lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I did most of the verification for that bug, but I made a small goof and need to wait another day or two before I'm comfortable marking it entirely verificationd-done since I failed to let the updater do a meaningful "sudo apt update" on its own (I ran "sudo apt update" myself on all of the systems 🤦) But, once that's done and verified to work, then it will be time to let it through. I'll try again Sunday and mark it done if 04:14
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> In the mean time, I'll get the updated artwork packaged (fixing the artwork regression in Lunar at the same time), and then maybe try and get libfm-qt in Debian in shape.04:16
guivercthanks arraybolt3 04:34
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> OK so my plans of packaging the new artwork have been slightly stymied by a really slow main archive mirror.10:18
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> And possibly a very grumpy apt-cacher-ng.10:18
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I'm tired, I should be asleep, I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully things will act better.10:18
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> (I even tried switching mirrors and it didn't help a whole lot and I'm too tired to want to fight with it any further)10:19
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> teward: Have a pretty bad problem trying to use git.lubuntu.me. I'm attempting to push an update to lubuntu-artwork, and, well...22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> ```22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> arraybolt3@kf-XE:~/Projects/ubuntu/lubuntu-artwork/git/artwork$ git push22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Username for 'https://git.lubuntu.me': arraybolt322:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Password for 'https://arraybolt3@git.lubuntu.me': 22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Enumerating objects: 56, done.22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Counting objects: 100% (56/56), done.22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Delta compression using up to 8 threads22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Compressing objects: 100% (30/30), done.22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> error: RPC failed; HTTP 413 curl 22 The requested URL returned error: 41322:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> send-pack: unexpected disconnect while reading sideband packet22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Writing objects: 100% (41/41), 4.92 MiB | 896.00 KiB/s, done.22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Total 41 (delta 19), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 022:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Everything up-to-date22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> ```22:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> It just errors out with the above error and nothing shows up differently on the web UI. Attempting to push to branch ubuntu/kinetic to sync it with the archive since I apparently forgot to do that last time.22:29
lubot_[matrix] <teward> i'll have to poke it i'm in the middle of something at the moment22:31
lubot_[matrix] <teward> and not at home so i cant poke it22:31
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> np, thanks!22:32
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Gah. I got lubuntu-artwork packages, then the PNG optimizer took a million years to finish and I'm out of time for tonight and need to finish tomorrow night. But, I think everything's ready for tomorrow. Anyway, see everybody tomorrow night, hopefully!23:16

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