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ad2_Yikes. In a browser when I click on an email address, a Gnu Emacs email pops up. How would I reset that back to Evolution Mail?00:44
sarnoldad2_: firefox probably lets you configure that in settings, applications, "mailto"00:46
ad2_sarnold, Fixed in one hit. Thank you.00:52
sarnoldwoot :)00:53
lubuntu_i have so uch potential00:56
lubuntu_so much energy00:56
lubuntu_so much possibilities00:56
lubuntu_so much courseness00:56
lubuntu_i have a lot things00:56
lubuntu_in my head00:56
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morganu222.04 different installation, how do I get natureal scrolling. dont see it in tweaks. (which seems to thin this is a laptop) acer01:39
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: Is it not in your mouse and touchpad settings?01:56
arrayboltXESomething like "reverse scroll direction" or "natural scrolling"?01:56
snappyI read an article that ubuntu zfs support is waning and might not be around for long, does that mean newer ubuntu releases are going to drop zfs?02:30
sarnoldsnappy: I don't think that's been decided; it's certainly deprioritized in the installer. it might be better to stick to zfs for 'storage' tasks rather than 'os' tasks..02:31
Bashing-omsnappy: The take I get is "feedback has led to a redesign" >> 2023: see: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/future-of-zfs-on-ubuntu-desktop/33001 for that discussion,02:33
snappyBashing-om, sarnold: thanks02:50
webchat68Ubuntu hides the grub menu if it is the only system installed on a HD. If installed on an Apple macbook with the APFS file system grub doesn't recognize OSx and hides the grub menu. With a PC, the ESC key (and sometimes one of the 'F' keys) brings up the grub menu screen, but this does not work with an Apple. If, at first boot after install, ubuntu03:09
webchat68'blackscreens', there is no way to bring up the grub menu in order to boot with "nomodeset". The ESC, and all other keys, do not work. Plugging in a usb PC keyboard doesn't work either. This is a problem unique to apple. Debian (at least some Deb distros) doesn't hide the grub menu by default, the way ubuntu does. Who here has figured out how to03:09
webchat68bring up a hidden grub menu when the install is on a blackscreened Apple?03:09
Bashing-omwebchat68: Alternate: Boot the installer to "try ubuntu mode" mount the install root partition and edit the /etc/default/grub file ??03:13
webchat68I've managed by booting live and then mounting the installed ubuntu and editing as root, but it is involved..way too involved for a newbie (which I am not). Why are the ubuntu developers insisting on hiding grub? Linux newbies trying to install on a mac (usually with an older radeon) are running into this all the time. How does this get 'fixed'?03:23
webchat68Developers should be aware that apples do not behave the same way PC's do, and there are a lot of quality macbooks that are prime for running ubuntu. The point is, it should be way easier to fix than it is.03:23
rboxfile a bug report03:24
webchat68I'm kind of lost on where to file the report. That's how I got here.........it really isn't a package problem, it is a philosophy problem (the developers did it without considering alternative hardware)03:27
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:28
EickmeyerIn your case, ubuntu-bug grub203:29
EickmeyerRegardless of it being a package problem, the problem would get solved in the package. Either way, that's where to start.03:30
webchat68Thank you. I was lost as to what package to report because the 'bug' is with the developer decision, not with grub.03:31
rboxsounds like a bug in grub03:31
Eickmeyerwebchat68: As a developer myself (a packager specifically), that's what I'd want someone to do to bring it to my attention. (grub is outside my purview).03:32
EickmeyerRather, *how* I'd want someone to bring something to my attention.03:32
EickmeyerNothing reported in this chat amounts to anything without a bug report.03:33
rick89Hi my friends03:39
rick89Could you please recommend me a book or a video to learn about ubuntu?03:39
xxrick89: that's a very vague question03:40
rick89I just installed Ubuntu in my laptop but I just know to do very basic things03:41
rick89A book about how to manage Ubuntu03:41
Eickmeyerrick89: Oh can I ever! Recently, one of our Community Council members, who happens to be an author, recently released a book! https://amazon.com/Beginning-Ubuntu-Windows-Mac-Users/dp/1484229991/03:41
morganu222.04 how to get natural scrolling04:46
guivercmorganu2, try looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/mouse-touchpad-click.html.en04:47
