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Dave92f1Hi, all. Is there a program that converts Windows .LNK files ("shortcuts") into symlinks? I have a lot of shortcuts that would work OK on Linux if they were symlinks.02:13
Dave92f1Or, is there a file manger that knows how to follow .LNK files (as if they were soft links)?02:13
jhutchinsDave92f1: Windows will usually respect symbolic links created by Linux.  I believe this works even for MS file systems.  I do not know of a Linux system that will follow Windows shortcuts.02:19
zykotick9Dave92f1: I'd see if liblnk-utils is available, and what features it offers.02:21
arrayboltXEliblnk-utils is in the Ubuntu repositories.02:22
arrayboltXEAt least in Ubuntu 22.10, that is.02:22
guivercI see liblnk-utils available for all supported; https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=liblnk-utils&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all  but have no experience with it02:24
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Dave92f1dave@MONOLITH:~$ sudo apt install liblnk-utils03:57
Dave92f1[sudo] password for dave:03:57
Dave92f1Reading package lists... Done03:57
Dave92f1Building dependency tree... Done03:57
Dave92f1Reading state information... Done03:57
sarnoldit's best to use a pastebin site for more than two or three lines of output03:57
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit04:02
jimkloGreetings I've got a problem in setting up a new system with 22.04.  Trying to get autofs installed. It mounts some nfs shares, but others it won't mount, I just get fairly generic error "mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified".  I've tried manually mounting the server and it seems to work fine. Any ideas as to what my issue might be or to further diagnose?04:17
rboxyou should use systemd moutn and automount units04:23
jimklorbox, could you explain?04:24
rboxexplain what04:24
jimklonot sure what you mean by "systemd mount and automount units"04:24
rboxhttps://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.mount.html https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.automount.html04:24
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nikolamHi, I wonde why rsyslog on my laptop (Core2duo Dell D620) is using 42% of CPU time, ALL the time , while actually destroying my laptop usability and slowing laptop down for no reason I see except it's some bug?05:30
rboxsomething is flooding your logs05:31
nikolamOh I migrated the old SATA SSD drive from old drive to a new one doing dd imaging and it is logging some large amount of BTRFS errors...05:32
nikolamLike, [  304.175297] BTRFS error (device sda5): bdev /dev/sda5 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 12785944, gen 0 , I replaced 256GB SSD drive with 512GB one and partitions remained the same after dd05:34
BiggieCheesehey cool its like some old chat room05:54
BiggieCheesei dont think this is working right lmao05:56
nikolamNo btrfs fs errors and 3 errors with btrfs scrub. so it seems fine, but it continues to spit many btrfs errors in dmesg..05:56
nikolamit is BTRFS tripping something internally..06:00
hermanoIs ther a good 'password vault' for ubuntu or generic linux?06:22
nikolamOr using firefox to remember passwords, with master password for them all06:32
forgotmynickAfter upgrading from 18.04 to 20.04, nslookup (and anything dns related) is returning ipv6 results alongside ipv4 but my connection is ipv4 only. How do i stop lookups from returning ipv6 records?06:32
rfmforgotmynick, you don't, this is totally normal, apps doing name lookups may try the v6 first but should fall back to the v4 one.  not much different than domains with multiple A records06:42
rfmhermano, I use "passwordsafe" , in the ubuntu repos; there are compatible versions with various names like "pwsafe" for every common platform (linux, windows, ios, android, os x)07:05
csierrahello there! I am looking for advice to debug sudden reboots that I am getting after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04.107:54
