NickHtoddc: can you just "cp ubuntu.iso /dev/sdX" like with a Debian iso?00:01
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zykotick9NickH: yes, both the ubuntu and debian ISOs are "hybrid".  cp or cat could both work.00:03
NickHzykotick9: thanks, couldn't find any information about this on ubuntu.com. Guess I didn't look hard enough.00:03
WaVAre the repositories experiencing speed issues right now?00:49
sarnoldWaV: yes; the US is running at half-capacity at the moment, and I know there's some ongoing networking work that might have disrupted the access (I had very slow imap connection, anyway)00:50
WaVI figured as much.00:51
WaVI'm getting like 130kb/sec00:51
sarnoldheh I'm surprised that doesn't have the unhappy azure mirrors the other day00:52
bluesceadainkscape doesn't start and eats 100% in the background when started from gnome00:57
bluesceadafrom a terminal it starts instantly and works00:57
bluesceadaafter a minute or so, the inkscape process is just gone00:57
mybalzitchca mirror is giving me grief01:13
mybalzitchand us.archive.ubuntu.com resolves to the same ip >:|01:14
mybalzitchoh sure, now it mostly works again01:27
mybalzitch35% [32 Contents-i386 6,859 kB/18.3 MB 37%]     232 kB/s 3min 32s801:28
jhutchins bluesceada: What happens if you make a launcher to start it manually in gnome?01:53
bluesceadawhat launcher01:54
jhutchinsbluesceada: Make one.01:54
bluesceadaI can run it from shell, then I can "add to favorites", if I quit it and start it again from that, it won't launch01:54
bluesceadais that what you mean by launcher?01:54
jhutchinsbluesceada: No.01:54
jhutchinsbluesceada: Manually construct a launcher/shortcut icon on the desktop.  I haven't used gnome, so I'm not sure what the process is, but it's pretty basic to running gnome.01:55
bluesceadaI can't even find out what you mean01:55
bluesceadaa desktop, what ok01:55
jhutchinsbluesceada: Most of the desktops have some way to manually add a program either to the desktop or to the menu (or both).01:56
bluesceadaI can probably make one of those .desktop files as a "launcher" i guess01:56
bluesceadabut there is nothing like what you describe GUI-like01:56
jhutchinsFirst hit on Google: https://docs.oracle.com/en/operating-systems/oracle-linux/6/accessibility/ol6-orca-launchapp.html01:57
bluesceadaI guess gnome starts this file however /usr/share/applications/org.inkscape.Inkscape.desktop01:57
bluesceadajhutchins, that doesn't work here, it doesn't exit like described there01:58
bluesceadastandard ubuntu 22.04 gnome01:58
jhutchinsbluesceada: Well, you are on a Debian derivative, not a RedHat derivative.  That wasn't the only hit on google, just the first.01:58
bluesceada*exit -> exist01:58
bluesceadaanyway i guess i can just copy that desktop file, that launcher should be just that01:59
jhutchinsbluesceada: Yeah, I used gnome once.  It started processes that didn't shut down when the rest of it was killed.01:59
jhutchinsbluesceada: All this automated stuff had to be done manually first by someone.02:00
jhutchinsbluesceada: You have the power!02:00
bluesceadaI know02:00
bluesceadai am not a rookie user02:00
bluesceadaI just hoped somebody might know that glitch02:00
bluesceadaactually at the moment KDE and Gnome seem to both are full of bugs in their ubuntu 22.04 versions02:01
bluesceadait is really annoying02:01
bluesceadajhutchins, same thing when launching from the desktop02:02
bluesceadaExec=inkscape %F02:02
jhutchinsbluesceada: Ok, what if you make a shell script that launches it.02:02
bluesceadanot a bad idea, ok let's see02:03
bluesceadafirst i try removing the %F02:03
oerheksremove the ~/.config/inkscape folder and try again?02:04
bluesceadaah and it says TargetEnvironment=Unity in the desktop file02:04
bluesceadaoerheks, no, it works from shell02:04
bluesceadajust not when launched from gnome02:04
jhutchinsbluesceada: Yes, do EXACTLY what works from the shell command prompt.02:04
oerhekswhy launching a gui from shell?02:04
jhutchinsoerheks: gui doesn't launch from gui.02:04
oerheksso, remove .config/inkscape and try again? that often fixes weird startups02:05
oerheksgui doesn't launch from gui .. funny gguy02:05
bluesceadaok with a simple as possible desktop file it also doesnt02:06
bluesceadaoerheks, gnome is so messed up in the version that comes with ubuntu 22.04 ....02:06
oerheksi think you should already had that desktop file.02:07
bluesceadamv .config/inkscape .config/inkscape_bck02:07
bluesceadaoerheks, yes but I made a simplified one to test if the desktop file is the bug02:07
bluesceadanow I get a first-start welcome dialog02:07
bluesceadabut as soon as the main program should start (clicking the last button in it) that dialog is frozen -.-02:08
bluesceadaterminal=True in the desktop file also doesn't help ... now let's try an actual shell script with /bin/sh02:11
bluesceadaOk and when I put a shell script on the desktop and use "run as program" I also get the same shortly existing broken inkscape process02:13
bluesceadagnome must add some env variables that inkscape can't handle I guess ...02:14
eb3095-VultrHeya guys, Vultr here. We got multiple DCs claiming low repo speeds on updates/installs. Something up?02:25
sarnoldeb3095-Vultr: yeah, one of the us archive hosts is down, and some networking work caused thundering herd on the remaining us host02:26
sarnoldeb3095-Vultr: it sounds like its stabilizing, hopefully no need to make changes02:27
eb3095-VultrCool thanks for the info! Will relay!02:27
MacwinnerIf I want to update a setting in /etc/systemd/journald.conf, is it best practice to do it directly in that file?  or is there a way to do it in an override file so I'm not messing with the default files on the system02:27
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haoI just know that there is a alternative to dict/dictd -- dialect, been searching for a good translation app02:27
rboxMacwinner: man journald.conf02:27
dsc_archive.ubuntu.com incredibly slow, or only me?02:28
bluesceadaMacwinner, read the header of the file itself02:28
sarnolddsc_: US folks mostly02:28
dsc_hmm, fast again...02:28
Macwinneroh, haha.. sorry02:28
bluesceada[....] Local configuration should be created by either modifying this file, or by creating "drop-ins" in the journald.conf.d/ subdirectory. The latter is generally recommended. [....]02:28
LjLhao, package name?02:29
bluesceadameaning in /etc/systemd/journald.conf.d/02:29
haotrying it now02:29
dsc_sarnold: how fast does this download for you? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ls-lR.gz02:29
