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alexandrdvorkinmy xubuntu just crashed on the multiboot harddrive with MacOS trying to reinstall getting the error bad disk clean the disk and etc but from the same USB flash drive try option runs xubuntu13:18
gnrpalexandrdvorkin: So you are having Xubuntu installed and it crashes?13:18
gnrpand from a USB flash dirve it runs?13:18
gnrpalexandrdvorkin: Probably your hard drive is broken. You can check the status with the tool smartctl contained in the package smartmontools13:19
alexandrdvorkini partitioned the second part of the drive apart from MacoS to have / partition 50000MB swap 20000 and EFI 10000 and installing onto the /13:21
alexandrdvorkingetting the error from the install13:21
alexandrdvorkini deleted the partitions reformated and tried to reinstall the same error13:21
alexandrdvorkinbut from USB xubuntu runs13:21
alexandrdvorkinso you still think the hardisk is broken but i am able to start MacOS from /dev/sda on the same disk13:22
gnrpalexandrdvorkin: It oculd be that some sectors in the Xunbut partition are bad13:22
gnrpor that the sectors where OSX does stuf ffrom are ok13:23
gnrpsmart will tell you the status of the disk, like how many read errors etc. there are13:23
alexandrdvorkinso you suggest to run xubuntu from USB drive and run the smartctl13:23
alexandrdvorkinwhats the name of the utility again in xubuntu to check the hardisk for error SMARTCTL?13:24
alexandrdvorkinok i gtg right now but when i comeback i ll do that13:25
gnrpsmartctl -a $DISK13:25
gnrpI don#t know though if xunbutu live has smartmontools installed13:25
gnrpif in doubt, use something like grml13:25
alexandrdvorkinand which disk will the smartctl -a $DISK check13:26
alexandrdvorkini need to check the partition onto which i am installing the xubuntu13:26
gnrpyou can check the avialable hard drives with `lsblk`13:26
alexandrdvorkinbut basically partition wise i created everything correct 50000MB / 20000MB swap 20000MB EFI13:28
alexandrdvorkinand installing onto / right?13:28
alexandrdvorkinor onto EFI13:29
alexandrdvorkini am bad with partitioning13:29
alexandrdvorkinespecially dual boot13:29
alexandrdvorkinconfusing for me13:29
gnrp20GB EFI is a lot. Normally 1GB is created13:30
gnrpswap... there are different opinions on that. I don'T create it anymore, but there are enough people who do13:30
alexandrdvorkinunderstood and install onto the / right?13:31
gnrpalso, 20GB is a lot. You are essentially using half the disk space for that stuff... but when 50GB is enough for the system, that should not be an issue13:31
alexandrdvorkinhow come i get an error even after repartitioning?13:31
alexandrdvorkincould it be still bad USB flash drive and not the hardisk13:32
gnrpbecause the error might be in the hard drive, no matter the partitioning13:32
gnrpah, wait. Bad disk clean the disk?13:32
alexandrdvorkini deleted the partition and repartitioned the partitions onto which Xubuntu is to be installed13:32
alexandrdvorkinand still get an error 13:33
alexandrdvorkinhow can it be that not all disk is BAD but just the installation partition for Xubuntu13:33
alexandrdvorkincould is still be that the USB flash drive is corrupted and not the hardisk13:34
alexandrdvorkinmaybe i should burn another USB flash disk with xubuntu (when i buy it) and try then13:35
gnrpyou an also check the USB drive13:36
gnrpdo you have another one to try?13:36
alexandrdvorkini do but i got MacOS on it and if i screw up partitions i wont be able to reinstall MacOS so i need to wait till i have the money to buy the new USB flash drive they are like 16GB 20-30$ here in Toronto13:38
alexandrdvorkini am pathetically broke13:39
alexandrdvorkininflation you know13:40
alexandrdvorkinno car no money 13:41
alexandrdvorkintaking a bus13:41
* gnrp doens't have a car either, lol13:41
gnrpanyway, no reason to despair13:42
gnrpthere is no need to repartition13:42
gnrpin any case, I would not trust the hard drive when it has failures13:42
gnrpso check if the USB drive is ok13:42
gnrpyou can just dd from the USB drive to /dev/null or so13:42
alexandrdvorkinbut it on my  iMac2013 which i bought like 5 moth ago for 380$ how could the driv be already damaged and run the MacOS from a different partition no problem13:43
alexandrdvorkinbought brand new13:43
alexandrdvorkinwith a brand new HDD13:44
alexandrdvorkininstalled Ubuntu few times 13:44
alexandrdvorkinlike 513:44
alexandrdvorkinand xubuntu13:44
alexandrdvorkinwas running 13:44
alexandrdvorkinuntil this morning black screen13:44
alexandrdvorkinno messages at all just black screen13:44
gnrpcoul dhappen anytime. There's no way to say what is wrong if you don't run the analysis13:46
gnrphave you checked the USB drive?13:46
alexandrdvorkinand then u know already the reinstall gives error at installation and thats all13:46
gnrpyou can just run dd from it on /dev/null to check if everything reads13:46
alexandrdvorkinUSB drive is not readable by MacOS is that a problem?13:46