guiverc(i gave stable URL;  https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/ubuntu-help/mouse-touchpad-click.html.en is the 22.04 or LTS url)04:48
morganu2guiverc it isnt there - this computer has mate. Am I Out of luck?04:51
morganu2I had looked where you said before and tweaks.04:51
morganu2I thought all 22.04 is lts04:52
morganu2I looked it up and am going to try this. https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/solved-natural-reverse-scrolling/319004:53
guivercI assumed you were using Ubuntu Desktop (ie. GNOME) thus the link I gave.. you'll need to say in future if using a flavor (such as Ubuntu-MATE & thus not the GNOME desktop). Sorry morganu204:57
guivercthere is no guarantee flavors are LTS; eg. for 18.04 one wasn't released as a LTS.. so always read release notes; my using the stable URL was just my error (I didn't change 'stable' to say 'lts' matching your 22.04 release)04:59
morganu2guiverc I should have said that right away.  -- so far that page didnt work but the final comment said something I dont understand.   ---   Eventually, what did it was the addition .Xmodmap file with “pointer = 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12”05:00
morganu2MATE is a lot like old gnome. It also sais it is faster on old computers that cant use a compositing desktop (what's that?)05:02
morganu2and thanks for explaining. I didnt know 18.04 was not an LTS.05:03
guivercUbuntu 18.04 (desktop & most flavors) was LTS; but one flavor was not a LTS... ie. read release notes & don't just assume - being my point there05:03
morganu2(and I didnt know what you meant by a stable URL.05:03
guiverccompare the URL I first gave (which was manual for 22.10; ie. stable) & second URL (which was 22.04; ie. I changed STABLE in the url to say LTS to change manual link05:04
morganu2are the flavors the different DEs? -- > I had thought that - debian fedora redhat arch mangaro ubuntu linspire elementary - were the flavots.05:06
guiverc(url = link, sorry I can't provide much help with natural scrolling...  I don't use trackpads etc)05:06
guivercmorganu2, https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours will show the Ubuntu flavors; all are 100% Ubuntu, built on Ubuntu infrastructure; downloaded from ubuntu.com, from seeds on launchpad etc... just different install due to different packages used on the seed; all using only Ubuntu packages..  (flavors use 'universe' or community packages; main Ubuntu does not)05:07
morganu2I dont use a trackpad either. I use a mouse with a scrolling wheel.  Having to touch the mouse pointer to the skinny little line on the right takes just a bit of extra attention, again and again...05:07
morganu2oh that's celar about flavors. thank you.05:08
morganu2guiverc I am asking in #mate. (and celar should be CLEAR) --> new question. Can I add xubuntu as a de in the choices at logon? I am curious about it.05:22
morganu2When I looed it up I only saw the choice of the .iso.05:23
guivercmorganu2, you can install multiple desktops on a GNU/Linux system, my older box was a Ubuntu Desktop install, only which I added `lubuntu-desktop` (LXDE at the time, now LXQt), `xubuntu-desktop` (so Xfce) & `ubuntu-mate-desktop` thus MATE too.  I select at login which I'll use for the session.. there are pros & cons to having multiple DEs on a box; myself I love it, but don't generally recommend more than 2 or 305:24
guivercnote:  I used `xubuntu-desktop` so I got all of the Xubuntu experience; yes I could have added fewer packages just to get Xfce.. but I find it less troublesome to install everything, then remove anything I feel I don't want... (if adding fewer systems, the release can make a difference, I find flavor-desktop works well all releases without change05:25
morganu2guiverc  good. I will search to learn more. I want to try the windowing one (and need to look up if it is xubuntu or xfce) .. I appreciate the "teaching not just fixing".05:26
guivercXubuntu is the team that manage the Xfce desktop for Ubuntu; they of course use Xfce on their ISOs, being an official flavor05:27
morganu2I dont remember which but in the past mate and cinnamon didnt work. I only could use straight-ubuntu.  mate destroyed my video, like the horizontal sync was out (that's a term from analog video, heh) guiverc05:28
morganu2ubuntu improves tbs05:28
morganu218.04 would not work with the radio (wifi). My laptop saw 20 with windows and only 1 (mine) with ubuntu. And didnt work well outside of home.05:29
morganu2I jumped to get 20.0405:29