LjLhao, ah, seen it. keep in mind by default it uses Google Translate, and in any case even if using LibreTranslate, it's still online translation, while dict/dictd can be run locally.02:30
sarnolddsc_: hah, of the three mirrors in DNS right now, only one of them responded, and it only served 1.8M :(   curl --resolve archive.ubuntu.com: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ls-lR.gz02:32
dsc_sarnold: yep :)02:32
haoyeah, bit disappointed, but nice UI02:32
haoeven good if it can be integrated with system search and trigger anywhere by shortcut, like in MacOS02:33
webchat52Is anyone else seeing issues with archive.ubuntu.org for the past hour or so? It's been timing out quite a lot for us.02:34
dsc_webchat52: yes02:34
LjLhao, you can try Apertium for a completely open source and local (offline) translator, but it's based on a different mechanism and unless you're translating between similar languages (its main use cases), it will generally have much worse output quality than something like Google Translate or even LibreTranslate02:34
sarnoldwebchat52: yeah they're unhappy02:35
oerheksstill no mentioning here https://status.canonical.com/02:36
webchat52Strangely ubuntu status page says it's operational :/02:36
haoLjL, thank, will search it02:36
haonah, didn't support Chinese, guess I'll stick to dictd02:37
dsc_where can I find security mirrors ;x02:48
Guest14If there's a package that you want to install which is a newer version of software you already have installed but the package manager doesn't make it available yet what do you do?02:48
sarnoldGuest14: install it from snap or flatpak or appimage, or build it yourself, or run it in a VM or container or something02:50
sarnolddsc_: honestly, probably best to grab a coffee or something at the moment..02:51
Guest14do apt/snap/flatpak/appimage all install to the same locations (e.g., /usr/bin/someSoftware)?02:52
Guest14What about if you download .deb and/or source and compiler and install to default location -- does it go in /usr/bin ? Wouldn't the various installations overwrite one another/collide?02:53
sarnoldGuest14: no, they go to different places02:54
Guest14apt installs binaries in /usr/bin doesn't it?02:54
sarnoldGuest14: a lot of projects have ./configure scripts or whatever that default to /usr/local/bin. but you'd have to read the documentation02:54
sarnoldGuest14: apt installs binaries wherever the package tells it to. the package itself is 100% in control of that.02:54
sarnoldGuest14: some vendors prepare deb packages that install into /opt02:55
Guest14what's the difference between installing in /usr/bin/ and /usr/local/bin ? /usr/local/bin implies that you probably compiled from source?02:55
rboxthere is no difference02:55
Guest14if there's no difference then why have two different install locations?02:56
dsc_sarnold: would have expected more people to show up here02:57
dsc_I guess 80% is still in 'why is it not working' mode02:57
rboxGuest14: there are infinite install locations02:57
oerheksthere are slight differences .. https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/866302:57
sarnolddsc_: most of europe is asleep, I'm not sure why asia isn't here.. americas are done for the day ..02:58
dsc_5 AM and im still going strong :P02:58
Guest76hello i experienced packages download issues03:01
Guest76I am lived in Japan so using jp.archive.ubuntu.com, but now these domain has routed to three unique IPs in United Kingdom and too slow.03:01
Guest76Other people reported same issue. Anyone knows this problem or experienced? (sorry for poor english)03:01
mybalzitchGuest76: I'm having similar issues with the canadian archive. I think canonical is working on something and stuff is broken temporarily as a result03:01
dsc_yes, I'm also experiencing problems03:01
oerheksstill no mentioning here https://status.canonical.com/03:02
lotuspsychjei also got a slow updates on .be this morning03:02
sarnoldapparently the site247 check is using a small package, so it's easy for it to miss problems :(03:03
Guest14If I have two different versions of a program installed, perhaps one in /usr/bin and another in /usr/local/bin couldn't they rely upon or interact with files installed in /usr/share or /usr/lib/ or /var or wherever? And couldn't they get confused about whose files are in those locations?03:03
sarnoldGuest14: they could; in that case it'd be worth a bug report to the project to tell that the install prefix didn't work as expected -- include the exact command lines to reproduce the problem03:04
Guest14If the program is written to check /var/someResource OrIfNotFound (/var/local/someResource) and the /usr/bin/myProgram overwrote the former and the /usr/local/bin/myhProgram did also it seems like a nightmare03:06
sarnoldthat's why most programs don't do that03:06
sarnoldthey have one installation destination03:06
sarnoldand they check that, and only that03:06
bluesceadaGDK_BACKEND=wayland is the problem that gnome adds to inkscape, it doesn't work with that env variable03:06
sarnoldbluesceada: *wow*03:06
bluesceadait adds that I guess to everything that is launched from gnome-shell03:07
sarnoldbluesceada: when you start it by hand in a terminal that env var is missing, and inkscape works? o_O03:07
bluesceadano it isn't missing, it is "x11" for some reason03:07
bluesceadabut it is not in my .profile or .bashrc set like that03:07
bluesceadano idea where it comes from03:08
bluesceada(I am actually using wayland)03:08
bluesceadaok actually it is only in the terminal emulator I use (tilix)03:09
bluesceadaok, inkscape also doesn't launch from gnome-terminal - there the variable is not set at all03:09
sarnoldiirc gnome-terminal is spawned from a systemd user instance03:09
Guest76mybalzitch i wonder it fixes early because this problem also affected in CI/CD03:10
bluesceadaactually I can't say for sure then - I didn't check if  GDK_BACKEND=wayland is set at all03:10
bluesceadaI just thought wayland must be set from gnome-shell, it might also be nothing set03:10
bluesceadarunning the kde konsole, it is also not set03:10
bluesceadaI am somehow lucky it is set in tilix, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to work with inkscape today03:11
bluesceadaHAHAHA I know why it is set in tilix - it also isn't full wayland compatible and I followed their setup guide sometime before:  https://gnunn1.github.io/tilix-web/manual/quake/03:14
sarnoldbluesceada: aha!03:15
