daftykinsa guy asked for my business card at a clients premises today20:11
daftykinshe goes "ooh are you a computer person?"20:11
daftykins<me> no, i swear i'm mostly biological20:11
zxmpistore your business card as a qr code. save time AND paper :-)20:46
zxmpijaffa cake reserve at 100%20:47
daftykins\o/ didn't see any wild Brits chasing you out of the supermarket, i presume?20:47
daftykinshe can't be everywhere at once... can he...? *eyes dart left and right*20:48
zxmpii really liked that on palmos you could send your business card via ir with 1 button press.20:48
zxmpihid them under the wagonwheels20:48

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