guivercI mentioned 2-3... the more you add, the more problems that can appear.. On my 'older' system I'm using as example; I wanted Kubuntu/KDE as well but couldn't get it stable enough... also installed them a number of times to get the order that was the best, before my final install.  that install was done in 2017 & survived until a month or so ago when the PSU on the box failed; why it's an 'older' box (it don't turn on)05:29
morganu2I justgave away 2 older computers. I didnt have the mental space after I got this one - alleyfind right as they put it out.05:30
guivercfyi:  kubuntu stable enough; kubuntu was good.. but with the other 4 desktops I was having stability issues with the system, thus opted to install without kubuntu; my then choice as others were all GTK (back then anyway)05:31
morganu2OK new question: is this the correct command to make a file called hwlist (in the directory I am in)  I couldnt find the file.05:32
morganu2the command showed it was doing it.05:32
morganu2If I send it to "less" can I then SAVE IT TO A FILE?05:32
guivercI don't see your command, I'd likley use `touch hwlist` to create an empty file of name 'hwlist'  (if it already exists; it'll just update the time/date specs to reflect now)05:33
morganu2kubuntu plasma was so strange. I gave up because I didnt know of any advantages.05:33
guivercyou could also use `cat >hwlist` and press enter, then type what you want to be in that file, then hit ^D (ctrl+D) when done... but there are many ways05:33
morganu2that was 8 years ago.05:34
morganu2I want lshw output in the file05:34
guivercin my eg ^ I didn't tell `cat` what to use as input; thus it used STDIN (standard in) meaning it waited for me to enter the contents for the file...   A ^D without anything more would have created an ~empty file05:34
morganu2ooops didnt show the command sudo lshw > hwlist05:35
guiverc`lshw >blah` will redirect output to a file titled `blah`... but you need `sudo` to get full results so yes `sudo lshw >hwlist` in your case05:35
morganu2confused will retry05:36
* guiverc uses too many words sorry05:37
morganu2nope I see it there now. OK what is the simple text editor for mate or do I have to use the old stuff, is it nano?05:38
guivercMATE was created by someone how used portugese from memory; pluma = pen (or more like quill)05:39
guiverc(MATE is a drink; sorry I can't recall all the details of the history, but there were some good Ubuntu Podcasts years ago on MATE & it's start; Alan Pope interviewing Martin Wimpress from memory)05:41
NotMyNameHi. Since some months ago, every time I update my Ubuntu Server 22.04, I get the message "The following packages have been kept back: <some packages>". I can see that the packages shouldn't been removed so I just reinstall them and the message is over. What can I do stop receiving that message?05:50
NotMyNameFor example, the last packages that had been kept back were: open-vm-tools openssh-client openssh-server openssh-sftp-server python3-software-properties software-properties-common05:53
Bashing-om!phased updates05:58
ravage!phased | NotMyName05:59
ravageThere is one05:59
ravage!phasedupdates | NotMyName06:00
ubottuNotMyName: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.06:00
NotMyNameravage and ubottu: thanks! :)06:02
morganu2I installed mate. every repository I try to ad "dosn't have a release file" and so "cant be added".  What's going on?06:11
NotMyNameI read it. Turned out it is a good thing. I won't reinstall the packages anymore.06:11
morganu2Nevermnd. I installed steam with wget etc and it worked. I am otta here tonight.06:14
morganu2thank you all you lovely persons who are helpful and kind. waves bye06:14
NotMyNamemorganu2: because probably you are using a new version of Ubuntu and the developer has not made the software available for this new version.06:14
NotMyNameTaken from https://itsfoss.com/repository-does-not-have-release-file-error-ubuntu/06:15
NotMyNameHe quit.06:15
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Guest1819I got a quick question, what is the security policy for universe? Comparing to debian for a minute, if package foo has no maintainer and a vulnerability is found, then the debian-security team will push a patch anyways. Does canonical do the same thing with universe repo?11:00
xxGuest1819: no support for universe11:02
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ograCIv, universe is currently best effort ... (there are many packages people from the ubuntu-security team care for in universe, but they do the maintenance voluntary in their spare time, only main receives actual guaranteed security fixes)11:17
ograCIv, with the new ubuntu-pro this is slowly changing though ...11:18
FKAShinobi_Is apt-transport-https still needed? I thought apt was over https by default these days.12:20
meiit should not be needed12:22
meithere is only a transitional package left12:23