sarnoldbluesceada: I was having trouble figuring how the variable would have been set "incorrectly".. unset, that made sense :) but wrong? heh03:15
jimcAre others experiencing slowness downloading from the Ubuntu update servers, or is there something goofy with my configuration?03:16
dsc_jimc: yes, welcome to the club ^^03:16
jimcI figured...  :)03:17
bluesceadasarnold, I mean why not set it if wayland is actually running, but probably GDK can determine it itself03:18
sarnoldbluesceada: perhaps the X11 code has to do a bunch of extra work or something? I'm not sure..03:22
bluesceadaI didn't find something directly that inkscape wouldn't be wayland compatible, that's what i find strange03:23
bluesceadabtw I am using the deb package, not the snap, maybe nobody cares about it anymore, but it was updated in March...03:25
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octav1adoes anyone have any recommendation for a software which can be used to make patterns for clothing.04:02
sarnoldinkscape would be my first guess, but there might be something more appropriate04:03
Dave92f1Hi all. Is there a simple way to create desktop shortcuts to URLs? I'd like to be able to drag the address bar onto the desktop to create a shortcut to the current web page in Chrome (used to this working this way in WIndows). Is there a way?04:03
Dave92f1If I drag the address bar (from Chrome) onto the desktop I get a menu "Copy here" or "Symlink here". Choosing either one does...nothing. Why? (And what's the difference?)04:11
rboxwell if it does nothing, sounds like there is no difference04:11
Dave92f1rbox: Sorry, I meant hypothetically if it worked, what's the difference?04:12
rboxwell if it worked, then you'd be able to see the difference...04:12
Dave92f1rbox: Fair enough. So...why doesn't it work? And what's the way to make it work?04:13
rboxsounds like a bug04:13
rboxprobably by fixing the bug04:13
Dave92f1rbox: Does it work for you? For other people?04:13
rboxi have neither chrome nor a desktop to drag things onto04:14
Dave92f1rbox: Well, thanks for the help then.04:14
WaVDave92f1: I did not have the two options you were talking about.04:33
WaVDave92f1: When I drug the address bar onto my desktop, it created a text file04:33
Dave92f1WaV: What DE are you using? I'm on LXQt.04:34
WaVDave92f1: Gnome04:34
Dave92f1WaV: Is the text file executable (double clicking) to visit the web site?04:34
WaVI did it a second time and it created a html file04:34
WaVIt just created a txt file of the link that I dragged over.04:34
keyvanis anyone else experiencing extremely slow access to the official apt mirrors?05:00
luks_fatherIf I want to dd a LUKS partition (not a whole disk image) from one SSD to another, my understanding is that I need to first create an identically sized partition on the destination drive. Can this placeholder partition be unformatted/ext4/whatever? If it needs to be a LUKS partition, can I use any random placeholder key/pass attributes, or do I have to recreate particular things about the source container before cloning it?05:07
rboxdd copies bytes05:09
rboxwhat is on the partition before you write to it with dd is irrelvent05:09
luks_fatherright, but I'm wondering if there's going to be metadata about the placeholder partition outside of it, like in the partition table, that will be mismatched after the clone05:11
luks_fatherAll the examples I see of people doing this seem to be way more elaborate than "just create any old partition of the correct size, then dd over it"05:12
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ubottuSince Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.05:18
LtHummusthere we go05:18
toddcping: us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu: Name or service not known05:29
nmschultearchive.ubuntu.com down?06:08
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toddcnmschulte: yes for about a hour so just swapped to local mirror06:37
nmschultetoddc: thanks, I just added apt-spy2 for resiliency07:03
toddcnmschulte: looks like dns on ubuntu end so minor issue07:04
nmschultelots of dns issues lately07:04
toddcnmschulte: yes I am old school static ip never fails I even static local network to avoid most router issues07:06
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nmschultebut if the DNS is horked, how are you to learn the correct static IP toddc?07:16
toddcnmschulte: true solves local issues but would need dns to ip listing but I can say WE are FINE and working   OUTSIDE MY control07:21
creechyAnyone else notice software updates via apt update are really slow?07:21
toddcI do more local admin so ..07:21
toddccreechy: ubuntu mirrors are having a issue DNS07:22
creechytoddc: thanks. initially thought it might have been Ubuntu on WSL, but saw similar speed on a native instance i have.07:25
toddccreechy: just change your update mirror to a local one till they fix it I.E  lug.mines.edu vs archive.us.ubuntu.com/ubuntu07:25
toddcor wait07:26
linuxmodderbeen dodgy all day for my linode instances running jammy07:28
linuxmodderor whatever 22.04 is called, lost track of their naming logic07:28
toddcit is not listed on https://status.canonical.com/ yet!07:29
toddcMine went down a few hours ago07:29
creechylol. just coincidentally the day i decided to fart around with ubuntu on WSL.07:33
toddccreechy: easy work around and rare for it to fail but it happens07:34
linuxmodderor if you have the space locally,  rsync mirrors.ubuntu/$relevant_content  /localmirror/$relevant_content :P07:36
* linuxmodder runs for cover07:36
toddcfun project if you have the time  local mirror I thought about it07:40
linuxmodderonce finiances stabilize again post holidays I plan to throw a linode hosted mirror of ubuntu and fedora for my servers/laptops07:40
toddclinuxmodder: so then broken updates are your problom?07:44
on3pkIs there a way to tell why Multipass is timing out on starting an instance?08:08
toddcon3pk: archive.ubuntu.com is down I assume multipass need to download a instance or updates08:10
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on3pkoh ok.  That could be part of it08:10
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toddcon3pk: it is dns issue you can change to a spcific mirror and it will work08:13
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poddusUbuntu 20.10 LTS; 5.15.0-57-generic08:22
poddusI have been having soft lockups since January 3rd. They had been getting more frequent to the point that my computer would freeze up right on the login screen. journalctl consistently showed a failure of the ethernet connection, followed by usb.08:22
