Roeyis it possible to run kde-connect with Trinity Desktop?00:07
geniiYou might have to compile it with the Qt version it uses00:08
Roeythere's a user I'm trying to help who is trying to run kde connect on TDE00:09
arrayboltXERoey: I don't believe that Trinity Desktop is officially supported by Ubuntu yet.00:31
arrayboltXE(Which seems like a bit of a bummer to me, since I've used Trinity before and liked it. It would be cool if there was an official Tribuntu flavor or something, but that doesn't exist yet.)00:32
Roeyahhhhh ok00:40
RoeyI didn't realize that TDE had appreciable mass use base00:41
Roey*an appreciable-size user base00:41
geniiThere's also a #kdeconnect channel, they may be able to help figure out what dependencies you might need to compile it specifically for Trinity00:44
Roeyah thank you gnii00:45
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OnkelTemI cannot install Kubuntu 22.04 in VirtualBox08:24
OnkelTemwhenever I run LiveCD I just see the empty KDE desktop08:24
OnkelTemAny ideas?08:24
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guruprasadDoes anyone on 5.26.x on Kubuntu 22.10 via the backports PPA have an issue where alt-tab'ing often crashes KWin or some times even the plasma shell? I see a few bug reports regarding this but all those have a status indicating that this should be fixed already in the version of Plasma that I am using, but I am still encountering this issue every day.13:38
fusionfutureTeleguruprasad: could be a qt bug. Do you have the backtrace?13:41
guruprasadfusionfutureTele, how do I get it?13:42
fusionfutureTeleguruprasad: coredumpctl --no-pager13:44
fusionfutureTeleFind kwin id13:44
guruprasadfusionfutureTele, there is no such command installed on my computer. I see a `systemd-coredump` package and can install it. But not sure if installing it now will allow me to view the most recent crash or if I have to wait for a future crash.13:45
IrcsomeBot<dralex20> the audio sound is very low compared to windows. what can be done about it.?13:55
diogenes_Vx15dralex20, pipewire or pulseaudio? also look in sound settings.13:56
IrcsomeBot<dralex20> tried sound settings yes. pipewire and pulseaudio no. i'll try them. thanx.👍 (re @IrcsomeBot: <diogenes_Vx15> dralex20, pipewire or pulseaudio? also look in sound settings.)13:57
BluesKajHi all14:08
fusion1181is apt the same as apt-get ?14:43
fusion1181I always thought that apt was a soft link to apt-get but they have a different byte count14:45
guruprasadfusion1181, apt is the newer command. The apt manual pages (`man apt`) say "apt provides a high-level commandline interface for the package management system. It is intended as an end user interface and enables some options better suited for interactive usage by default compared to more specialized APT tools like apt-get(8) and apt-cache(8)."14:48
fusion1181guruprasad: thank you14:50
user|93Anybody know if there is a version of kubuntu that will run on ARM? Trying to run it using VMWare on a Mac with Apple Silicon.17:12
Guest52Hi everyone, I need help with wifi on Kubuntu, can someone help me ? (I have an Intel AX200 Wifi chip)17:22
arrayboltXEuser|93: You can install Ubuntu Server into a VM and install the kubuntu-desktop package into that.17:24
arrayboltXEGuest52: Is the WiFi chip simply not being detected? What version of Kubuntu are you using?17:25
arrayboltXEuser|93: Doing that should give you a full Kubuntu system on an ARM VM.17:25
arrayboltXEGuest52: I would guess you're probably just missing a firmware file.17:25
Guest52I'm on Kubuntu 22.10 with kernel 5.19.0-28-generic17:26
Guest52and at first the wifi wasn't detected, but I found help and disabled Secure boot (and fast boot, because I'm dual booting)17:26
arrayboltXEGuest52: OK. Can you run "sudo dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link that spits out? That will let me see some logs from your system that may tell me what files are missing.17:26
arrayboltXEGuest52: Oh. So the chip is detected now?17:27
Guest52Yes the chip works, but I got bad connection compared to my phone for example17:27
Guest52and lag spikes in game17:27
Guest52I found many things about that on reddit and forums17:28
arrayboltXEOK. I'll see if the log has anything about that.17:28
Guest52for example17:28
