schopincoreycb: hi! is there any specific reason why networkx hasn't been merged from Debian? The current version has some issues with the new numpy12:18
cpaelzer_Is there a reason I fail to see in this? src:acpid builds bin:acpid - both source and binary are in main. But seeded-in-ubuntu reports them as not seeded.12:51
cpaelzer_I found that it is indeed not listed in http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ubuntu-seeded-packages/seeded.json.gz which is what seeded-in-ubuntu uses12:52
cpaelzer_I wondered if it might be due to being Essential, but it isn't12:52
cpaelzer_I think I can get around my current issue by falling back to rmadison and co, but now that I know I'd like to understand why it is missing12:53
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rbasakjuliank: re: ubuntu-devel@ post, probably you should link to the spec if you're relying on it?16:59
juliankrbasak: it's https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/spec-apt-deb822-sources-by-default/29333, I sent a followup17:04
vorlonbluesabre: incidentally there's a couple of merge requests from me on the xubuntu seeds, to drop references to packages that Debian has declared obsolete and removed from their archive - looking for confirmation that this is correct rather than just butchering your seeds17:32
vorlonbluesabre: as far as the problem you're having, I think the issue is that seed names need to be unique across (flavor,platform)17:34
vorlonbluesabre: so you need to call the minimal /seed/ something else (xminimal?)17:34
LaibschGunnarHj: have *both* your questions been answered?  or just the one with regards to poetry?18:15
GunnarHjLaibsch: Poetry is fine (I misunderstood the nature of the latest Debian changes). But I still wonder why it's motivated to SRU apt-avahi-discover only because of a Python deprecation warning.18:18
Laibschthat is also a misunderstanding18:19
Laibschthere is no push to SRU.  I am simply using jammy and consuming my own dogfood.18:19
Laibschwhile doing that I found an issue that I assume also affects lunar.  in fact, it seems the changes upstream to move from asyncore to asyncio are faulty/not complete.18:20
Laibschthus, I reopened the ticket and marked it as introducing a regression.  but I have not verified it in lunar, yet.18:20
GunnarHjLaibsch: Thanks for explaining. I saw jammy, and I saw a comment on the bug report about SRUing. But now I understand that that's not what you are doing. Then all is fine, I suppose. :)18:22
GunnarHjLaibsch: Btw, maybe you should try it on lunar also, where python has recently been upgraded to 3.11.18:26
LaibschI'm hoping somebody else can do that, to verify my hunch18:32
LaibschI currently do not have the ressources to do so18:32
GunnarHjLaibsch: I can run that script in lunar later, if you like.18:35
LaibschGunnarHj: that would be much appreciated18:48
Laibschmake sure you have the latest package of squid-deb-proxy-client18:49
Laibschbut you also need an inactive instance of apt-cacher-ng running on the same machine to trigger the bug18:50
Laibsch"sudo apt install apt-cacher-ng squid-deb-proxy-client;sudo service apt-cacher-ng stop;/usr/share/squid-deb-proxy-client/apt-avahi-discover" should trigger the bug, I believe18:51
rbasakjuliank: thanks!20:00
julianktianon is very eager to get going and has been bugging me for months20:02

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