user|76please provide ubuntu pro for kubuntu.00:20
oerheks' pro' ??00:20
oerheksdo you mean ESM?00:21
ubottuCanonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.00:21
oerheks10 years support is a misunderstanding, it does not include kubuntu packages.00:21
user|76automatic kernal update?00:34
oerhekslivepatch? only for LTS.00:35
user|76automatic kernal update?00:37
oerhekswhat do you want to ask?00:37
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guruprasadCan the kubuntu backports PPA maintainers backport the https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/latte-dock/0.10.9-1 package from lunar to the backports PPA as it contains some fixes that will be useful on older versions of Kubuntu as well?05:57
guruprasadFor example, when there are two windows of an application with an icon in the dock, clicking on the icon did nothing because of issues in the recent versions of the latte dock. But with 0.10.9-1, they are fixed.05:58
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Hi I want this GTK application to follow their own title bar button instead of traditional plasma button. How do I make this happen? : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/ef0f7608/Screenshot_20230112_123607.png06:43
user|5Hello guys! Are there any plans to integrate official GUI notifier to upgrade to new Kubuntu release? I see that this feature has implemented to KDE Neon and interested in this on Kubuntu.09:41
GhostCZ1911Hi, I have a problem with WI-Fi on my Acer Extensa 5220 laptop. My Wi-Fi worked on Fedora. It doesn't work on Kubuntu anymore12:49
diogenes_Vx15GhostCZ1911: anymore?12:49
GhostCZ1911Sorry for the mistake, it's not working.12:50
diogenes_Vx15GhostCZ1911: so let's make it clear, you have just installed Kubuntu and you've noticed that wi-fi isn't working?12:51
GhostCZ1911Yes, no Wi-Fi icon or option shows up at all12:53
diogenes_Vx15GhostCZ1911: but can you access the internel via cable/tethering?12:54
diogenes_Vx15GhostCZ1911: ok then run: lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 Net | nc termbin.com 999912:56
diogenes_Vx15you will get a url in terminal as output, share that url here.12:56
diogenes_Vx15GhostCZ1911: try this: sudo apt purge bcmwl-kernel-source13:01
diogenes_Vx15sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer13:01
BluesKajHi all14:04
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fab161Hello everybody, I just wanted to thank the devs for the great KDE experience I'm currently having on 22.04. Thumbs up!16:09
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)16:11
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user|9how much hdd space needed for new kubuntu release17:32
user|9Hard disk requirement is minimal 25GB yeah found it!;D17:46
IrcsomeBot<deRohit_Roy> NMUE18:36
IrcsomeBot<deRohit_Roy> NMAE18:37
user|54how to use tag search18:58
user|96Does anyone know a tutorial for configuring Discover?21:05
user|96The erro is: not able to connect to the internet21:06
user|96Solved, after deleting ./caching/discover and restarting it's working21:13
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pedahzurI've hit an issue with the Kubuntu 22.10 installer, and wanted to make sure I wasn't hitting a known issue. I go into Disk Setup, select "Manual." Create an ext4 /boot partition (all good). Then create a partition using the rest of the disk as "physical volume for encryption." After that...I can't do anything with the volume. Can't apply the configuration to them use it a LVM, or anything. And of course hitting "Install Now" doesn't22:40
pedahzurdo anything because there is no / partition, etc. Known weakness? Or is it a bug?22:40
pedahzurAnd clicking "Undo changes" cuases a Python Traceback: "assert self.current_question == 'partman/choose_partition\nAssertionError". I know that parts a bug. :)22:41
Roeyhello all o/  what program do I use to install a kubuntu 22.10 .iso to a thumb flash drive?22:41
pedahzurRoey: I've used Unetbootin with good success.22:44
Roeywhat'st he best practice?22:45
Roeyunetbootin, i'll look that up.22:45
Roeyis there an official program used for htis?22:45
pedahzurThere are also Ubuntu/Kubuntu tools. I forget the name off the top of my head.22:45
Roeythat's what i'm looking for, aye22:45
pedahzurRoey: Search your application menu for "Startup Disk Creator"22:50
Roeyyes I found that, thank you pedahzur22:56
Roeythat worked.22:56
Roeywhy this isn't at the start of the Kubuntu web page I have no idea.22:56
Roeyhey wsa tonyw here otday?23:27
Roey.seen tonyw23:27
Roey,seen tonyw23:27

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