rabbitnightmareI didnt do anything wrong and they attacked me18:52
rabbitnightmarethere was no reason to mute me18:53
MenzadorYou literally called someone human trash in #u-o18:53
rabbitnightmareso I get muted because codemouse is more popular?18:53
rabbitnightmarebecause this person personally attacks me all the time18:53
rabbitnightmarefollows me around irc18:53
rabbitnightmarethey have a bug up their butt against me for some reason18:54
MenzadorNeither channel operators nor the IRCC have jurisdiction over that.18:54
Menzador(the entire libera network, I mean)18:54
rabbitnightmarejust be aware of who you are dealing with there18:54
rabbitnightmarewhoever they are, they have been stalking me for years and wont leave me alone18:55
rabbitnightmaregood to know that if I ask for help I get in trouble18:55
MenzadorYou're welcome to talk to libera operators about that in the appropriate space. I've observed similar behavior from you specifically that I held back on taking action before. I regret not having taken action on it then.18:56
rabbitnightmarewhat defending myself for being attacked?18:57
rabbitnightmareis that how you run your community where popular people can attack people openly and you ban them?18:57
MenzadorOn top of that I should have !DANGER'd you if I'd seen the fork bomb18:57
rabbitnightmareI said not to do it18:58
rabbitnightmareit was meant as a joke18:58
MenzadorAnyway, this is a short quiet, and a warning, pending review.18:59
rabbitnightmareits ok I am probably leaving the community due to this kind of toxicity19:00
rabbitnightmareway to chase people out19:00
elif it was possible to chase rabbitnightmare out, we'd not be going over this every 6 months with them19:09
MenzadorUgh. Thanks for your vote of confidence tho19:11
MenzadorI only timed them out for an hour with a +q. They left on their own19:12
elthey'll be back19:12
* Menzador will remember that. (TM)19:12
eli didn't even look in -offtopic yet, but this is literally a several times a year thing19:13
eleach time with different ops, so it suggests something something common denominator19:13
=== Menzie is now known as Menzador
=== Menzie is now known as Menzador

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