FKAShinobi_mei: what does the transitional package do?12:26
ograFKAShinobi_, it is an empty package ...12:57
FKAShinobi_mei ogra: I'm guessing they keep it around so scripts don't break?12:58
ograFKAShinobi_, yeah and potential third party dependencies and such ... it is a normal process if a feature that ships via its own package goes away there is a grace period like this13:03
FKAShinobi_ok, so sounds like it's basically a form of deprecation13:03
Steffie19linux neuling hat mal ein problemchen13:38
lotuspsychje!de | Steffie1913:39
ubottuSteffie19: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!13:39
Steffie19ok thanks13:39
BluesKajHi all14:08
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ReckoningCATthis is the message i constantly got Warning: failed to launch javaldx - java may not function correctly15:25
ReckoningCAT what should i do?15:25
happymealthe first google result using the context you gave for your error says this will fix it: sudo apt-get install default-jre libreoffice-java-common15:29
ReckoningCATeach time when i use pd.merge i am seeing new columsn are generated15:32
ruserhow does one enable rsyslog on ubundu 20.04 under wsl2 (no systemd)  apt says it's installed service reports unknow service16:03
ruserI see all sorts of script to start systemd and drop into the namespace.  is that the common wisdom?16:14
oliver_Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen ob es ein virus scanner für Linux gibt. Normal brauch doch Linux kein,oder?16:28
oliver_Danke im voraus.16:29
loose!de | oliver_16:33
ubottuoliver_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:33
oliver_Danke schön an alle.16:39
mbeierl_Does anyone know of a way to shrink the size of a window titlebar in Gnome Ubuntu 22.10?  Tried all different sorts of themes, but none of them are able to modify the titlebar16:46
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arrayboltXEmbeierl: Yeah, one moment, lemme pastebin a file that you can use for that.16:53
arrayboltXEmbeierl: Paste this into a file at /home/<username/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css: https://dpaste.com/5P2R99ZX616:55
arrayboltXE(Replace "<username" with your username. And yes, I typoed that slightly but you get the idea.)16:55
arrayboltXEmbeierl: Then log out and log back in again and see if things look nice.16:55
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Hrothgar1who wants to play fortnite17:53
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oerheksHrothgar, wrong channel to ask17:54
Hrothgaroerheks which channel do i ask17:55
oerheksHrothgar, choose one?17:55
oerheksand make sure you read the topic17:55
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Hrothgaroerheks i choose this one17:55
happymealubuntu is the wrong choice17:56
happymealyou need a better choice17:56
happymealalso, a better game wouldn;t hurt either17:56
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:56
oerhekslets stick to ubuntu support, thanks17:56
Hrothgarcan i play fortnite on ubuntu17:56
jhutchinsHrothgar: Does Fortnight list Ubuntu as a supported platform?18:00
Hrothgar    jhutchins, What is 'Fortnight'18:00
arrayboltXEHrothgar: The game you've been mentioning.18:01
jhutchinsHrothgar: Two weeks.18:01
jhutchinsarrayboltXE: Misspelled.18:01
arrayboltXEjhutchins: lol18:01
oerheksi bet it is a windows thingy.. you need wine for that18:01
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:01
oerheksgood thing we do not have to support that18:02
arrayboltXEHrothgar: If Fortnite officially supports Linux, then yes. If not, then you'll need to use WINE, which isn't guaranteed to work.18:02
HrothgarThis speaks volumes about society18:02
ashucan any one tell me ,is their any other specific channel regarding discussion on react based design-system  ?18:08
jhutchinsashu: That's probably going to be mailing lists, or possibly forums.18:09
arrayboltXEYou could also try using Alis to find a channel.18:09
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»18:09
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morgan-ubu2 I have no sound. checked volume in yt and on the upper panel. What could be The Function that got changed?18:42
ruseris there a dedicated channel to wsl support by any chance?19:29
leftyfbruser: you can try #windows-wsl19:30
ruserleftyfb: ty19:32
morgan-ubu2I have no sound. Is there a way I can test it like with system sounds?  mate 22.0420:01
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morganmate22built in audio DISABLED but no choice to turn it on. What Thry offered isnt Fine.20:04
sarnoldmorganmate22: often, running pavucontrol can help you get things going again20:04