poddusigb 0000:04:00.0 enp4s0: PCIe link lost08:22
poddusxhci_hcd 0000:06:00.1: xHCI host controller not responding,08:22
poddussorry about that. not sure how I should have formatted my question08:23
poddusare my previous messages visible?08:24
csierrapoddus: only one message before you asking if your messages are visible08:36
poddus@csierra, ok thanks. in the meantime I posted my question in the forums https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2482883&p=14126298#post1412629808:37
poddusI'm wondering where to report this specific problem I've found08:38
csierrapoddus: I can 't help you with your problem but you might have pointed to the cause of a problem I am having... I am also having sudden reboots and it looks like wifi logs are always around before it happens... in my case I am using it but it might be worth to try to disable it08:45
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on3pkwell eventually I got the instance to start but now I have a new problem.  I can't access the shell.  I get multipass ssh failed to authenticate: ''08:53
Ganonkhello all.. i want to ask08:56
Ganonki'm login from xfce session is failed. But, i'm login from console shell is success08:56
Ganonkwhats wrong with me?08:57
alkisgGanonk: check ~/.xsession-errors for hints09:13
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chovywhy is this server so slow: us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu09:31
Cyber100Hi guys, how can I enhance my Ubuntu OS security, I already update daily, and have a firewall enabled. What else can I do? Specifically interested in enhanced exploit-resilience such as sandboxing Firefox, for example. I don't want to go full Whonix/Qubes etc.09:41
arrayboltXECyber100: If you're using Ubuntu 22.04, Firefox is already sandboxed as a Snap.09:46
Cyber100Do you guys think Lubuntu will be updated years from now? it's my favorite OS.09:46
arrayboltXEMy best recommendation for hardening Ubuntu... is to not try to harden it. Really. You can make security worse trying to fiddle with things. Ubuntu is designed for enterprise use, and is already quite secure.09:46
arrayboltXEAs for Lubuntu, AFAIK, it will still be around years from now. I'm a Lubuntu Developer and we have no intention of stopping any time soon. :)09:47
arrayboltXECyber100: Generally, what I do if I feel something needs extra sandboxing, is I just power on a VM and do whatever I need to do in there. Works great for safe web browsing in my experience. Other than that, everything's pretty much left in an out-of-the-box configuration.09:48
arrayboltXEI usually use GNOME Boxes as my virtualization software.09:50
Cyber100What are the minimum system specs for Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS10:01
Cyber100I have only 4 gigs of ram lol10:01
Cyber100oh it says right there10:02
arrayboltXEUbuntu Desktop itself has somewhat high specs - I've found it to be uncomfortable with 4 GB RAM, though still usable. You'd definitely want a good-sized swapfile, possibly one larger than the default one.10:03
arrayboltXEFlavors of Ubuntu (like Lubuntu and Xubuntu) may have lower requirements (Lubuntu in particular runs quite well in 4 GB RAM).10:03
arrayboltXE(And Xubuntu should also.)10:03
cartdrigeYou can add more swap memory especially if you have SSD or high speed storage.10:12
cartdrige4 GB RAM + 8 GB fast SWAP, and you can play your favorite frozen bubble with no lag.10:14
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️10:28
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DiagonAnyone know what this blue rectangle is?  It's not a problem with the display: /home/dev/NextCloud.OpalStack/Desktop.Home.Icon.png11:22
DiagonI tried turning of the "Personal Folder" in settings, but it's still there.11:23
DiagonHuh.  Strangely, it's not showing in my screenshot.  Ok...  I'll take a pic with my phone ...11:25
DiagonHere it is taken with a camera: https://sam.nl.tab.digital/s/doTk2Y6LGLnAtst11:29
DiagonHere is is as a screenshot: https://sam.nl.tab.digital/s/PWf2Ddr6BPRegLp11:29
GanonkChovy : archive.ubuntu.com is very slow for me too. please change to mirror.leaseweb.com11:50
Ganonkhello all , please help me again : /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99x11-common_start: line 5: /sbin/upstart: No such file or directory11:57
Habbiewhat ubuntu mirror would be a friendly choice for jobs running in Github Actions?12:07
Habbie(other than the obvious azure.archive because it's been broken all week)12:08
gjollyHabbie what do you mean by broken? I am getting 30 MB/s down from this mirror on my instance in westeurope. Do you know in which Azure location the runners are located? How do you know it's a mirror issue and not just an problem with the workers?12:15
Habbieit's a mirror issue because ubuntu staff confirmed it to me and i hear it from lots of github users12:15
Habbiei do not know where the workers are, i hoped somebody in here would happen to know12:15
Habbiebut i'll have to find out12:15
Habbieoh, mirrors.kernel.org, hosted by Packet, nice12:18
Habbiepay them plenty every month ;)12:18
Habbieoh, their ny instance ubuntu archive is incomplete12:30
BluesKajHi all12:49
csierraso I have prevented the wifi driver from loading, after what poddus say, and my system has been stable since then. No more sudden reboots, and I have been pushing it hard to try to cause the reboot again.13:15
csierrathe funny thing is that my wifi driver is not any of the wifi drivers that poddus listed in the bug report13:16
csierradoes anybody know how could I gather debug information about the interaction between the kernel and the wifi driver? the only thing I can see in the kernel.log at the moment is corruption (a lot of ^@ signs) and the new boot information13:18
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cbreakhey all, I still have problems with firefox on ubuntu14:01
cbreakbecause of snap, I think14:01
cbreakI can not open files outside my home directory with it14:02
cbreakis it possible to allow firefox to open files that are not in the home dir?14:03
ogracbreak, it usually uses xdg-portals top open anything outside of your home14:03
ogrado you have the matching debs installed with your desktop ?14:03
ogra(if there is no portal it falls back to the snap home interface that only allows opening non-hidden files from home indeed)14:04
