on3pkis there a way to increase the timeout when starting multipass instances?  I'm having an issue wher multipass is reporting that starting an instance is timing out.  Eventually the instance starts and it's possible to SSH into the instance using it's IP, but not multipass shell because multipass doesn't know it's running19:32
on3pk(or rather, it's in an unknown state when checked with multipass list)19:32
ChrisTownsendon3pk: Hi on3pk, there is a `--timeout` option you can pass to `start`.  See `multipass start --help`.19:34
on3pkthanks.  when it's in an unknown state, is killing the qemu process a worthwhile thing to do?19:37
ChrisTownsendWell, killing the process out from underneath multipass will probably get multipass confused.  When you say you are about the SSH directly into the instance, how are you getting the IP address?19:40
on3pkI was using journalctl to see what happens when I try to start an instance19:42
ChrisTownsendOk, what's weird is that multipass is not discovering the IP address from the dnsmasq.leases file.  What host are you using?19:44
on3pk22.04 I think19:45
ChrisTownsendOk, that's fine.  Does this only happen for this particular instance or any instance you start/launch?19:46
on3pkthis is the only instance on the machine.  I'm trying to launch a new instance now19:51
on3pkok, so it timed out for the initialization to complete, too20:08
ChrisTownsendOh, initialization, do you have a custom cloud-init that is doing quite a bit of stuff?20:09
on3pknot that I'm aware of.  Everything is default20:11
ChrisTownsendYou are seeing the message "timed out waiting for initialization to complete", correct?20:12
on3pk[2023-01-13T19:51:21.884] [error] [qemu factory] Qemu failed to start: program: qemu-system-x86_64; error: Process operation timed out20:14
on3pktimed out waiting for initialization to complete20:14
ChrisTownsendThat error message is strange as that message comes when probing the qemu version.  And the "timed out waiting for initialization to complete" means that multipass is able to communicate with the instance, but `cloud-init` is failing or not completing in time.  There is definitely something going on here that is not normal.  Would it possible for you to provide the logs: https://multipass.run/docs/accessing-logs#heading--linux20:20
on3pkI tried to launch the instance with a timeout of 900 seconds and it still failed :|22:30
on3pkwell I think I might have found one of the problems23:31
on3pkdisk i/o is on the order of "really, really bad".  Read       | 162.00 KB/s Write      | 243.00 KB/s23:32

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