bluesabreJackFrost: when you suggested removing maybe-ubiquity from xubuntu-minimal... can you elaborate why?12:31
bluesabreAnd, do you know if we use tasksel during the install? Responding to feedback on https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/debian-cd/+git/debian-cd/+merge/43531412:33
arraybolt3JackFrost: Is Xubuntu Core/Minimal really supposed to fit on a standard CD-ROM now? I think vorlon said that (possibly a misunderstanding) and now omgubuntu has picked up on it.17:59
bluesabreIt has a long way to go to fit on a CD at this point18:03
bluesabreThat was the goal in 2015 though18:04
arraybolt3bluesabre: Hmm. It might be a good idea to make that officially known that it doesn't actually fit on a CD. https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2023/01/xubuntu-23-04-will-come-in-a-cd-rom-size-minimal-image18:04
arraybolt3And I confirmed, vorlon did indeed misunderstand and say "(specifically, it is targeted to fit on a classic CD-ROM)."18:06
arraybolt3So... might need to clear that up, or do a LOT more minimalizing :P18:06
bluesabreWe’ll figure something out.18:07
bluesabreThe Xubuntu desktop image wants to fit in 2GB, and we’re well above that18:08
bluesabreAnyway, problem for later :) bbl18:09
JackFrostbluesabre: As I understand it, that's the new style try/install screen, vs the classic one which allows you to append boot options too.23:56

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