?15:36
slyonlicensecheck is new in -proposed15:37
slyonseems they've switched build-depends again15:37
slyonI need to investigate the reasoning15:37
sarnoldcpaelzer: that might have been lintian -> perl things15:37
cpaelzerslyon: but still that seems like a foundations tackle15:37
cpaelzersarnold: it is a reoccuring pattern for both15:37
cpaelzerother news here is OVS -> xdp-tools15:37
cpaelzerfnordahl: has already filed a MIR15:37
cpaelzerI have reviewed it this morning15:37
cpaelzerit LGTM, but needs security15:38
cpaelzerso one more for your queue15:38
cpaelzerjamespage: while we have you here, jaraco.text is on openstack i guess15:38
cpaelzerand this week i see MIRs linked15:38
cpaelzerso that processing seems to be started15:38
jamespageyeah I raised those as corey was busy on some other stuff15:38
cpaelzerok so these will look for reviewers in the next section15:39
cpaelzernothing else in mismatches AFAICS15:39
cpaelzer#topic New MIRs15:39
cpaelzerMission: ensure to assign all incoming reviews for fast processing15:39
cpaelzer#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&assignee_option=none&field.assignee=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir15:39
cpaelzerduktape (still/again ?)15:39
cpaelzerand the two python bits for jaraco15:39
cpaelzerI can do one of the pythons tomorrow morning I guess15:39
cpaelzertaking autocommand15:40
cpaelzerwhat has changed on duktape ... ?15:40
cpaelzerdidrocks: marked it as new15:40
slyonI can take the other python thingy15:40
cpaelzermaybe the prep is complete and the decision was they need it15:40
cpaelzerok slyon, done15:40
cpaelzerso this one is still looking for a reviewer https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/duktape/+bug/199741715:41
didrocksIMHO, there are some parts that are missing still15:41
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 1997417 in duktape (Ubuntu) "[MIR] duktape" [Undecided, New]15:41
didrockslike no tests15:41
cpaelzerjoalif: didrocks: jamespage: ^^ who could have a look ?15:41
didrocks(and I don’t think the reporters should skip section or have TODO before filing the MIR)15:41
didrocksshould we start doing an entire review or just mention from the get go "this section is missing, please file it?"15:41
cpaelzerdidrocks: depends on the todo, if it is like "we already know but will do FOO before it is complete" fine, but if it is "this is all bad and we know it, have fun" then no15:42
cpaelzerdidrocks: in incompletely filed MIRs I have in the past done partial reviews just pointing out the obvious15:42
didrocksI’m telling that because I have the same issue with gnome-sushi, I did the entire review, but there is no tests, it was TODO to write a manual test plan and nothing since it was opened a month ago15:42
cpaelzerdidrocks: and saying they should ping me again once they think it is actually ready15:42
cpaelzerdidrocks: then gnome-sushi goes to incomplete and will starve there until provided15:43
didrocksright, but I feel that sometimes, we are doing the reporter part compliance check because the reporter hasn’t15:43
cpaelzerthat and similar things do not block the review entirely though15:43
didrockslike dependencies on universe and so on15:43
cpaelzeryes, if the reporter seems lazy just ask them to do it15:43
didrocksso basically, they are relying on the MIR team to do the work15:43
didrocksack then15:43
cpaelzerbut if they have done their due diligence and just want the review to know if there is more to resovle -> that seems fine15:43
cpaelzerI'm ok to make this a case-by-case call15:44
didrocksI will not shy away for postponing the reviews if some obvious sections are missing then15:44
cpaelzeras it is hard to formalize a perfect rule for it15:44
cpaelzerdidrocks: yeah, but let them know why you postpone15:44
cpaelzerso do a bug update to tell them why15:44
cpaelzerfrom that moment on, it can be incomplete until provided15:44
didrocksack then15:44
cpaelzerdidrocks: would you be able to look at duktape thne?15:45
didrocksI’ll take ducktape15:45
didrockswithout a c :)15:45
cpaelzerdidrocks: or was this another of the "known incomplete" cases?15:45
didrocksbut is is known incomplete15:45
didrocksthe test section is entirely skipped15:45
cpaelzerok, then feel free to point that out OR do a full review which includes pointint ig out - up to you15:45
cpaelzers/pointint ig/pointing it/15:45
cpaelzerthanks, assigned15:46
