maths22I'm getting a very strange error on https://launchpad.net/~maths22/+archive/ubuntu/ruby-testing/+build/25478307 and i don't know how to debug it.  It seems to be complaining that it can't find gem2deb, but gem2deb is a focal universe package, and universe is enabled for this ppa: https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/gem2deb .  In case it matters, this package builds just fine on jammy.14:09
cjwatsonmaths22: It's actually complaining that gem2deb is present but uninstallable in combination with your other build-dependencies14:27
cjwatsonmaths22: Unfortunately apt doesn't say why, but if you set up a test environment with your PPA then it may be possible to drill down into what's going on14:28
maths22ooh ok i at least better understand the issue then and know what i need to try to repro14:28
cjwatsonmaths22: Probably something to do with the various ruby packages in your PPA, at a guess14:28
maths22:sigh: of course it doesn't repro in a test environment; even with my ppa added it happily installed gem2deb along with the other packages14:47
maths22Confirmed in a clean pbuilder env that if i add my ppa i still can install gem2deb15:01
cjwatsonmaths22: Interesting, I can't reproduce it either in my setup15:08
cjwatsonmaths22: I'll retry your build just to avoid possibly wasting time on something that was transient15:08
cjwatsonHm except somebody already recently did, presumably you15:08
maths22Yeah i retried it (I tried adding backports to the set of packages in case it helped; sadly it did not)15:09
cjwatsonMm, more likely to make it worse15:10
maths22I just did that because the docker container i tested in had backports enabled and it worked there15:11
cjwatsonmaths22: Very weird.  I'm a bit short of time right now but I'm happy to investigate further if you can wait a bit - could you file a support ticket using the URL in the topic as a reminder?15:11
maths22Sure.  Thank you!15:12
maths22Filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/200266215:14
-ubottu:#launchpad- Launchpad bug 2002662 in Launchpad itself "build deps uninstallable but work locally" [Undecided, New]15:14
maths22Please let me know if anything about it needs adjustment15:14
cjwatsonOh, I meant https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad15:15
cjwatsonBut OK, I guess I can move it15:15
maths22Ugh oops, I didn't see that link.  Thank you that seems more appropriate.15:17

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