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lunatiqhttps://researchhubs.com/post/computing/linux-basic/enable-php-mail-function-to-work-on-ubuntu.html is this still good02:47
sarnoldoof, it starts by installing sendmail. that's not a great start.02:49
sarnoldhah, and it almost completely ignores php itself02:50
sarnoldI suggest installing postfix instead, it's way less 80s02:50
JanCif you only have to submit mail to a relay server, there are also solutions that are even simpler03:26
sarnoldgood point03:27
sarnoldI use msmtp for that, but it blocks, so probably a horrible idea for a web server03:27
JanCOTOH, postfix is in main, and those simpler ones aren't, so that might also factor in03:29
sarnoldI figured even for the relay server case, postfix knows how to retry on failure etc, so that's why I suggested it03:30
JanCthere are a couple smaller ones who can also do that, I think, but in any case, postfix has a debconf option to only do that (so not listen for incoming mail etc.) so I guess it's fine03:32
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znfmount: /var/lib/grub/esp: special device /dev/disk/by-id/nvme-eui.6479a745f0501035-part1 does not exist.19:33
znfdoes anyone know where the hell does it find this thing from?19:33

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