alexandrdvorkincould it be13:46
alexandrdvorkinif i plug it into the back of my iMac it says the drive is not readable13:47
alexandrdvorkinbut still boots the Xubuntu into TRY mode13:48
alexandrdvorkinbut the error from xubuntu as i mentioned says to check the CD/DVD drive for errors13:48
alexandrdvorkinwhich is in my case USB flash drive13:49
alexandrdvorkinor the hardisk too13:49
gnrpno, OSX is not so tolerant about what it reads13:49
gnrpah, ok13:49
gnrpthen yes, I guess the USB drive is the error13:49
gnrpbut you can run a terminal on OSX also and check whether the whole USB drive reads at least. Won't tell you if the data is correct though13:49
alexandrdvorkini can not it is not even recognized by MacOS when plugged in into the back of my iMac13:50
alexandrdvorkini get the message right away IGNOR INITIALIZE or EJECT13:51
gnrprun dmesg on the OSX13:51
gnrpopen a terminal and run the command `dmesg`13:51
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alexandrdvorkinok let me plug in the USB drive and run the dmesg13:52
alexandrdvorkinzsh: event not found : pastebinit13:59
alexandrdvorkinso any how i just open the https://dpaste.com13:59
alexandrdvorkinor pastebin.com13:59
alexandrdvorkinmy imac is slow to open the browsers it has only 4GB RAM14:00
alexandrdvorkindpaste.com suppost to give the addy but it does not14:03
alexandrdvorkinsafari does not return the output of the paste14:06
alexandrdvorkinit pastes it but doesnt give the address14:06
alexandrdvorkinlet me try chrome14:07
alexandrdvorkinjust a sec14:10
alexandrdvorkingot it?14:15
gnrpyep, that works14:16
gnrphm, ok, but I don't have the information. Sorry.14:17
gnrpapparently, running `diskutil list` is what would give the information14:17
alexandrdvorkinwhat you mean14:17
alexandrdvorkina sec14:19
gnrp /dev/disk2 is your USB drive14:22
gnrpso you can do `dd if=/dev/disk2 of=/dev/null bs=4k status=progress` and wait if some errors show up14:22
gnrpnote howeer that this will not necessarily show all errors. It is just one thing to quickly check for a certain kind of error14:23
alexandrdvorkindd: /dev/disk2: Input/output errorransferred 69.003s, 960 kB/s 14:26
alexandrdvorkinbut if xubuntu crashed it could also mean bad HDD but i repartitioned14:28
gnrpah, there oyu have it though14:29
gnrpthere is an error with the USB drive14:29
alexandrdvorkinok so i will get a new usb14:30
alexandrdvorkinflash drive14:30
alexandrdvorkinwhich error 14:31
gnrpyou can run dmesg again now actually14:32
alexandrdvorkinso what the partition table for the Xubuntu should look like 50000MB / 10000MB swap 20000MB EFI is ok?14:34
gnrpI would say less EFI14:35
gnrpactually, EFI is used for both anyway, so there is not much to decide14:35
alexandrdvorkinso 10000MB EFI14:36
gnrpI normally say that swap is not needed for modern computers anymore, but that's also just one school of thought. And when oyu have only 4GB RAM, maybe some swap is good14:36
gnrp4GB or 8GB would certainly be enough thouhg14:36
gnrpdepends on how you use that computer14:36
gnrpthe question to me is more whether 50GB suffice or whether you need more14:36
gnrpwhen 50GB (or rather, 45GB) are ok - count down maybe 10GB for a system with lots of software, so 35GB for data, then go with it14:37
alexandrdvorkinso just create 50000MB / and 80000MB EFI and no swap that should do?14:37
gnrpyou have 500GB, why so stingy with space for Xubuntu? ;)14:38
gnrpEFI should be fine with 1GB14:38
gnrpbut put some swap14:38
alexandrdvorkinbut you said 4000 or 8000 EFI14:39
alexandrdvorkinok 50000Mb / 10000MB swap and 1000MB EFI14:40
gnrpah, sory, I meant swap14:40
gnrpI'd do 8GB swap, 1GB EFI and the rest for the system14:40
gnrpor let Xubuntu decide itself14:40
alexandrdvorkinwell i have to select to which drive to install the xubuntu its dual boot 14:41
alexandrdvorkindo i select Something else as an install option14:42
alexandrdvorkinor it might install it onto a wrong drive14:42
alexandrdvorkinand corrupt my OSX14:42
alexandrdvorkinif i let xubuntu decide wont it install onto the first partition onto which the OSX is installed by default14:44
gnrpI can't really help you with that. I don't know how to use an Apple for Linux or how they boot14:46
alexandrdvorkinok but thanks for help14:46
alexandrdvorkinwhat is the command to eject the USB flashdrive14:47
alexandrdvorkinor i will just unplug it its bad anyway14:48
alexandrdvorkingot to bounce now14:49
alexandrdvorkinthx everyone14:49
alexandrdvorkinhi guys19:06
alexandrdvorkincan someone tell me is the xubuntu 22.04 will work on my 4GB RAM iMac2013 with the same speed as Xubuntu 18.04 19:07
alexandrdvorkincan anyone tell how to use torrent to download xubuntu19:11
sbsaylorshas anyone used timeshift successfully without the "Live USB" only issue?  I can do it np on ubuntu 22.04, but xubuntu seems not to work even on fresh installs.20:48

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