cpaelzer#topic Incomplete bugs / questions15:46
cpaelzerMission: Identify required actions and spread the load among the teams15:46
cpaelzer#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir15:46
jbichayes, bandali hadn't finished preparing the duktape MIR but was planning to this week15:46
cpaelzerok jbicha, thanks for the FYI15:46
cpaelzerwe consider it incomplete and not yet assign eit then15:46
cpaelzer*unassignign didrocks*15:46
cpaelzerduktape and sishi was discussed already15:47
cpaelzerthe most recent other update is cpdb-libs15:47
cpaelzerreading ...15:47
cpaelzer4 years old for printing ... ?15:47
cpaelzerok, just an update about the Debian side of it15:48
cpaelzerno action (by us) needed as of now15:49
cpaelzer#topic MIR related Security Review Queue15:49
cpaelzerMission: Check on progress, do deadlines seem doable?15:49
cpaelzer#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/+bugs?field.searchtext=%5BMIR%5D&assignee_option=choose&field.assignee=ubuntu-security&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir15:49
cpaelzerInternal link15:49
cpaelzer- ensure your teams items are prioritized among each other as you'd expect15:49
cpaelzer- ensure community requests do not get stomped by teams calling for favors too much15:49
cpaelzer#link https://warthogs.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/SEC/boards/59415:49
cpaelzeras expected the queue grows sarnold15:49
cpaelzersarnold: how is the planned increase in workforce to review going?15:49
cpaelzeron ruby-rack and ruby-sinatra - did you (and eslerm) come to conclusion with Kanashiro how we proceed?15:51
sarnoldcpaelzer: it's going well, mark has been working on several MIRs so far, and sbeattie and aburrage and I had a discussion yesterday; we'll distribute tasks to team members soon, and would like to remind stakeholders to ensure the prioritizations in jira match their needs15:51
cpaelzerAFAIK the intend was to approve it but require to move to the new major before 24.04 - that would work15:51
cpaelzersarnold: to match our need, what would you like most to reflect "has to go in 23.04" ?15:51
cpaelzersarnold: flags, deadlines, due dates, comments, ... ?15:52
sarnoldyes; it'd also be nice to have a stronger 'backup plan' idea in place should our strong commitment fade15:52
cpaelzerThe backup plan is complain a lot and then crawl begging for forgiveness at anyone we committed our items to15:52
sarnoldcpaelzer: I think the little prioritization chevrons, straight lines, etc, in jira is the way to reflect the priorities15:53
sarnoldthough text descriptions of *why* might be very nice15:53
sarnoldsomething else we discussed yesterday is libssh2, the last MIR didn't go great.. and we were wondering, if cargo-in-main is intended for our building needs, do we *need* remote access stuff in this cargo?15:54
cpaelzerthat is for schopin to answer I guess15:55
sarnoldor, is our cargo packaging expected to be useful outside of our builders? breaking it doesn't seem great, but distro-packaged language-specific tooling always feels like it's missing functionality vs upstream stuff that changes every two or three months15:55
sarnoldit doesn't have to be figured out today :)15:56
cpaelzerI've done a few prio updates to reflect the current state15:57
sarnoldwe're also looking at moving our meetings around to better match the pulses15:57
cpaelzerback to hoping you get enough workforce15:57
sarnoldboth the internal task distribution meeting and the office hours meeting15:57
schopinsarnold: we use cargo to do the vendoring, which usually will do some networking stuff.15:57
cpaelzerone day *dream* those reviews will happen early in the cycle and findings not need to be adressed last minute :-)15:57
sarnoldschopin: ack, makes perfect sense. thanks15:57
cpaelzergoing on then ...15:57
cpaelzer#topic Any other business?15:58
sarnoldnothing from me15:58
slyonthere's bug #1973033 (and possibly some other hidden, related MIR updates for jammy) – not actionable for us right now. Just a reminder for everybody to resolve/review their assigned, "hidden" Jammy MIRs from last year.15:58
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Bug 1973033 in wpebackend-fdo (Ubuntu Jammy) "[MIR] wpebackend-fdo" [High, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/197303315:58
slyonnothing else from me15:58