cbreakogra: I just drag & drop the file into the firefox window14:13
cbreakit works if the file is somewhere in my homedir, but not if it's outside14:13
cbreakentering the file:///path into the address bar also doesn't work14:13
ograwell, again ... xdg portals should handle that14:13
cbreakit doesn't seem to handle anything14:14
ografile:/// will liely not use portals though14:14
cbreakthe only way that seems to work is to navigate to the file in the file open dialog14:14
cbreakbut that dialog looks atrocious, and is not pleasant to navigate14:14
ograright, then portls work for you14:14
ografile a bug at mozilla for the drag/drop14:14
ograit *should* use portals too, it probably doesnt14:15
cbreakI have seen the same problem with other snaps14:15
cbreaklike slack14:15
ograno idea about other snaps ... portal integration is up to the snap maintainer14:15
cbreakonly that with slack, not even the file open dialog works14:15
cbreakI have to copy all data into ~/Downloads or similar, for me to be able to do anything with it14:16
ograright, looks lik it has n portal integration at all then14:16
ravagecbreak: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=178653314:16
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Mozilla bug 1786533 in Firefox Build System "Dragging and dropping an image from the firefox snap to an external application doesn't work" [S3, Unconfirmed]14:16
ografile an issue with slack then ... it is really up to them to enable portal support in their snap14:16
cbreakis it not possible to just fix snap?14:16
cbreakit should not fuck up file access for no reason14:17
ogranot a snap issue, it is a portal issue14:17
cbreakhmm :/14:17
cbreakit seems very much caused by snap14:17
ograsure, bt the fix has to happen in the portals14:17
zsI had two drives C: and D:, I installed ubuntu from windows 11, now I don't see drive D: visible anywhere in my computer. (I checked box "Erase data while installing ubuntu")14:17
ravagezs: open "disks" and see if your can find it there14:18
cbreakogra: with lxc, I could mount locations into the container, if I want to expose them14:18
cbreakis that not possible with snap?14:18
cbreakI suppose I could bind-mount everything into my home dir... :/14:18
ogracbreak, you can indeed bind-mount locations into your home dir somewhere14:18
ograheh, *snap*14:19
cbreakseems kind of hacky though14:19
cbreakravage: thanks!14:19
zsravage, Yes I can see there some space used like SDA3 226 GB / 250 GB.14:19
ravagezs: and what exactly do you want to do? access the data? format it?14:20
zsI want to access the data, that was very important.14:20
ravageso select it and mount it. with the "play" button14:21
ravagebut  the files app should also find it at "other locations"14:22
cbreakravage: I think the problem in that ticket is the opposite, but probably related14:22
ogracbreak, same thing ... both directions should be handled by he portal14:23
ograsomething is wrong there ... since both dirctions do not work14:23
ravagei find a lot of drag&drop bugs. some say it only affects wayland like https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=172990114:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Mozilla bug 1729901 in Core "[Snap] Drag&drop is not working when trying to open a link from other apps on Ubuntu 21.04" [S3, New]14:24
ravagei guess you have to find the right one for you or open a new one14:24
cbreakwell, it most certainly does not only affect wayland, since I don't use that14:24
ogradisplay server does not matter here14:25
ograif portals are installed (which they should on all modern desktops) they will be used, regardless of what you use to display your screen14:26
zsravage, "unmount selected partition" <=== this is hover msg14:27
ravagezs: then its already mounted. check the files app14:34
zsIn the files app, it shows only "Computer".14:34
zsDid I lose all the data by checking the box erase and install ubuntu?14:35
zsLet me rephrase my question: I had two partitions C: and D: on windows 11, so when I was installing ubuntu I checked box erase and install. Is it possible that I could lost all my data by checking erase and install option? Normally in windows when we erase data it erases only C: where windows is copied..14:37
Habbiethat seems likely, yes, sorry to hear :(14:38
Habbieit is possible that recovery tools can still find things14:40
Habbieas ubuntu will not have actually overwritten the whole disk14:40
zsHabbie, How to recover please guide14:41
Habbiei cannot help you with that14:41
ravageif it was one drive with 2 paritions ubuntu did excatly what you asked for14:42
ravageit erased the drive. -> both partitions gone14:42
Habbiei only now realise zs was referring to a "ravage" person, not to the situation14:42
Habbieravage, coming from windows, i can understand the confusion, though14:42
ravagea drive is always a drive :)14:42
oerheksone could try testdisk on a live iso, but after installing ubuntu i guess your data is gone. https://www.simplified.guide/linux/disk-recover-partition-table14:56
oerheksif you had no backup, your data is not important.14:56
geosmiledid apt+ubuntu have an outage recently? Some of my last night apt update/upgrade inside docker containers had failed15:07
geosmileleftyfb, what happened? Is that fixed? How can I find out more?15:08
oerhekshttps://status.canonical.com/ > https://status.canonical.com/#/incident/KNms6QK9ewuzz-7xUsPsNylV20jEt5kyKsd8A-3ptQFdhagDnjfaXXVpElWI5MToWkxoAA9XuP4NaRBzB2kxAQ==15:08
geosmileoerheks, thanks15:10
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agopoHi, I updated to ubuntu 22.04.1. Since then, the nameserver is messed up in that I cant resolve domains anymore. Ping heise.de won't work, ping on the other hand does. Is this a known bug after upgrading? How do I solve tihs?16:08
alkisgagopo: what's the output of: (cat /etc/resolv.conf; ls -l /etc/resolv.conf) | nc termbin.com 999916:13
agopoalkisg, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cxHRh3P8Rs/16:17
alkisgagopo: whoops sorry forgot, bad dns means that nc termbin.com won't work :D16:18
alkisgAnd the output of this: ls -l /etc/resolv.conf16:18
alkisgIf it's just 1 or 2 lines, you can paste directly; for more, use pastebins16:19
agopolrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 27 Jan 13 17:03 /etc/resolv.conf -> /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf16:19
ograyeah, that is definitely wrong16:19
alkisgagopo: have you been upgading this system from 16.04?16:19
agopoalki, yes, but over the course of years16:19