csierraI have tried several things already: switching to xorg and wayland, masking suspend, sleep and hybernate targets.08:00
csierraThe system is a Dell XPS 15 9500.08:00
csierraThe reboots happen more often when coming back from lock screen. Sometimes after computer startup and just after login screen.08:00
csierraThe system goes directly to request my encrypted disk password and does not go through grub menu. I only have ubuntu installed on this system, no other oses.08:00
csierraSometimes I noticed that, after reboot happen, the system will not charge until I shut it down holding power button, unplug the charger from the computer (not the charger from the power socket), plug it back and start the computer (this time it goes through grub menu)08:00
csierraThe system has a NVIDIA card which I have disabled in BIOS and it is using the integrated intel chip.08:00
csierraasking here before creating a launchpad bug since I read we should try to reach out for help here first... journalctl --system --boot=-1 does not yield anything blatant for my untrained eye... should I file a launchpad bug?08:02
arrayboltXEcsierra: Are there any ACPI errors in dmesg?08:06
ubottuto debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI08:06
arrayboltXEIt sorta sounds like that might be what you're running into.08:06
csierraarrayboltXE: I think I saw some errors but I don't seem to find anything conclusive... I will try and follow that guide... thanks!08:20
jimklotrying to craft an systemd mount/automount unit... I have `Where=/fs/foo-bar`... how do I name the service file? `fs-foo-bar.mount` yields an error "Where= settings doesn't match unit name. Refusing."08:48
matsamanjimklo: probably want a name without a '-' in it08:52
matsamanor the matching filename will be fugly08:52
matsamanvia internets: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/283442/systemd-mount-fails-where-setting-doesnt-match-unit-name08:53
jimklomatsaman, not going to happen... 10 years of legacy mount names with hyphens... nobody is going to change all the scripts that exist because systemd is lame08:54
matsamanindeed, why do that when you can just not use systemd =)08:55
jimklowell because autofs won't mount half of my existing shares08:55
jimklobasically it just screams directory doesn't exist... no other error in any log files...08:57
jimklosystemd automount seems to work for the shares that were having problems08:57
jimkloit's just the legacy names are an issue...08:57
jimkloi've got a script to generate all the configs... so I really don't care if they are fugly names08:58
jimklolooks like the solution is `systemd-escape -p --suffix=mount "/tmp//waldi/foobar/"`08:58
csierraso I am trying with acpi=off but the system crawls and the trackpad does not work... so it is not usable... I found the ACPI error shows when I shutdown the system and start again, that it does not go through grub, it directly goes to ask my disk encryption password.09:20
csierrawhen booting from a hard shutdown (holding the power button for several seconds when it is asking for my disk password) and then booting, the grub menu appears and then I have no ACPI error09:22
csierrahow can I make it so shutting the system down and starting it again goes through grub? what is it that changed that makes it behave like this now? maybe it is what is causing the reboots because the sudden reboot often happens when the system boots without showing the grub menu so I guess something is not in a good state09:23
Husj3hello if i select zfs on the ubuntu installation. will it also take zfs snapshots when i upgrade my system? from which i can boot into using grub?10:23
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️10:29
CheesePotatoMorning Chunkyz ❣️11:04
Husj3how do i restore permanently a zfs snapshot?11:11
Husj3just select it from grub menu?11:12
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Guest49hi ubuntu what can i do for you13:01