cpaelzeras a heads up for sarnold mostly, alex has been aware since prague - but isc-kea will also enter the 23.04 deadline security review queue soon15:58
cpaelzerwe have been working on tests for a while (to prevent the case didrocks mentioned to be incomplete)15:58
sarnoldcpaelzer: oh nice! is that packaged in debian yet? I thought it was entirely unpackaged :(15:58
cpaelzerbut given the time of the cycle we will enter it to the queue this week15:58
cpaelzersarnold: we have updated it for several cycles by now15:59
slyonsarnold: we'll most probably also have netplan related MIRs for python-rich + dependencies for 23.04 (but not sure if they need sec-review)15:59
cpaelzerparide in particular15:59
sarnoldaha, very glad to hear it15:59
cpaelzerI mostly mention so you know for capacity expectations for you sarnold15:59
cpaelzerok, time is up15:59
cpaelzerthank you all15:59
cpaelzerrushing to the next meeting ...15:59
sarnoldthanks cpaelzer, all :)15:59
meetingologyMeeting ended at 15:59:58 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-01-10-15.36.moin.txt15:59
sarnoldslyon: ooh cool :) my initial guess is that wouldn't necessarily hit the security requirements, they feel like they'll only accept inputs from admins, and write outputs for admins, hehe :)16:00
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rbasak-mobileI messed up dinner timing so I'm going to try and use voice recognition20:00
* vorlon waves20:01
vorlonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoardAgenda doesn't say whose turn it is to chair since we were straddling an election20:03
vorlondoes anyone want to volunteer? unfortunately I have a team daily standup that now conflicts with this time slot so I'm not a good choice for chairing because I have to divide my attention20:03
sil2100I guess I can try chairing20:04
vorlonand sounds like rbasak-mobile might have trouble chairing, so sil2100 seems the last choice with experience :)20:04
sil2100We didn't elect a chair last time because we didn't know who would be on the TB!20:04
sil2100Give me a moment though20:05
sil2100#startmeeting Technical Board20:05
meetingologyMeeting started at 20:05:40 UTC.  The chair is sil2100.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology20:05
meetingologyAvailable commands: action, commands, idea, info, link, nick20:05
sil2100#topic Welcome new TB members!20:05
sil2100Hello seb128, amurray o/20:06
sil2100Glad to have you on board20:06
seb128hey :)20:06
sil2100#topic Action review20:06
sil2100ACTION: (everyone) review the Ubuntu Backports Team Charter for ratification20:07
seb128thanks, I'm honored to be there :)20:07
sil2100Let's start with action items, first one is this ^20:07
sil2100hm, do we have any links for this topic to share with those that have no context?20:08
sil2100(or forgot ;) )20:08
rbasak-mobileIt would be nice to make some more progress on this. The most recent discussion was a while back on the technical board mailing list.20:08
amurrayso this may sound dumb but I went looking everywhere and couldn't find the charter - there is a blank wiki page with that name - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports/Charter20:08
sil2100I remember this being discussed on the mailing list. I'll try to find the link and add it to the agenda20:09
sil2100But if anyone has it handy from the ML archives, feel free to post it here20:10
vorlonsil2100: shoving an item onto the agenda wiki page late (sorry)20:10
vorlonroot of thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2022-March/002620.html20:10
rbasak-mobileThe best way to catch up might be to look at the mailing list archive and together with the history of that wiki page lined up by time20:10
sil2100vorlon: thanks!20:11
sil2100seb128, amurray: if you could go through the thread at some point, would be good if we could discuss that on the next meeting20:12
sil2100I need to refresh my memory as well20:12
seb128I will do before the next meeting20:12
amurraysure, will do20:12
sil2100It slipped through my hands a bit20:12
sil2100ACTION: rbasak to finalize third-party seeded snap security policy20:12
sil2100rbasak-mobile: do you still need some time for that?20:12
sil2100Ah, let me put the previous one as a carry over20:13
sil2100#action (everyone) review the Ubuntu Backports Team Charter for ratification20:13
meetingologyACTION: (everyone) review the Ubuntu Backports Team Charter for ratification20:13
