JanCthat depends on your configuration00:03
rfmlunatiq, what people used to do was set the shell for the ftp-only users to nologin so they couldn't log in (via ssh or any other way.) 00:08
lunatiqrfm can I just add AllowUsers root00:13
lunatiqto etc/ssh/sshd_config 00:13
JanCsome FTP servers can use virtual users also00:19
JanCso then you don't need them to be system users00:19
JanCallowing root to login directly is usually not a good idea00:20
lunatiqJanC but would that limit it to just root?00:21
JanCalso, SSH can deny users based on what group they are (not) in and such00:21
lunatiqThat's my question00:21
lunatiqor should I use AllowGroups root00:23
JanCbetter limit it to the non-root user who's an admin (who has sudo rights to become root)00:23
lunatiqI don't want to do that.00:24
lunatiqI'm asking a question.00:24
lunatiqcan I just add AllowUsers root00:24
lunatiqor should I use AllowGroups root00:24
JanCit should work, yes, but that would require PermitRootLogin to be enabled too (preferably with prohibit-password & using using keys to authenticate)00:28
lunatiqJanC which would be better? AllowUsers or AllowGroups ?00:31
JanCbetter would be to use neither with root IMO00:31
alkisglunatiq:  https://termbin.com/dmpw06:49
alkisgThis is how to define groups for sftp access, in a chroot, without giving ssh access06:49
lunatiqwhen I SFTP it seems to use /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server06:56
lunatiqcan I install vsFTP too?06:57
lunatiqYep I have to07:03
lunatiqcan you have multiple local_root with vsFTP07:07
lunatiqI guess that would be stupid07:13
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PeGaSuShelp! somehow I've messed up my server netplan config. kimsufi set me in rescue mode but now I have no idea what to do to fix netplan or anything else that might be needed11:51
PeGaSuSI've already done `mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/11:52
PeGaSuSand chroot /mnt/11:53
PeGaSuSmeh.. decided to reinstall the whole thing12:27
athospostgresql-common migrated (now pointing to 15. I will follow-up with final rebuilds and pg-14 removal request from lunar soon.13:57
athosCc sergiodj 13:57
samba35i am on ubuntu server with kvm running 3 guest 1 guest is firewall and another guest is linux/windows  how do configure guest linux to get ip address from firewall/dhcp server 14:44
samba35how 1 virtual guest talk to other virtual guest 14:50
sergiodjathos: thanks15:54
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