haoevery time I upgrade to a new kernel version, I'm bring to grub cli after reboot, need to type 'exit', then will boot into ubuntu, after this, I need to do 'boot-repaire' to fix this.13:18
haoany idea why this happend? I have the boot-repair log13:18
haoalso I'm dual-booting macos and ubuntu, all is fine after the fresh install of 22.10, this problem appear only if I upgrade kernel13:19
Guest41welcome back13:26
haohere is the repair log: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/sqQxQ6Wchq/13:29
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haosorry for the join/part message, my network is unstable13:47
BluesKajHi all14:04
james1138Hello from Indiana. Minor question (I hope) to the group: Is there any package / application I can install that plays wind chime sounds?  The reason I ask is that I work from my home office and and being winter, doubt that I hear any sounds outside even if I left the window open.14:06
ubuntui am new here14:09
lotuspsychjewelcome ubuntu14:09
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Guest265hello, thanks14:10
Guest265i'm new to hexchat14:10
Guest265is this a good place to talk about stuff relating to ubuntu?14:10
lotuspsychjethis is the ubuntu support channel Guest265 , only ubuntu related questions here14:10
lotuspsychje!discuss | Guest265 see also14:10
ubottuGuest265 see also: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!14:10
Guest265is there anyplace i can ask hexchat questions?14:10
Guest265is there anyplace i can ask hexchat questions?14:11
Guest265hello, not sure what to do, how can i find a place to ask questions about hexchat itself?14:13
lotuspsychjeGuest265: #hexchat has on own channel14:13
haoGuest265, join #hexchat14:15
Guest265how do i join hexchat?14:16
haotype: /join #hexchat14:16
haowonder how you joined #ubuntu...14:17
ioriasometimes it is set automatically to join #ubuntu14:17
haoanyhow my hexchat is not preinstalled and preconfigured to join ubuntu (using hexchat)14:18
* hao hoping someone can take a look at my boot repair log14:19
* hao s/my/his14:19
p3rLhello, apt update is not working, can't even install anything14:45
lotuspsychjep3rL: can you use a !paste link to share to the channel so volunteers can think along with you?14:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:46
leftyfbp3rL: install a supported release of ubuntu14:48
leftyfbp3rL: I would recommend 22.04 so you'll receive support for the next 5 years14:48
p3rLits 19 no support for it ?14:48
p3rLUbuntu 19.10 \n \l14:49
leftyfbp3rL: non-LTS releases like the one you installed are only supported for 9 months. LTS releases are supported for 5 years14:49
leftyfbp3rL: Ubuntu 19.10(non-LTS) was End of Life 2.5 years ago14:50
p3rLso i can't fix this error without update the OS because the vps have many data14:50
leftyfbp3rL: I would not recommend trying to update it in place. I recommend a fresh install. Just do that and restore from backup14:50
seerewith 19.10 there should be an easy path 19.10 -> 20.04 (still supported), later maybe 22.0414:57
lotuspsychjeseere: updates from eol releases is risky, can hold security risks14:58
leftyfbalso very sketchy to do on a remove VPS. Those things aren't even standard images half the time14:59
lotuspsychjeindeed leftyfb15:00
seerewithout an KVM console this indeed is like russian roulette15:01
sjsif the cpupower governor is set to performance is perf-bias still taken into account?15:33
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:20
jhutchinslotuspsychje: "Security risks"?16:20
lotuspsychjejhutchins: the longer the ubuntu release is eol, the higher the security risks of a compromised system, see !usn16:22
jhutchinslotuspsychje: Ah, so it's not the upgrade that's the risk, it's not upgrading.16:24
ubottuPlease see https://usn.ubuntu.com/ for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.16:28
Bombo'AMD Radeon™ RX 6650 XT' doesn't work, ubuntu 22.04, kernel 5.18 anyone got any idea? this is the dmesg: https://paste.linux.chat/?934979c69894d8da#Eu6mv3ufBmxmTJJMz6d6eRUAkpnneWiwksqXFVfWnGK316:30