morganmate22I see output is dummy output. is it possible that this acer has no speaker inside? I dont get it. I just truned system notificatin sounds on. How do I instigate one to see if that works?20:06
morganmate22I know nothng about pavucontrol20:06
rick89Hi friends. I Installed Ubuntu DDE and later I uninstalled it and the computer no longer starts the GUI20:22
rick89I used startx but it sí doesn't work20:23
oerheksso, you uninstalled the gui/desktop, and now it does nto start20:23
rick89I had default Ubuntu20:23
rick89And then I installed DDE20:24
rick89Later I uninstalled it to go back to Gnome20:24
oerhekslogout, i hope that the ubuntu/gnome desktop is still there20:24
oerheksselect, and login20:24
oerhekselse: reinstall20:25
rick89The computer starts with console20:25
baldpopedoes anyone know if there is a package for samba 4.17 for bionic ?20:25
rick89And the command startx does not work20:25
baldpopeall i'm finding is 4.7.620:25
oerheksbaldpope, https://launchpad.net/samba/+packages 2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.2920:26
baldpopeyea - 4.7.620:26
oerheksif you want that ancient version, find the source and build it yourself20:27
baldpope4.17 not ancient ?20:27
baldpopeor do you mean bionic being ancient?20:27
leftyfbbaldpope: Ubuntu 18.04 from almost 5 years only has 4.7.6. If you want a later version of samba, I would recommend upgrading to a more modern release of ubuntu20:28
oerhekswhy do you ask for that ancient 4.17 version?20:28
sarnoldrick89: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3   (or whatever display managers you've got installed)20:30
baldpopeoerheks, are you high?20:30
baldpope4.17.4 is the most recent stable20:31
leftyfbbaldpope: you are correct, 4.7 is the latest. So much in fact that there are no Ubuntu releases with it available. The latest is 4.16.4 iw Ubuntu 22.1020:32
oerheksoh, indeed, but LTS would never get a newer branch, just bugfixes20:32
leftyfbbaldpope: why do you need 4.17?20:32
rick89This is the result of command startx20:32
baldpopeleftyfb, ty - it's not that I was looking for the absolute latest, just something newer than 4.720:33
leftyfbbaldpope: why?20:33
oerheksrick89, you logged into the old DDE session? logout, and change to gnome20:33
rick89I can't access GUI20:33
rick89I am stuck in the terminal when the computer boots20:33
baldpopeleftyfb, following the doc there was a reference to issues if using older than 4.17 ; before I got too far down the installation path wanted to see if there was a newer package to work from20:34
leftyfbrick89: sudo apt install tasksel && sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop20:35
baldpopereplacing and old 3.6.25 solaris based smb instance20:35
leftyfbbaldpope: if you're replacing it with a new server, then install 22.04, not 18.0420:35
sarnoldrick89: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3   (or whatever display managers you've got installed)20:35
oerheksbaldpope, there is a ppa with 4.17, but carefull with ppa' s.... https://launchpad.net/~linux-schools/+archive/ubuntu/samba-latest20:36
baldpopeleftyfb, yea - we had existing ubuntu 1804 templates in our vmware stack, but I can jump to 22 for this20:36
leftyfbbaldpope: highly recommended20:36
baldpopeoerheks, thanks for the link20:37
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rick89It says "gdm.service is not active, cannot reload. Invoke-rc.d: unit script gdn3, action" reload" failed.20:39
leftyfbrick89: sudo apt install tasksel && sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop20:40
* alkisg thinks tasks can also be installed like this nowadays: sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop^20:41
leftyfbI don't think that will pull in packages that are a depedency of it that were removed20:42
leftyfbrick89: try: sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop20:42
rick89I did it but it does not want to start the GUI20:43
leftyfbrick89: try: sudo apt remove --purge gdm3 ; sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop20:44
alkisgleftyfb: did you notice the DEEPIN_GFXMODE in the cmdline?20:45
leftyfbsoooo, not "default ubuntu" then?20:45
alkisgGoogle says that's Qt-based, I doubt it uses gdm3 then20:48
leftyfbalkisg: right, DDE probably killed gdm320:48
jhutchinsJust musing in terms of the new rocket launch schedules.  Latest one (RS1) was a kablooie, but nobody's posted images.20:56
leftyfbjhutchins: ?20:57
jhutchinsAaand, that would be the right buffer on the wrong channel.  Oops.20:57
jhutchinsTrack pads are such a blessing.20:58
rick89Finally the GUI started21:07
rick89I don't know how21:07
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teclastFgt Informatica Youtube21:49
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