MooncairnSpoke too soon last night. nautilus is still freezing up. It just took longer to happen this time around.02:50
Mooncairn... and nothing is coming up when I try to search for files from the Super-S screen.03:02
MooncairnThe tracker database is messed up again.03:02
MooncairnI have no idea what else to try.03:05
Mooncairn Nuke my entire GNOME config (assuming I can seek and destroy all the bits and bobs under .config and .local/share)?03:05
MooncairnDeclare bankruptcy and start over fresh with a new home?03:05
MooncairnI've already tried resetting tracker and nautilus, both via gsettings and rm -rf on all directories related to both that I could find.03:07
MooncairnRunning `tracker3 reset -s -r` has momentarily fixed things. No telling how long that will last. :-(03:13
cmaloneyI'd declare bankruptcy on your config and start fresh03:58
cmaloneyThis is going on several weeks now03:58
cmaloneyand no end in sight03:58
MooncairnThat's the conclusion I've been coming to but haven't wanted to undertake.04:00
cmaloneytake it. Please.04:00
cmaloneyI think it'll be easier to get to the state you desire if you start from scratch04:01
cmaloneyright now you're in perpetual pain04:01
MooncairnSorry, I'll shut up now and not talk about it again.04:02
cmaloneyNo, that's quite alright04:02
cmaloneyIt's more of a "I don't want to see you suffering"04:02
cmaloneyand the only way I know how to help is to suggest starting fresh04:02
MooncairnOh. Well, thanks. :)04:02
jrwreni want to hear about it and what you've tried.13:59
jrwrenmight be a very interesting bug which could be fixed.13:59

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