baldpopeubuntu doesn't ship with the 'nobody' group (sometimes used for everybody) would the 'nogroup' be the equivalent ?16:30
wasuttoni'm trying to fix my vm in ubuntu. Its got a gvt-g that previously worked. following the workarounds here https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Intel_GVT-g#libvirt_2 I can't seem to validate the xml16:30
ioriaBombo, have you tried some kernel parameter ?16:32
Bomboioria: amdgpu.dpm=0 amdgpu.aspm=0 amdgpu.runpm=0 amdgpu.bapm=0 these didn't do anything16:33
ioriaBombo, then tried the suggested : amdgpu.aspm=016:34
ioriaBombo, sorry16:34
ioriaBombo, what 's your linux-firmware version ?16:34
Bomboioria: tried amdgpu.aspm=0 didn't do anything on the rx 665016:35
ioriaBombo, ok.... what 's your linux-firmware version ?16:35
Bomboioria: the default one from ubuntu 22.0416:35
Bomboioria: i tryed https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/snapshot/linux-firmware-20221214.tar.gz too16:35
Bomboioria: i copied the dimgrey_cavefish*.bin to /lib/firmware/amdgpu/ didn't work16:36
ioriaBombo, can you try the 'amdgpu.aspm=0' parameter with the default 5.15.0-57-generic kernel ?16:38
Bomboioria: that didn't work, black screen16:39
Bomboioria: that's why i tried 5.18, the amdgpu-installer seems to use that16:40
Bomboioria: thats the amd drivers, but for X, but looks like the kernel doesn't like the card16:40
ioriaBombo, you have already tried the proprietary amdgpu-pro stuff ?16:41
baldpopefor those interested, nogroup serves my purpose16:42
Bomboioria: not yet, not sure how that works, looks older when i saw that, and iirc these are just drivers for X, but the kernel errors first16:44
ioriaBombo, ok... but what is 'amdgpu-installer' ?16:45
Bomboioria: 'for Ubuntu 16.04'16:45
Bomboioria: thats pro https://www.amd.com/de/node/520616:45
Bomboioria: thats amdgpu without pro16:45
ioriaBombo, check this : https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-rx-6000-series/amd-radeon-rx-6600-series/amd-radeon-rx-6650-xt16:46
ioriaBombo, there's a version for 22.04.116:47
Bomboioria: yes that isn't pro is it? i did that16:47
Bomboioria: looks like drivers for X only16:48
ioriaBombo, i suggest a clean install ; a full-upgrade; reboot; try the kern param; then try the link i posted16:49
Bomboioria: btdt i'm now trying to get tumbleweed to a usbstick, it is said to have later versions of everything16:51
ioriaquite sure i chatted with a bot :(16:57
haomy wifi connection lost connection every seconds, and I see dmesg log every time when this happend and many log from gnome-shell and rtkit-daemon17:12
haothe dmesg log is: RTW: ERROR [RFK-CHK] RF-K not allowed due to ifaces under site-survey17:13
Dave92f1Hello, anybody around?17:14
haoI dig into this for days now, trid several solution from online info: 1. fill the BSSID of the wifi, 2. change /proc/.../scan_params, 3. others I forgot17:14
haoboth have no effect17:14
Dave92f1I'm trying to reboot Lubuntu 2204 LTS after installing the Nvidia driver. I do Bird>Reboot, say OK to the "are you sure",17:14
Dave92f1and then (way too quickly) get the login screen. When I login I get "Update Notifier" saying "Reboot required". So it didn't really17:15
Dave92f1reboot - I think it just logged me out. Seems wrong.17:15
toddcDave92f1: shut down then start if all ok retry a reboot to verify17:16
Dave92f1toddc: OK, will do (may be gone for a while), but should I file some bug about it not really rebooting?17:17
toddcDave92f1: possible but we need more info first17:17
Dave92f1toddc:  OK, thanks. See ya later.17:18
Dave92f1Well that wasn't long, was it?17:19
Dave92f1toddc: Guess what - I did "shutdown". It just logged me out; never shut down.17:20
toddcHMM hard boot? or wait for someone give a better idea17:21
Dave92f1I can certanily power cycle it, but I hate to do that to the file system.17:21
Dave92f1Lemme try sudo shutdown now (instead of Bird>Leave>Shutdown GUI)...17:22
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jhutchinsThat appears to have worked.17:48