agopoI started out on 16.04 though16:20
agopothtat's correct16:20
ogralooks like you still have the (deprecated) resolvconf package installed16:20
alkisgOK, the upgrader never removed resolvconf, but that's not used anymore16:20
alkisgLet's do it manually16:20
alkisgsudo apt purge resolvconf16:20
agopoalkisg, I'm following16:20
alkisgsudo ln -sf ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf16:21
alkisgThen reboot for good measure, and come back to see how are things16:21
agopoThe server is back up. Still can't resolve heise.de though16:23
alkisgWhat's the output of cat /etc/resolv.conf now?16:23
alkisgThat's good. First, lets fix dns temporarily just so that you're able to use termbin16:25
alkisgsudo nano /etc/resolv.conf => and change with, save with ctrl+o, exit with ctrl+x16:25
alkisgThen let's see how you're connecting to the internet, e.g. with ifupdown, network-manager, netplan etc16:25
alkisgWhat's the output of nmcli | nc termbin.com 999916:26
agopodomains can be resolved right now16:26
agopoSo that worked16:26
jhutchinsYou could just specify the remote DNS server.  dig @ heise.de16:26
agoponmcli isnt installed16:27
jhutchinsI have often seen ISP DNS servers fall out of sync and fail to resolve some (but not all) domains.16:27
jhutchinsagopo: Are you resolving _any_ domains?16:27
alkisgagopo: ok, so not network manager. Is that a desktop or a server?16:27
agopoIts a Contabo VPS16:28
alkisgagopo: output of this? cat /etc/network/interfaces | nc termbin.com 999916:28
agopoalkisg, https://termbin.com/sebk16:28
agopojhutchins, it didnt resolve any domains first, but after manually editing /etc/resolv.conf it does16:29
alkisgIndeed you're using the ... let's call it deprecated in ubuntu, ifupdown16:29
alkisgNewer ubuntu server installations default to netplan, with a systemd-networkd backend16:30
alkisgOne quick way is to just rm /etc/resolv.conf, and create a new one with the contents you desire; noone will touch that16:30
alkisgWhile if you want to emulate a "new clean ubuntu 22.04 server" installation, it's a longer road16:30
nunyahow do i get an .sh file to open on double click from the Desktop. I can get it to open from the file manager and by right clicking it on the Desktop and choosing run as program but I would prefer double clicking the file on the Desktop.16:30
agopoIf I choose the fast path and later upgrade to the next ubuntu version, will DNS break again?16:31
jhutchinsnunya: What do you mean by "open"?  Do you want the script to run, or to see the contents of the file?16:31
alkisgagopo: presumably no, but there's no guarantee that related programs won't be deprecated to the point that they're not installed anymore16:31
alkisgagopo: I would guess that ifupdown won't go away for at least 1-2 more LTS releases though :)16:32
nunyajhutchins: Iwant the script in the sh file to run.16:32
agopothat equals to 4-8 years, right?16:33
agopoI'll choose the easy way tonight16:33
agopoGot a naggy gf and lamps to install16:33
alkisgagopo: 2-4 years, but it's just a guess16:33
alkisgagopo: these are very good reasons to choose the fast way, I agree :)16:33
agopoSo: rm /etc/resolv.conf; then edit /etc/resolv.conf and put in nameserver
ograyeah, lamps are always important !16:34
alkisgagopo: yup16:34
agopoWill do16:34
agopoThank you so much for your help guys16:34
nunyaAt least you have a girlfriend.16:34
agoponunya, I didnt for the longest time. It can always hit you16:35
* ogra has lamps ... 16:35
bluesceadahey currently I use export QT_QPA_PLATFORM='xcb;wayland' that KDE/Qt applications have proper (smaller and correct style) cursors in gnome3  ... but is there a more correct way to do it?16:43
d_rwinCan I find out all the logs of systemd implentations with timestamp?16:52
d_rwinTrying to log my systemctl mask dependencies or conflicts, need some primer16:54
leftyfbd_rwin: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-journalctl-to-view-and-manipulate-systemd-logs16:55
d_rwinleftyfb: thanks, is there anything in manual grep or /etc/systemd/16:56
leftyfbd_rwin: you use journalctl16:57
d_rwinleftyfb: leftyfb: can't find systemctl mask updates, I see it in "journalctl -r"17:06
d_rwinleftyfb: I am trying to find the mask updates for bluetooth.target not bluetooth.target17:17
lvsmmusicare there prebuild packages of opencv with cuda support in non free or multiverse?17:20
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oerhekslvsmmusic, no, you have to build it yourself, AFAIK17:28
lvsmmusicoerheks: oh17:28
lvsmmusicoerheks: is there a opencv channel?17:28
d_rwinNeed power management and optimisation techniques in Ubuntu with active services.17:29
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on3pkI am having timeouts when trying to start a multipass instance.  Last night it was suggested it might be a result of archive.ubuntu.com being down.  That looks like it was resolved but the issue I'm having is persistent18:50
on3pkor persisting, at least18:51
on3pkor persisting, at least18:52
jhutchinson3pk: multipass?18:52
jhutchinson3pk: apt -f install?18:52
ioriaon3pk, ps -ef | egrep multipass18:54
on3pkioria what should I look for in that output?18:57
ioriaon3pk, just if the daemon is running18:58
ioriaon3pk, then try to kill it and restart : sudo pkill multipassd18:58
on3pkI restarted the service (snap restart multipass) and it's still pending the restart19:01
ograon3pk, you should probably ask in #multipass 😉19:03
arrayboltXEDoes anyone here have any idea why Flatpak's progress indicators are so wildly inaccurate on Ubuntu?19:03
on3pkoh there's a multipass channel?  I didn't know.19:03
ograon3pk, (though i fear by now pople from there are ending/have ended their work day)19:04
arrayboltXELooks like this bug: https://github.com/flatpak/flatpak/issues/3448 I guess that answers that question. I should file a bug report.19:04
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 3448 in flatpak/flatpak "During install, progress bar goes beyond 100% and timestamp goes mindblown" [Closed]19:04
ograarrayboltXE, yeah, looks like their fix regressed again ... (seem it did that twice even in that single issue there)19:06
ograperhaps you should just re-open it 😛19:06
cbreakzs: have you run `lsblk`?19:18
jhutchinsAccurate progress indicators!  A myth held over from the 20th century.19:20
cbreakor rather `lsblk --fs`19:20
Habbieohh that's nice, thanks cbreak19:21