Guest52When I play Rocket League I go from 20 ping to 999+ in a couple of seconds17:28
arrayboltXEGuest52: Hmm... I see some rather ugly mess relating to the WiFi driver...17:29
Guest52Maybe, also, I'm in an apartment, so I use the wifi they provide us, but I've also made a "custom setup" so I can manage better17:30
arrayboltXEThis looks relevant: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=25476617:30
arrayboltXESame chip, similar error in dmesg.17:30
Guest52I got one travel router that act as a bridge of their network, and then it's connected to a bigger router, that redistribute wifi and act as Ethernet switch17:31
arrayboltXEThat probably shouldn't cause a problem like that.17:31
arrayboltXEThe chip itself is encountering a software error and resetting, I believe.17:31
arrayboltXEI wonder if there's updated firmware for it.17:31
Guest52Yeah, I tried speed test on their network (2.5Ghz) and I got like 7Mbps, but my phone got like 30Mbps17:32
Guest52and on my big router I got more, but I still got lag spikes17:32
Guest52I don't know for the firmware, some people suggested that updating the kernel helps, but I didn't try that17:33
arrayboltXEGuest52: This is going to be somewhat complicated, but I think a firmware update is worth a shot.17:33
arrayboltXEYou just have to copy some files into the right directory.17:34
arrayboltXEGuest52: Though the linux-firmware package gets pretty regular updates in Ubuntu, I'm realizing...17:34
Guest52How can I do that ? I downloaded firmware files from intel last time, and move them, but it didn't do much (I think I have deleted them since then)17:34
arrayboltXEGuest52: Is your system all the way up to date? What happens if you do "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"?17:34
Guest52Yeah, I got one an hour ago17:34
arrayboltXECrud, then that probably won't help.17:34
Guest52nothing, all is up to date17:35
arrayboltXEGuest52: Can you try turning off Bluetooth if you're not using it?17:35
Guest52Okay, btw I got low bluetooth speed too, I don't know how much I should have, but it was around 79KB / s when I tried to share a photo from my phone17:36
Guest52Should I do a speedtest with bluetooth off ?17:36
arrayboltXEYeah, I would.17:37
Guest5239Ok so I goy the same results17:38
Guest5239*it's still me btw, I changed connection to test*17:38
Guest5239It's around 7Mpbs again17:38
Guest5239Also, the manufacturer says ont their website that the laptop got "Killer Wireless"17:40
arrayboltXEGuest5239: That's frustrating. I found one possible solution, but I don't know how safe it is to use.17:40
Guest5239What solution ?17:41
Guest5239*but I don't want to mess my installation, I just finished it last week though*17:41
arrayboltXEGuest5239: https://dpaste.com/4A9ZFJMSL17:42
arrayboltXEIn the file named in that paste, someone was able to put those four lines in, and then I would guess they probably rebooted their system after.17:42
Guest5239Oh yeah, I already disabled power save on it17:42
arrayboltXEThey claim that "using these options I get 866MB/s connection speed and no SW firmware errors."17:42
arrayboltXEGuest5239: Crud. Then I'm mostly out of ideas. :(17:43
Guest5239I'll try that, and come again after17:43
Guest5239I just added one line17:43
Guest5239not the 417:43
arrayboltXEK. Don't forget to reboot after.17:43
arrayboltXE(I realized just now I already said that :P)17:43
Guest5239Yeah, see you in a minute17:43
Guest59Okay I'm back for the wifi17:46
Guest59And after a speed test I'm still around 7Mbps17:47
arrayboltXEAre you sure that your phone is connected to the apartment WiFI and isn't on cellular?17:47
Guest59for download, upload is always bigger17:47
Guest59Yeah I'm sure17:47
arrayboltXEAnd I assume Windows works just fine.17:47
Guest59I didn't tried yet on windows17:48
arrayboltXEI guess I dunno then. I'm using a laptop with an AX201 and everything Just Works for me (speeds are good, I've not noticed any weird problems with ping or the like).17:48
Guest59But I saw that even some Windows users had some issues at some point, but there were Windows updates17:48
Guest59Yeah, I don't know why I got this17:48
Guest59It's this laptop17:53
Guest59(the RTX 2060 version)17:53