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Bombowhen i get this in dmesg: 'amdgpu: failed to read ip discovery binary from file' what file does the kernel exactly mean? can one find out? how?18:10
Dave92f1Hi all. Where can I report bugs in Lubuntu?18:15
Dave92f1Can anybody recomment a Qt hex editor?18:23
Dave92f1Does anybody here understand "G Alternatives"?18:29
Dave92f1I'm wondering if I can use to make "edit <filename>" at the terminal launch my preferred text editor. Is that what it's for?18:29
jhutchinsDave92f1: vim18:30
Dave92f1vim is not my favorite editor (neither is emacs)18:30
Dave92f1Anway, I'm really asking about what G Alternatives is for, and how to use it.18:31
jhutchinsThere used to be a global "editor" variable.18:33
Dave92f1I'm a Linux newby. In Windows I did it with a batch file (I suppose a bash script would be the equivalant).18:34
Dave92f1Or perhaps I should make a symlink from "edit" to my editor.18:34
Dave92f1Or...G Alternatives? Is that what it's for? (Trying to learn how things work.)18:34
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jhutchinsDave92f1: run "select-editor"18:35
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jhutchinsDave92f1: I have no idea what that "G" is doing though.18:36
Dave92f1jhutchins: I did. Choices are nano, 2 flavors of vim, or ed. I want to use FeatherPad (for now anyway).18:37
jhutchinsThere's a reason for that.18:40
jhutchinsDave92f1: You might look into bash aliases, if you use bash.18:41
freakyy85hi all. can someone help me with this: https://paste.bitsnbytes.chat/?3daac4709a7a25dd#GhAukNBrcqE4PxNV89X9n51y1BPVYW9PRQL7PrAXVsTK its something about apt and i need the newer version of nodejs - they from thelounge say its compatible so it should work18:42
jhutchins,v nodejs18:43
jhutchinsfreakyy85: If you need the latest nodejs you probably DON'T want the distribution package.  Get it direct from the project repositories.18:44
jhutchins!info nodejs18:44
ubottunodejs (18.7.0+dfsg-5ubuntu1, kinetic): evented I/O for V8 javascript - runtime executable. In component universe, is extra. Built by nodejs. Size 277 kB / 1,892 kB. (Only available for amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, kfreebsd-i386, kfreebsd-amd64, mips, mips64el, mips64r6el, mipsel, powerpc, ppc64, ppc64el, riscv64, s390x.)18:44
jhutchinsLooks like the list of what it's not available for would be shorter.18:45
freakyy85sorry i just trashed my thelounge install - fixed it again18:46
jhutchinsfreakyy85: https://nodejs.org/dist/v18.13.0/node-v18.13.0-linux-x64.tar.xz18:46
freakyy85no i need the one from mastodon18:47
freakyy85that one needs 1618:47
freakyy85Install Node.js v16. (Mastodon isn’t compatible with Node.js v18 or v19).18:47
freakyy85so i now need to install 1618:47
vnhiya, I upgraded from 18.04 to 22.04 2 weeks ago and noticed that my nagios3 service starts (so says journalctl) but I have 0 alerts, 0 logs getting in.  How could I debug this?18:48
jhutchinsfreakyy85: See if mastodon has it.18:48
freakyy85im currently following a howto and they add some apt repo and now im trying to install this but im getting the above error. is it possible to remove the currently installed version and install the v16 without thelounge beeing uninstalled?18:49
freakyy85ok got it found out how to ;D18:53
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jhutchinsfreakyy85: Remove the existing package first?19:23
freakyy85no i found a solution. that would remove all dependencies with it including thelounge.19:23
fenicxHI , anyone here19:49
fenicxplease can somebody help me with wifi-bt problem in Ubuntu22.04.119:50
fenicxClient: HexChat 2.16.1 • OS: GNOME 42 (Flatpak runtime) • CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12450H (2.50GHz) • Memory: Physical: 15.0 GiB Total (12.9 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (2.0 GiB Free) • Storage: 59.2 GB / 162.0 GB (102.8 GB Free) • VGA: 8086:46a3 @ 8086:4629 • Uptime: 17m 51s19:50
fenicxhey lack19:51
lackHi!  Trying to figure out a weird dependency issue in my GitHub ubuntu-22.04 runner.... But maybe 'apt-get update' before 'apt-get install' will solve it?19:56
