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fooIf we wanted to hire someone who is proficient in linux admin, and can help run scripts for customers, check database, troubleshoot customer issues, etc, is there a role name for this? It's like a linux admin, with some psotgres experience who can execute python scripts. *thinks04:56
blahdeblah_foo: one of "linux sysadmin", "linux systems engineer", "site reliability engineer", "full stack developer" or a few others, depending on how hip you want to be :-)  If you do a web search for each of those plus "job description" you should get a feel for which one makes the most sense for your organisation.06:06
andolAlso, "platform engineer" and "infrastructure engineer".06:11
andolSo many choices!06:11
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fooandol / blahdeblah_: thank you! 17:43
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g4mbithello all, im trying to clean up a sqlite db with a command that looks like this: sqlite3 /etc/thelounge/logs/user.sqlite3 "delete from messages where time < strftime('%s', datetime('now', '-7 day'))*1000; VACUUM;"22:17
g4mbitproblem is that when I run it, I get an ERROR sqlite or disk is full 22:18
g4mbitI'm at 82% disk utilization so not sure why is giving me that?22:18
sdezielg4mbit: https://www.sqlite.org/lang_vacuum.html says in 3. that `VACUUM` creates a temporary file so maybe that's what pushing your into out of space territory? 22:41
sarnoldheh :/22:42
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g4mbitsdeziel thanks that was exactly what was happening23:33
g4mbitall good now, ty23:33
sarnoldyay :)23:59

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