Vandarin_RikMills: you know even though I think some of the packages are poopers it would be kinda sad to see them removed, they're like historical monuments01:14
Vandarin_i just want my game to be listed too lol!01:14
Vandarin_you know tbh when they where addeed back in 2007 or whatever they would have been pretty good games and still are in many ways01:15
Vandarin_hell retro games are still big on many linux software distribution systems01:15
Vandarin_to be more specific i was refering to TuxPuck lol01:16
Vandarin_it's not awful01:16
Vandarin_but its not aged well, mouse senitivity has improved a lot since then01:16
Vandarin_and most even average consumer mice make the paddle fly around way too fast to be suitably playable01:16
Vandarin_needs some mouse sensitvity setting lol01:17
sarnoldyeah I know what you mean about removing old packages ;( I remember playing some games back in 2005-ish era that I'd love to see again, and I can't remember enough of the name to find them, and it sure looks like they've been evaporated since then01:26
Vandarin_oh wow they have been nuking old games?!01:29
Vandarin_im sure you can find them01:30
Vandarin_there must be an archive01:30
Vandarin_either on archive.org of the package names from that year01:30
Vandarin_or even just for the release of ubuntu01:30
sarnoldI think I spent an hour on snapshot.debian.org trying to remeber the name of the thing :)01:30
Vandarin_damn what kinda game was it01:31
sarnoldsort of like a puzzle game, with a bunch of different puzzles.. it's hard to say what genre, really, beyond "like an 80s or 90s dos game" :)01:33
cjwatsonsarnold: sounds a bit like sgt-puzzles, which was started in 200414:52
mitya57Hi! Build started 8 hours ago and still in installing build-dependencies phase. This seems not good: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt5-ukui-platformtheme/1.0.8-1build5/+build/2548408019:39
cjwatsonmitya57: best to cancel and retry - I'm not going to be able to do any significant debugging over the weekend21:46

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