lackIt just takes soooooo looooooong19:56
haomaybe config apt with another source mirror?19:59
lackMaybe - I just assume GitHub's runners defaults are "right" for whatever environment they're in - But that's not necessarily true.20:01
lackLooks like they're going to http://azure.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu by default.20:01
lackConfirmed - Calling 'apt-get update' first resolved my dependency issue.  After 12 minutes :(20:08
lackOff to go bug github, I guess :)20:09
PeGaSuShello guys. how do I disable the phased updates so they're suggested only when they're really available?20:25
PaulW2UPeGaSuS: I used this - https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/phased-updates-in-apt-in-21-04/2034520:27
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PeGaSuSPeGaSuS: got it, thanks!20:46
coltanHi! I am a brand new linux user running a VM on an M1 Pro MacBook Pro. I downloaded the server version for ARM for Ubuntu 22.04.1 and got the desktop interface working. However, there is no sign of an internet browser anywhere. Can anyone help me with this? I’ve been searching endlessly and cannot figure out what to do.20:55
leftyfbcoltan: sudo snap install firefox20:55
arrayboltXEOr "sudo snap install chromium" if that's more your style. /me is a Chrome and Chromium person21:00
coltanI’m currently waiting for the download to finish. It looks promising though! Hopefully it works on ARM. I appreciate the help! I’ll hit back with an update when the download finished.21:01
Dave92f1Advice on making simple bash aliases (example: make "edit" start my editor)? I see too many ways to do it...21:02
Dave92f1alisa, the "alternatives" system, a symlink, selct-editor, or a bash script. Probably there are other ways.21:02
coltanIs there a substantial code editor that I could also download using the command line? Like VSCode or maybe even a popular Linux option?21:03
Dave92f1What's recommended? I'm coming from Windows - I used to do this with a .BAT file (in the PATH).21:03
matsamanyou can download anything with the commandline21:03
matsamanand install most anything worth installing using the command line package manager21:04
geniicoltan: notepad++ is a popular editor21:06
coltanI’m just so new that I don’t even know what to type (in the command line) or what option to choose. Plus, I’m running on an ARM machine, so I don’t know which options support ARM. For example, I just installed firefox but I don’t think it’s ARM compatible because it won’t run21:06
jhutchins:  http://www.linuxcommand.org/ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/05/20/terminal1.html http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/~kevin/unix-tutorial/toc.html  http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_learning_the_shell.php  http://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php21:07
jhutchinscoltan: https://www.makeuseof.com/best-ide-code-editors-for-linux/21:08
jhutchinsDave92f1: run "select-editor"21:09
Dave92f1I use VSCode on Linux (and Windows) - love it.21:09
jhutchinsDave92f1: Oh, wait, you wanted something else.  Set the environment in your .bashrc or use you .bash_aliases to define it.21:09
jhutchinsDave92f1: There's almost always three ways to do anything in Linux.21:10
Dave92f1jhutchins: It's like the opposite of Python's "there should only be one obvious way to do it". :-)21:10
matsamancoltan: one doesn't usually use a desktop on a server install, it is incredibly poor security practice21:10
matsamancoltan: if you want to use a desktop, use a desktop21:10
matsamansince it's as a VM guest, it doesn't matter anyway21:11
haois there an easy way to setup wallpaper per workspace? googled it, but either some gnome extension is no longer available or I need to switch to other desktop21:11
matsamanyou can probably also emulate x86 on an ARM macbook, but I don't know much about it. #macosx would21:11
* hao tweaking ubuntu is addictive...21:11
