lotuspsychjegood morning05:22
Y05hito__Ubuntu morning news: The new version of Ubuntu is available for floppy disk and tape readers in the dreams of ubottu. Don't hesitate to ask him a floppy drive for your fairphone. lol.05:28
leftyfbtomreyn: everything in that 2.5 year old article is wrong except for the fact that you can't run your own snap store16:05
tomreynleftyfb: i assume the lefevre quote is probably correct, too16:05
tomreyni mean, authentic16:05
leftyfbAnd this guy is just pure troll attitude16:06
tomreynto me, they're 'dancing' on the line of what's acceptable, annoying, and surely sometimes crossing the line, but i would not take ops action at this time other than what i just did. sometimes it's better to grow a thick skin, /ignore and not call the ops so much, so that they may actually step too far if they want to and we can take proper action then.16:10
cartdrigewouldn't it be interesting to have a torrent based APK model so that anyone can upseed the .deb files?21:21
cartdrigeinstead of just relying on servers and mirrors, anyone could be a seed with the apks available on his machine, in the cache folder or other place on the system.21:21
oerheksHow are we going to trust those debs? who is going to test them?21:24
cartdrigeoerheks, all .deb have a checksum, so your computer can already have a checksum list that originates from the trusted seeds.21:25
cartdrigeand other ones like PPA are not really trusted, cause they are not official.21:26
cartdrigethe master seed would be ubuntu.org and other trusted mirrors.21:27
oerheks indeed, trust the ppa owner, and how about ' so that anyone can upseed the .deb files' ... that is trusted?21:28
oerheksif you want software to be available, do a request. 21:29
oerheksi like snap packages, btw21:30
JanCcartdrige: you mean https://wiki.debian.org/DebTorrent ?21:36
JanC(there used to be an implementation, but it is no longer maintained/packaged, I think)21:42
cartdrigeJanC, Ha ok. rite, maybe it was too early and complicated when they tried. And not enough interest into that probably.21:43
cartdrigeThat could have been cool though, it might sprout out later lol.21:44
JanCthe source code is still available here if you want to have a look... https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/d/debtorrent/ & https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/a/apt-transport-debtorrent/21:52
JanCit might no longer work on a modern distro, of course21:52
cbreakI'd really hope that .deb files are codesigned...22:55
cbreakso you wouldn't have to trust the distributor, just the signer22:55
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