calamariIf I run a program locally, it shows up in the system tray/indicator applet. However, if I run it on a remote machine via "ssh -X", it doesn't (I'm also running it with dbus-launch which got notifications working). Any ideas?19:38
kubuntuhi guys, what is the best pratice to format a usb stick for an ubuntu usb installer?19:47
kubuntuGUID + ExtFat?19:47
calamarikubuntu: If I'm understanding correctly, then you shouldn't need to format it as the Ubuntu ISO will replace the contents of the usb flash drive19:50
calamarikubuntu: or are you trying to create some kind of custom installer?19:52
kubuntuI usually use whale to create bootable usb, but I don't remember where I read that it was a good practice to format it before feeding it to etcher19:52
calamarikubuntu: you can use Rufus: https://rufus.ie/en/19:53
kubuntuok thanks19:54
kubuntuwhat is the best practice?19:54
kubuntugpt ntfs?19:55
matsamanNTFS is involved in zero best practices =)19:55
kubuntuim on ubuntu19:55
matsamankubuntu: what're you trying to do?19:55
ravageif you are on ubuntu use "startup disk creator"19:56
ravageit comes with ubuntu19:56
calamarikubuntu: ahh when you said "format" I assumed you were on Windows.19:57
kubuntuguys i'm installing omv but it's been ages since i created a bootable usb and i don't remember how to format it anymore...i worked for 10 years on osx and i finally made up my mind and switched to ubuntu :-D19:57
calamariI usually just use dd, but that might not be best practice anymore, as you need to be careful about the destination19:58
kubuntubut i'm still impractical i used to go to disk utility then etcher19:58
haokubuntu, https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu#1-overview19:58
kubuntuI don't know how to do it on ubuntu19:58
kubuntuthank you hao, but i would like to know what is the best parameters19:59
matsamankubuntu: omv?20:00
kubuntufor partition map and format20:00
kubuntuopen media vault20:00
matsamanregular Ubuntu will work fine as a NAS20:00
matsamanwhat is it you want to use OMV for that you think Ubuntu won't provide?20:01
kubuntuI switched to open source and now I'm trying to make the whole house open-> ovm+home assistant+ kodi + mycroft :D20:01
kubuntuomv is for nas20:01
matsamanNAS is such a buzzword is all. It basically means "horrible proprietary hard to customize Linux OS ... with storage attached to the network"20:01
matsamanif you just attach storage to an ordinary GNU/Linux, you have storage attached to a network20:02
kubuntuahahaha nice definition20:02
kubuntuiz true!20:02
matsamanthere's not going to be any software available to OMV that isn't available to any normal GNU/Linux distro20:02
kubuntuno I got an old computer with i3 ssd and some ram on asus motherboard and I'm installing everything myself20:03
FKAShinobi_Which UUID does fstab use - The partition UUID or the filesystem UUID?20:03
matsamanmaybe it comes preconfigured quite helpfully, but that's a small thing20:03
matsamanFKAShinobi_: fs for file system, but20:03
matsamanFKAShinobi_: set a label on your filesystems20:03
matsamanUUIDs are for robots20:03
matsamanLABELs are for humans20:03
matsamanLABEL=whatever in fstab, e2label, etc.20:04
matsamanpartuuid would be used more by things like GRUB, IIRC20:04
FKAShinobi_matsaman: I like it, I'll do just that! Thanks!20:04
calamariFKAShinobi_: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/fstab-uuid-vs-partuuid-4175678376/#post614315220:04
matsamankubuntu: anyway, I would probably use dd as another person suggested, you just have to be careful as to the output20:06
matsamannothing wrong with using a GUI app for it, though20:06
matsamanbut again I also wouldn't use an OS custom built for "NAS"20:06
matsamanI would use my normal GNU/Linux, with storage attached to it =P20:07
matsamanall the same ways of sharing that storage over the network will be available20:07
kubuntuahaha ok thx for suggest20:07
kubuntuCan I ask you advice about docker too20:07
kubuntuwhat do u think about it?20:07
haokubuntu, their official doc actually just suggested one bs=4096, don't actually know what makes your 'best parameters'20:08
matsamankubuntu: it's trash _and_ nonsense20:09
matsamankubuntu: serious people who actually have a use case use lxc or the like20:09
matsamanif you have to use docker, it will work better on GNU/Linux than macOS or Windows, but it's still trash & nonsense both20:09
matsamanupstream is horrible20:10
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kubuntuok thanks guys20:12
matsamankubuntu: what do you think you'd use docker for?20:13
kubuntudocker to install home assistant on docker in omv20:17
kubuntubut I'm afraid you'll tell me that's a bad idea... XD20:17
matsamanit's not a bad idea, it's just awful =P20:18
matsamanit will probably work, it will definitely work better than docker on another OS20:18
matsamanbut the way docker is used most places is you replace an ordinary software installation with several entire virtualized operating systems20:18
matsamanand frequently because the ordinary software is actually a huge mess that is next to impossible to install and end users can't stand trying to install it20:18
matsamanand it's just a big mess, a house of cards20:19
ubuntui am new here20:44
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Guest3122anyone on?20:45
WaVThere are several hundred people here20:46
Habbieif you have a question, please just ask it20:46
WaV!ask | Guest312220:46
ubottuGuest3122: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:46
Guest3122what kinds of questions are allowed here?20:47
WaVAnything related to Ubuntu support20:47
Guest3122is there a place where i can ask question specifically about hexchat or IRC itslef?20:47
WaV /j #hexchat20:48
WaV maybe even #ubuntu-offtopic20:48
leftyfbGuest3122: try #libera20:48
Guest3122how do i get to #libera?20:49
WaV /j #libera20:49
leftyfbGuest3122: /join #libera20:49
konradosHey, on a remote server I want to use ufw and to enable that. It says, that ssh session will be interrupted. I'm a bit worried, that then I won't be able to get in. I know it's a stupid question, but can I make sure I will be able? `ufw app list` lists the OpenSSH, is it enough guarantee?20:50
hermanoDoes anyone has a "apple magic trackpad 2" paired with Ubuntu 22.04? May article states I should hold in a button to activate pairing, but my device only has a physical toggle switch.20:51
WaVkonrados: sudo ufw allow whateverport && sudo ufw enable20:52
hermanoBluetooth is activated in Ubuntu 22.04 and the trackpad works with lightning cable.20:52
