MICROburstminimal: Does this (https://pastebin.com/6TnsSirb) make things clearer? BTW is does not matter whether "en_DK" or "en_DK.UTF-8" is used. "locale-gen en_DK.UTF-8"  completes w/o error.00:03
minimalthat shows you specifying an invalid locale value: "en_DK", what happens with "en_DK.UTF-8"?00:05
minimalfrom the "update-locale" manpage *IT* updates /etc/default/locale, so obviously if the call to update-locale (by cloud-init) fails then that's why the file is unchanged00:06
MICROburst"en_DK", what happens with "en_DK.UTF-8"? -- To quote myself '''BTW is does not matter whether "en_DK" or "en_DK.UTF-8" is used.'''00:10
minimalMICROburst: you have not shown (debug) logs with en_DK.UTF-8 specified though00:11
MICROburstthe excerpt is from /var/log/cloud-init-output.log. 00:12
minimalok, I'd asked for cloud-init.log with debug enabled...00:13
MICROburstSo I need to re-install the VM? - where do I need to enable 'debug' exactly?00:14
minimalso if "update-locale --locale-file=/etc/default/locale LANG=en_DK.UTF-8" does not work when run by hand then obviously it also will not work when run by cloud-init00:15
MICROburst"update-locale --locale-file=/etc/default/locale LANG=en_DK.UTF-8" works as expected00:18
minimalyou'd need to edit the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/05_logging.cfg to change things from INFO to DEBUG, then clear up the cloud-init files so it thinks it has never been run and then reboot the VM00:21
MICROburstminimal: bedtime here: 01:21 (AM) -- Hope to catch you later.00:22
minimalMICROburst: ok, so if that ran manually it should also work from cloud-init ASSUMING the required packages (locales, not sure about locales-all) are already installed when the VM first boots00:22
minimalMICROburst: who created this VM image?00:22
meenaminimal: that would've been my first question. Who's making these Debian images where you can't even set a locale07:51
minimalmeena: well one of my first questions was which distro were they using as that wasn't originally indicated;-)15:06
meenaanyone wanna take a look at https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/1957 and see if this is going in the right direction?15:33
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 1957 in canonical/cloud-init "add function is_virtual to distro/FreeBSD" [Open]15:33
meenaI think vurtual() could be better named virtualization() or virtualisation()? whatever the canonical form15:38
meenawhich I guess is a pretty good argument for calling it virtual() lol15:39
minimalmeena: Canonical form? MAAS or LXD perhaps? ;-)15:40

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