ricotzLocutusOfBorg, hi, I see protobuf 3.21.12 got temporarily removed, could libphonenumber 8.12.57+ds-3build2 be removed as well to make its reverse-deps installable?07:33
ricotzsorry wrong channel07:34
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Vandarin_on launchpad.net i have created a PPA19:55
Vandarin_people would need to manually add that ppa to access it via apt-get right?19:56
Vandarin_how does software get onto the mainline ubuntu ppa19:56
cjwatsonVandarin_: Yes, people would need to manually add that PPA.  The answer to how software gets into the mainline Ubuntu archive is a complicated one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment might be a good place to start20:12
Vandarin_thank you because I see a lot of really terrible software is in the mainline but it was released around 2001-2007 so I assume there was a time when it was easier to get software listed?20:25
Vandarin_things like badly made games, etc, lol20:25
cjwatsonWell, like I say, it's complicated.  The bulk of software in the Ubuntu archive is inherited from Debian.20:28
RikMillsVandarin_: if you think packages are no longer useful see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PackageArchive#Removing_Packages20:28
cjwatson(that page is really more directed at Ubuntu developers though)20:29
cjwatsonAlso in my experience games often get a bit less scrutiny since you can easily choose just not to install them and people have widely varying standards.  Both distributions do still tend to enforce packaging standards, but perhaps less so things like whether the game is actually any good.20:31
cjwatsonAnyway, Ubuntu's standards aren't really a matter for this channel in any case - Launchpad provides the hosting and the mechanisms for setting up upload permissions and such, but we don't tell Ubuntu what their standards should be20:32
Vandarin_thats fair, thank you I will look into this20:36
Vandarin_thank you i managed to locate the debian games mailing list to request submission from the link you provided above cjwatson21:51

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