jpmhI set my swapfile up so that I could hibernate,  set my /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume - with all that was needed and all ran well for months.  Today it stopped, I discovered that my /swapfile has moved.  What moved it?  As far as I know I have made no system changes in weeks?20:52
oerhekshermano, maybe pressing somewhere on the trackpad , it is one huge button?20:52
leftyfbkonrados: I would recommend having out of band access20:52
konradosWaV - thanks! so `sudo ufw allow 22 && sudo ufw enable` right?20:52
oerhekssudo ufw allow ssh20:53
konradosleftyfb, what is band access? o.O20:53
WaVkonrados: yes, or what oerheks said20:53
jpmhkonrados: if really paranoid - set yourself a second ssh session on a different port - while testing20:53
konradosok, thanks oerheks & WaV & jpmh - and yeah, I'm paranoid a bit :)20:53
WaVkonrados: you may not even lose connection. Open a second terminal after you do those commands and see if you can connect. If so, then all is well.20:53
oerheksthere is a short list, depending on the apps installed; ufw app list20:54
jpmhkonrados: I like the paranid approach when the risk is bricking a machine20:54
FKAShinobiI just installed the recent set of updates for 22.04 and lost my ability to have static ip and DNS set by router. I now have to hard code them. This is for IPv4.21:06
* tMH is gone. nsf21:06
oerheksweird, static ip and DNS set by router should rule21:08
FKAShinobioerheks - I've tried everything and it won't recognize. As soon as i typed them in, all was well. As another data point, I've disabled IPv6 on that machine.21:09
chompHi all,21:12
chompmy  won"t start any more. It stucks with a flashing cursor on the top left.21:12
chomp- Installing a new Graphics Card (Radeon Rx6400)21:12
chomp- second screen with pure resolution so I installed amdgpu, now system never starts21:12
chomp- restart in recovery mode and removed amdgpu21:12
chompHi all,21:15
chompmy  won"t start any more. It stucks with a flashing cursor on the top left.21:15
chomp- Installing a new Graphics Card (Radeon Rx6400)21:15
chomp- second screen with pure resolution so I installed amdgpu, now system never starts21:15
chomp- restart in recovery mode and removed amdgpu21:15
chomp- tried to repair: dpkg --configure -a; apt clean; apt update; apt --fix-missing; apt install -f; dpkg --configure -a; reboot21:15
WaVchomp: Use a pastebin otherwise you are going to continue getting quiet mode applied automatically21:16
chompok, i understood, here it is:21:23
chompsorry for that21:23
oerheksi read " Radeon Rx6400 Adding amdgpu.aspm=0 to kernel option makes my Rx 6400 work fine. "  last post on https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=27729221:24
chompyes I read this too before I installed it.21:24
ash_worksiI was going to ask off-topic-ally what that bash terminal emulator for windows was called, but I remembered it was cygwin21:27
chompfirst of all i would be happy if my ubuntu would startup normally with a X21:27
ash_worksi"that ..." you know, "THAT" one.21:27
matsamanmm, cygwin21:30
chompok, it seems system starts up, just X brokes...21:48
chomplightdm.service: failed with result 'exit-code'21:48
jhutchinschomp: So you get no gui, just a fall-back to the console, which works normally, right?21:58
ubottuOn Ubuntu, AMD's official Linux graphics driver "amdgpu" is automatically loaded for matching hardware. Very old cards use driver "radeon" (r300, r600) instead. See the !man pages for X options, "modinfo -p <graphics-driver>" for kernel parameters. Both drivers are open source and integrate with MESA and !DRI. Drivers "amdgpu-pro", "fglrx" and "ati" are not supported here.21:58
chompjhutchins: yes21:59
jhutchinschomp: This was a working system before you installed the new card?  Did you remove the previous graphics hardware?22:00
chompubottu yes this was the reason to buy a AMD Card22:01
chompjhutchins yes and yes\22:01
jhutchinschomp: So it's possible/likely that there are drivers and/or settings for the previous card still in effect.22:02
jhutchinschomp: What was the old card?22:02
chompGeforce GTS 45022:02
pconst167hi all22:02
pconst167gnome 43 is the best22:02
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chompbut first, after installing the new cards X also starts, but display settings for second screen was pure. So I googled arround a bit and then i installed amdgpu manually22:04
chompI think the problem is that lightdm could not start, but I am actually not able to figure out why22:05
jhutchinschomp: "pure" doesn't mean anything to me here.22:07
chompjournalctl -xeu lightdm.service22:08
chomptells me: lightdm.service: FAiled with result 'exit-code'22:08
chompbut which exit code?22:08
cbreaksystemctl status lightdm might show more22:08
chompjhutchins: I"m not sure but I think it was 320x200 and not changeable22:09
jhutchinschomp: The main screen is normal?22:10
chompI tried systemctl before but same code=exited22:11
chompThe main screesn WAS normal! Yes22:11
cbreakchomp: normally, systemctl shows some lines of the recent log output22:12
chompxlog: Unable to find valid framebuffer device22:13
chompmay this help?22:13
cbreakthat sounds problematic22:13
chompand /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory22:14
chompmay this help:22:16
chompsudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-core22:16
chompsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg22:16
chompfound here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/998628/dev-dri-card0-no-such-file-or-directory22:16
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LtHummusis there a downside to enabling livepatch? This is on a personal server I use at home, so I was going to use one of the 5 server licenses that i am allowed for free23:02
oerheksNo, you still have to plan a reboot though23:04
sarnoldLtHummus: there was one bad update a year or so ago that caused stability problems23:04
LtHummusyeah after enabling i saw that the free tier is auto opt-ed in to beta updates23:05
LtHummusso i was wondering if that ever bit people or if they were usually pretty good23:05
LtHummus(I assume there's no way to opt-out without paying?)23:05
sarnoldLtHummus: right23:05
sarnoldLtHummus: (and yeah, one customer accidentally got on the beta tier despite paying. they were not super pleased with the crashes..)23:06
LtHummusoof, heh, but it happens i suppose23:06
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xsjDo you help me23:58

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