sil2100Ok, I'll assume that's the case and carry over it for now20:14
sil2100There was a lot of progress done there so I'm not worried about it20:14
sil2100#action rbasak to finalize third-party seeded snap security policy20:14
meetingologyACTION: rbasak to finalize third-party seeded snap security policy20:14
sil2100ACTION: vorlon to circle around with store, snapcraft, et all, and revise the snap source revision policy to be more clear with regards to rebuildability and GPL compliance.20:14
vorlonI think we keep saying this is now superseded by the previous action item20:14
vorlonbut it hasn't gotten dropped from the agenda20:14
rbasak-mobileThis entire group of topics is making good progress.20:15
sil2100Let's drop it then, it's related20:15
sil2100ACTION: sil2100 to start a draft summarizing the OEM archive portion of the meeting which x-nox and TB will review, edit, and ratify before we move on to figuring out the next step20:15
sil2100...sadly, carry over. But I'd like to finally do this20:15
sil2100#action sil2100 to start a draft summarizing the OEM archive portion of the meeting which x-nox and TB will review, edit, and ratify before we move on to figuring out the next step20:15
meetingologyACTION: sil2100 to start a draft summarizing the OEM archive portion of the meeting which x-nox and TB will review, edit, and ratify before we move on to figuring out the next step20:15
rbasak-mobileI'll need to catch Andy up on it. Seb already knows through the desktop team20:15
sil2100ACTION: rbasak to draft a proposal of the DMB-proposed inactivity expiration policy for TB ratification20:15
sil2100I think this is rather lower priority nowadays20:16
rbasak-mobileNo progress, focused on the other things20:16
sil2100Do you think it still makes sense to have on the agenda?20:16
amurrayrbasak-mobile: i'm alex not andy :) sadly I don't play tennis20:16
rbasak-mobileI think so. The other things are making good progress and I'm hoping to get them closed off soon20:16
sil2100Or should we get back to it when we see issues with DMB inactivity?20:16
sil2100rbasak-mobile: ACK20:16
sil2100#action rbasak to draft a proposal of the DMB-proposed inactivity expiration policy for TB ratification20:16
meetingologyACTION: rbasak to draft a proposal of the DMB-proposed inactivity expiration policy for TB ratification20:16
sil2100ACTION: cyphermox to figure out next steps to improve TB processes previously discussed20:17
sil2100So cyphermox sadly is no longet part of the TB, so we need to move this to someone else20:17
sil2100...though the action item is very vague20:17
rbasak-mobileThis is related to the community bugs20:17
seb128right, I was going to ask, what is 'previously discussed'?20:17
amurrayI can try and take it but would need more context20:18
rbasak-mobileI don't remember the detail, sorry. It was something to do with making it easier for the general public to see what progress we were making by using the bug tracker of some form. We did already have a Launchpad project for this, but I think there was some talk of combining it with this other thing.20:19
sil2100Okay, I sadly also don't remember the context, might have been that I was absent during the meeting20:19
sil2100amurray: I'll assign this to you then, one of the tasks being 'figuring out exactly what it's all about' ;)20:19
amurrayok I can try dig through the previous meeting logs and will see what I can find - first step then will be to familiarise myself with it all so I can try and report back next meeting on what I have found20:20
sil2100#action amurray to figure out next steps to improve TB processes previously discussed - and to figure out what the previous discussion was about20:20
meetingologyACTION: amurray to figure out next steps to improve TB processes previously discussed - and to figure out what the previous discussion was about20:20
sil2100ACTION: vorlon to reply to the Edubuntu ML thread with a description of what we need from Erich before we can proceed.20:20
vorlonoops - carry over20:20
sil2100Right, so Edubuntu20:20
sil2100ACK o/20:20
sil2100#action vorlon to reply to the Edubuntu ML thread with a description of what we need from Erich before we can proceed.20:20
meetingologyACTION: vorlon to reply to the Edubuntu ML thread with a description of what we need from Erich before we can proceed.20:20
sil2100ACTION: sil2100 to follow up with the release team to establish consensus on Joshua's official flavour status for Cinammon.20:21