Dave92f1Question: Is there a terminal that supports ^C ^X ^V for cut/copy/paste? I'm using QTerminal and it makes that hard.21:12
matsamanDave92f1: yeah, but21:12
matsamanCTRL+c has a much more important role, so it's simpler to just adopt CTRL+SHIFT+c|x|v21:12
hao^C is reserved for abort process, so most terminal use other shortcuts to do this21:13
Dave92f1matsaman: I didn't think of that. I've gotten used to Windows Terminal (the new one) where this works pretty well.21:13
Dave92f1matsaman: hao: In the olden days ^S and ^Q were important too. (...showing off my white hair)21:14
matsamanyou can definitely do it, but you'll be training yourself to not use CTRL+c, which is not training I would advocate21:15
matsamanoffhand I'd say any GTK/vte-based term emulator will allow it, but I haven't checked in a while21:15
Dave92f1matsaman: Ya, OK, I get your point. I suppose it depends how much time one expects to spend in Terminal vs GUI apps.21:15
matsamanmmmm, I mean yes, but21:15
matsamanmore how long you plan on being alive21:16
haothat's not old.... I still use ^S,^Q21:16
matsamaneven if you are a heavy GUI person, you're going to spend enough time in terminals that it'd be worth it21:16
matsamanI use CTRL+s21:16
matsamanno conflict there AFAIrecall21:16
Dave92f1How come when I paste stuff into the command line I often get a lot of ^[[[~stuff in front of it (and often a ~ at the end)? Looks like ANSI escape sequences to me, but where to do the come from and how to prevent that?21:19
haoso, anyone know how to set wallpaper per workspace? my question always get buried ignored21:19
jhutchinsDave92f1: Where are you copying the paste from?21:19
arrayboltXEDave92f1: Probably you're hitting Ctrl+V first (which doesn't work), then when that fails, you try to paste some other way.21:19
arrayboltXE(Ctrl+Shift+V is the right shortcut for pasting into a terminal.)21:19
arrayboltXEThat's what always causes it for me anyway.21:19
sarnoldmatsaman: ^S is terminal XOFF. It's *very* confusing to newbies, who do not know ^Q resumes :)21:20
matsamansarnold: yeah I think my screen conf has that disabled always21:20
matsamandistro default21:20
Dave92f1Just now I copied masaman's nick and pasted into the Terminal. I get ^[[200~matsaman~ (then an empty box glyph).21:20
matsamanDave92f1: color codes, probably21:20
Dave92f1matsaman: Ugh. That's ugly. Is there a workaround?21:21
matsamanDave92f1: well, on IRC, there's not much reason to copy people's nicks21:21
matsamantype 'mat' then hit TAB21:21
matsamanotherwise tail your IRC client's log. Always log =)21:22
Dave92f1matsaman: I'm not actually trying to copy a nick - it was just to demonstrate the problem.21:22
matsamanbut you can also strip out such codes dynamically, it's just more effort21:22
matsamanDave92f1: what's the problem?21:22
haothat's not a problem21:22
Dave92f1I think most of the time it happens when I copy a command line from a web site (probably the colors).21:22
matsamanno, from a website it'd be something else21:22
matsamanjust bad HTML most likely21:22
matsamanfind a specific manifestation you can tell us about21:23
mstrgeckoi added a network card since install , so i now have 2 nic's.  the nic1(ens192 is getting a DHCP IP address on reboot, but nic2(ens224) requires me to `ip link set dev ens224 && dhclient ens224` manually on reboot to get an IP.  i tried googling the solution but nothing was successful.  what is the best practice for configuring this to be21:23
mstrgeckoautomated on reboot?21:23
jhutchinsWeb sites will usually format the code as plain text so you can get a clean cut-and-paste, but copy the example, not the in-line.21:23
mstrgeckos/dev ens224/dev ens224 up/21:24
mstrgeckothis is a server with cli access only21:25
matsamanmstrgecko: this? https://superuser.com/questions/1056054/using-dhcp-to-get-two-different-ip-addresses-for-two-nics-on-one-machine21:25
leftyfbmstrgecko: why do you need to interfaces getting DHCP on the same network?21:26
* hao sigh, heading to gnome21:26
matsamanhao: wallpaper per workspace?21:28