IrcsomeBot<Roberalz> The problems described in the posts about the ax200 were fixed in kernel 5.4. (re @IrcsomeBot: <arrayboltXE> I guess I dunno then. I'm using a laptop with an AX201 and everything Just Works for me (speeds are good, I've not noticed any weird problems with ping or the like).)17:53
oerheksi bet that AX200 needs a firmware?17:53
Guest598I got disconnected sorry (if you said something I can't see it)17:53
IrcsomeBot<Roberalz> I have that WiFi card and no problem17:53
Guest598I don't know, there is a firmware on the website of Gigabyte17:53
oerheksand make sure fastboot is disabled?17:54
Guest598I did it last time, but I can reboot later if you want17:54
Guest598On the link you send someone said this : "No, your method is outdated. Ax200 has been supported since the kernel 5.1+. When you use ubuntu 20.04, it supports ax200 certainly. "17:54
Guest598but I didn't put all these options in the config file17:55
arrayboltXEoerheks: The firmware should be included by default in Ubuntu, along with updates, right? I see frequent linux-firmware upgrades that appear to be Git snapshots, which indicates to me that it's the latest firmware.17:56
Guest598Yes, I really don't know where the problem is17:56
user|76is kubuntu is using ubuntu17:57
arrayboltXEI'm thinking this might be worth filing a kernel bug report about. Even if there is a workaround, WiFi should just work on Ubuntu except for certain chips that need weird drivers.17:57
Guest598I can help, but I'm not familiar with bug reports17:57
arrayboltXEuser|76: Yes. Kubuntu is just Ubuntu but with a different set of packages installed by default. It has access to all the same software.17:57
user|76does kubuntu have ubuntu pro security features which gives ten year of support?17:59
oerheks10 years support is a misunderstanding, it does not include kubuntu packages.18:00
Guest598Okay I did the bug report18:12
Guest598Also I got some issues with VLC (but I installed the snap, and it works kinda fine)18:15
Guest598But I got issue with Dolphin : in the pannel where you can have a preview of your files (including videos), I can play videos, but the image isn't moving, as it was on my other laptop. I only got sound.18:16
Guest598I'm wondering if I miss some codec or someting like that, because the default VLC was giving me only black screens when I tried to use it18:17
arrayboltXEGuest59: Hmm, I thought we fixed that problem? That sounds like a bug.18:27
arrayboltXEGuest59: I remember this from when 22.10 was in development. For now, maybe try switching to MPV?18:28
IrcsomeBot<cikadi> How does 22.04 fairs with nvidia legacy 340-108 driver? I searched the forum but posts on it are about 1 year and older. I saw one recommended solution to use 20.04, because it uses 5.4 kernel which is officially supported by Nvidia, but its EOL is in 3 months. Do I have any options with Kubuntu?18:30
IrcsomeBot<cikadi> How does 22.04 fair with nvidia legacy 340-108 driver? I searched the forum but posts on it are about 1 year and older. I saw one recommended solution to use 20.04, because it uses 5.4 kernel which is officially supported by Nvidia, but its EOL is in 3 months. Do I have any options with Kubuntu?18:30
IrcsomeBot<cikadi> How does 22.04 fare with nvidia legacy 340-108 driver? I searched the forum but posts on it are about 1 year and older. I saw one recommended solution to use 20.04, because it uses 5.4 kernel which is officially supported by Nvidia, but its EOL is in 3 months. Do I have any options with Kubuntu?18:31
arrayboltXE@cikadi: I think the only option is probably to use the Nouveau driver. Sadly I think NVIDIA dropped support for the legacy one.18:34
arrayboltXEThere is supposedly a patch that can get the old driver working on newer kernels, but I don't know if it's actually legal or not, or how safe it is.18:34
IrcsomeBot<cikadi> Nouveau is not working for me. It's very poor. I read on the forum something about kelebek333 drivers. Is that still an option?18:37
arrayboltXE@cikadi: I think that's the patched driver I was thinking of. I don't know if it works or not.18:42
arrayboltXEIt has packages for Jammy.18:42
arrayboltXE@cikadi: If you really want to try them, here's the repo: https://launchpad.net/~kelebek333/+archive/ubuntu/nvidia-legacy18:43
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