sil2100...still pinging people! I even pinged peeps yesterday ;)20:21
sil2100I'll carry this over and continue poking vorlon, bdmurray and ginggs20:21
sil2100#action sil2100 to follow up with the release team to establish consensus on Joshua's official flavour status for Cinammon.20:22
meetingologyACTION: sil2100 to follow up with the release team to establish consensus on Joshua's official flavour status for Cinammon.20:22
sil2100Phew, quite a lot of action items here20:22
sil2100#topic Meeting schedule w/ new TB constitutency20:22
sil2100...is this about checking if the meeting schedule right now is good for everyone?20:22
vorlonhow does this time work for everyone?20:22
vorlonfwiw my availability is again flipping to opposite weeks at the end of January20:23
seb128the current time works fine for me20:23
sil2100For me it's 'okayish', and I don't mind if the weeks need to be flipped20:23
amurraythe current time works for me too20:23
seb128flipping weeks would also wfm20:23
sil2100Excellent o/20:24
sil2100#topic Scan the mailing list archive for anything we missed (standing item)20:24
rbasak-mobileWhat will be the date of the next meeting then?20:24
sil2100There is the new e-mail from Steve about the new Xubuntu Minimal flavor, but I think it's a no-action for the TB20:25
sil2100rbasak-mobile: 24th I suppose? vorlon are you still fine to attend that one?20:25
vorlonoh er sorry, as mentioned my attention is divided20:25
vorlonI should've said that this time now overlaps on an ongoing basis with a team daily standup20:25
vorlonwould 30 minutes later work for people?20:26
amurray30 mins later wfm20:26
sil2100I think it would be okay20:26
vorlonsil2100: yes, 24th is ok, but then I would need it changed for February20:26
seb128I prefer the current time, I could do it later but I might have to drop before the end sometimes20:26
sil2100vorlon: ok, let me add an action item to deal with the schedule change20:27
sil2100I'll assign it to vorlon ! ;)20:27
vorlonhaha ok20:27
sil2100#action vorlon to request change of the meeting weeks for the TB meeting starting February20:27
meetingologyACTION: vorlon to request change of the meeting weeks for the TB meeting starting February20:27
sil2100As for the hour change, hmm20:28
sil2100Let's maybe do this at the same time as we switch weeks, how about that?20:28
vorlonseb128 mentioned possibly having to leave early if we move it a half hour later20:29
sil2100Maybe we can poke Matthieu to move the standup or something20:29
vorlonare there *later* times that would work well for all the European folks?20:29
sil2100And then no change to the meeting hour would be needed20:29
vorlon(amurray and I can obviously do plenty later)20:29
sil2100I'd recommend everyone think about this for the next meeting, and we'll discuss this as part of the above action item20:30
sil2100But as said, maybe no hour change might be needed20:30
vorlonI can ask Matthieu; I'm sure the concern will be that he can't move it *every* day so having inconsistency on just Tuesdays might not be preferred20:30
seb128no, the reason I mentioned dropping is that the current time is ending up at 10pm which is getting late to be at the computer without creating personal conflicts20:30
vorlonseb128: ok20:31
sil2100Okay, let's move on for now and get back to this next time. I'll chat with Matthieu as well20:32
sil2100#topic Check up on community bugs (standing item)20:32
sil2100...no new bugs20:32
sil2100#topic Select a chair for the next meeting20:32
sil2100Any volunteers?20:32
vorlonsince you did it today, should we just pick up from there w/ the rotation?20:33
sil2100Okay, makes sense. Looking at how people are ordered by name on the LP page, next person would be amurray !20:34
sil2100#topic AOB20:34
sil2100Any other business?20:34
vorlonnothing from me20:35
amurraynor me20:36
seb128not from me20:36
sil2100If there's anything to discuss, remember you can always use the techboard ML20:36
meetingologyMeeting ended at 20:36:41 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-01-10-20.05.moin.txt20:36
sil2100Thanks everyone!20:36
rbasak-mobileThanks for chairing!20:37
amurrayit'll be my first time driving meetingology when I chair next meeting so you'll have to bear with me20:38
sil2100No worries!20:38
sil2100Ok, updated the Agenda for next time20:39

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