matsamanhao: this? https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2022/08/different-wallpaper-each-workspace-ubuntu-22-04/21:28
leftyfbhao: it's not an officially supported feature in Ubuntu or Gnome. If the only gnome extension that implemented it has gone dark, it sounds like it's a non-trivial feature to implement and is going to take a lot of work on your part to hack into gnome21:30
haoseen that, the extension is no longer available21:30
haoleftyfb, alright, now the automated script to switch background when switching workspace feels not that hacky21:31
Dave92f1matsaman: OK, I found a real example:21:32
Dave92f1When I copy "sudo snap install --classic code" from https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/setup/linux and21:33
Dave92f1paste into Terminal, I get^[[[200sudo snap install -classic code~21:33
sarnoldDave92f1: my guess is this bracketed paste thing21:35
sarnold    ESC [ 200 ~ to signify the beginning of pasted text and21:36
sarnold    ESC [ 201 ~ to signify the end.21:36
jhutchinsDave92f1: There's this wonderful thing out there called "Google"...21:36
Dave92f1Aha - I only get the ^[[[200 junk when I mouse select "Paste clipboard". When I just do Sh-Ctl-V I don't get that jung.21:36
matsamanDave92f1: you might want something like autocutsel, then21:38
sarnoldgood idea, I love autocutsel21:39
matsamanthere's actually more than one paste buffer in a traditional GNU/Linux dekstop21:39
matsamanthough most people don't need or want that functionality21:39
sarnoldI mean, I *wish* the buffers worked like they did twenty years ago, but different programs don't play nice together any more, so autocutsel forces them on to the same page21:39
matsamanI feel like something like that, that complicated, should be opt-in anyway21:40
Macwinneron a jammy machine, does anyone else see systemd-journald doing the most writing in "iotop -ao" ?21:46
Macwinnerwhat's the easiest way to see what type of messages it's writing?21:47
jhutchinsMacwinner: Journalctl?21:49
jhutchinsMacwinner: iotop is sysstat, isn't it?21:50
Macwinnerjhutchins: journalctl works.. I see what's filling up the logs.. it's coming from one of our applications21:50
MacwinnerI'm confused why these logs are going there.. these look like logs that are created to syslog21:51
morgan-u2HEY useful to make my panel clock show hr:imns:secs >>  gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface clock-show-seconds true21:51
morgan-u2Macwinner, yes that (journalctl) helped me too.21:52
Macwinnersorry, we are just migrating from centos to ubuntu, so I'm probably missing something related to journalctl vs rsyslog21:52
jhutchinsMacwinner: journald may be intercepting syslog calls.21:53
Macwinnergotcha, thank you.. i'll research that further.. do people normally keep this behavior on their servers?21:54
jhutchinsMacwinner: What behavior?21:55
Macwinnerwhere journald intercepts syslog calls.. i may have found a lead at https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/415525/prevent-syslogs-from-being-logged-under-journalctl21:55
Macwinneri'm probably just misunderstanding something21:55
Roeyhello all o/  running Kubuntu here.  What program do I use to install a kubuntu 22.10 .iso to a thumb flash drive?22:46
toddcstart up disk creator should be allready installed by default  download iso then it will write to a usb drive22:49
Roeyahh you're so right, it's installed22:50
Roeythank you!22:50
Roeytoddc: ^22:50
toddcnp glad to help22:50
pconst167thanks for that toddc22:54
pconst167that was good help22:54
Roeythis should be promoted ot hte start of Kubuntu's sie22:55
RoeyI couldn't ind it and then all I could find in my searches was everyone's pet program for getting the job done22:55
mstrgeckoi got an answer for trying to get 2 nic's working with DHCP, and it seems to have not survived a reboot, even though i copied the entry for ens192 and made one for ens224.    is auto the same as auto-hotplug??  ens192 is still working, and ens224 is still not getting an IP.22:57
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