arraybolt3mmikowski: Been working on that KDE crash bug. It's... very elusive. I have it pinned down to the component (plasma-workspace) and know that Plasma/5.26 reliably crashes and master reliably doesn't... but finding the actual commit that fixes things has proven to be really difficult.02:00
mmikowskiAh, thanks Aaron.02:03
mmikowskiIt seems less common now in 22.04 (KDE 5.24.7).02:04
mmikowskiBut it is certainly still there :\02:04
mmikowskiIt might be a weird interaction between plasma and fameworks. I'm just guessing that because after the last frameworks upgrade, the crashiness seems less.02:05
mmikowskiBut seems != scientifically proven. It's just a feeling.02:06
arraybolt3So far what I know is that, when everything's Plasma/5.26, crashes happen. When you run all Plasma/5.26 but with just plasma-workspace built from master, the crashes vanish.02:06
arraybolt3The trouble is that the Plasma/5.26 branch and the master branch seem to have diverged *before* the release of Plasma/5.26 (how???) and so stuff that you would expect to work doesn't.02:07
mmikowskiIs the crash the one when you are changing the theme?02:07
arraybolt3Like checking out the Plasma/5.26 merge commit in the master branch and building it results in a totally broken desktop.02:07
arraybolt3Yep, it's the theme changing crash.02:07
mmikowskiThat's the one I was talking about.02:07
arraybolt3Yeah. So we're on the same page.02:07
mmikowskiAh, so yeah, I just changed the theme 3 times with the layout also changing.02:07
mmikowskiThis is in 5.24.7 - and it hasn't crashed yet.02:07
mmikowskiBefore, it was crashing 50% of the time.02:08
mmikowskiok, after the 8th change, it has crashed.02:09
mmikowskiYup, plasmashell's dead, Jim.02:10
mmikowskiNeeded to use plasmashell --replace.02:10
mmikowskiSo yeah, less common, but still there.02:11
arraybolt3Yeah. I know there's a fix somewhere (or at least suspect so), so I'll keep looking.02:11
mmikowskiAh, git histories can be weird.02:11
mmikowskiI'm no expert, but the branch commits can get interlaced.02:12
arraybolt3You ain't joking :P02:12
mmikowskiSo that's prolly what you're seeing.02:12
mmikowskiI gotta run for family dinner, but I might be able to help next week.02:12
arraybolt3o/ See you later! Have a great night!02:13
arraybolt3(hey btw are you on Mastodon?)02:13
mmikowskiI've gotta get this new kernel package built and we have new hardware coming soon, so busy busy busy.02:13
mmikowskiNo, not yet anyway.02:13
mmikowskikk gotta run. ttys!02:13
arraybolt3k. If you ever make a Kubuntu Focus account on there, lemme know. I'm on @arraybolt3@ubuntu.social. See ya!02:13
BluesKajHi all12:49
mmikowskiarraybolt3: cool, thanks!17:18
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mamarleyA snap containing an Electron app?17:34
* mamarley twitches violently17:34

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